Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A little update on the Wedding Prep

Gosh...sorry for the looooong silence! I just couldn't find the right time to blog these days! I haven't even done with my engagement preparation/vendor review posts yet, what more to blog on the wedding preparations itself! Ishhh. I'm a bad baaaaaaaad blogger! :(
You see, I'm always out these days..and when I'm home, I'd be too tired to even switch on my laptop.. Most of the time I'd only online via my phone. Hmm..such a boring life I have! I wish I have 93 hours in a day! haha. :P 

Anyways, just a little update on the wedding of now, I'm in the middle of making and creating my invitation cards. I'm just gonna do a simple one, malas nak pening kepala jadi bridezilla tak tahu color/design apa nak. haha. So simple je lah. Senang. I will leave it to the card maker and designer. Then lepas ni dah boleh relax a bit, I hope! But we haven't settle for the door gifts yet, the rest..I think quite settled..kot? Oh, maybe. Gotta check My Book later. So anyway, last time during my sisters' wedding, my parents bought the door gifts' containers in Thailand, Dubai and India. My mom loves giving people something quite unique. She said she doesn't really like giving things that are quite common..takut nanti orang buang! huhu. I guess that thing runs in my blood now! I also feel the same whenever I wanna give something to people.. haha. So she would search high and low for the best price, design, color, shape, quality etc.. (Tapi kalau dah tak ada masa, anything will do lah ye? hehe)

She went to Istanbul the other day to find for the one, but still couldn't find any one that suits her budget. The price there are crazy, crazzzyyy expensive! Then we went to Jakarta last week, to search for the gifts but sadly we couldn't find any that suits our taste. We went there not just for the door gifts though, but for another purpose as well;  to do my third and fourth dress there. My fiance followed too. My dad only visited us for a day, and he went back to work. He's a busy man like that. huhu. So it was just me, my mom, my sister and him. It was such fun times! I loveeeee traveling with him! ^__^

My fiance is a really really funny and friendly man. Even my sister (whom I think, from my observation, is very shy (or uptight. lol) around guys, can really laugh her butt off in front of him! haha). He's a goofy guy by the way. He loves making people around him laugh...which is great cuz he always make me happy! Alhamdullilah :) 

So anyway last weekend we went to Jakarta for some spa session, shopping, and buying/making some wedding dresses. Here are some of the photos I took while I was there (Sorry for the low quality photos. I can't be bothered to take out my digicam out from my bag, and start snapping each and every detail of my wedding journey..cuz doing wedding stuff really tires me out! Only iPhone will do la k! hehe

First time traveling with him. 
I gotta make sure he bring enough clothes, being a concerned fiancee that I am. haha

Nasi Padang!
I love Ayam Pop!!

Whenever we visit Jakarta, this place is a must visit!!

Oh, I wanna try this package! I wish we have Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa in KL too, so I can do this spa package for the bride to be, for the whole week, just right before the wedding! How niceee

Top to toe treatment for the bride and groom to be!

Veryyyy hard for him to take a "normal" picture. Ishh

Visited Biyan Bride

Please go eat Sedap Malam!! Sebab memang terlalu SEDAP restaurant ni! Especially ketam diaaaaaa. Oh my god, meleleh air liur. huhu

Mother-daughters day out!

See...I told ya. Suka sangat buat muka cik abang sorang ni. huhu. 
(Ok, aku pun sama sebenarnya. hahah)

Ok lah.. Will try to update more on the preparations when I have settled with just a few things later... Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting/reading my blog darlings!



  1. Dia tu pelangi kan. Yang menyinar hidup awak selepas ribut taufan. ;)

  2. Good luck on the wedding preparations!

  3. good luck with your weds preparations Kak Wani..and Congratulation!!
    May Allah bless both of you :)

  4. you looks great together...

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  7. Wow best nye spa from head to toe.

    Wish u luck for the preparation. :)

  8. all the best for your wedding preps! untungnya dapat mak macam ur mom..

  9. suka sangat ur eyes.. soo cantik :)


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