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That Priceless Facial Expressions!

Warning. This is a long entry..and this post is not for the uptight, romantic or lovey dovey /romance haters. If you're one of those people, kindly leave this page. hehe. 

Yesterday was Hazim's birthday. 20th October. Someone just turns 26! So.... happy birthday mister fiance! You're old! heh :p Inshaallah next year, on this date, it'll be his first birthday as a husband. husband! hehe.. Anyway, I didn't really plan anything like I did last year. It was just a simpler birthday this time. He warned me a couple of times about few months ago, NOT to plan anything for his birthday, knowing that I love making a surprise for him! - Especially on a special day like this! haha. Alaaa can't help it laa, I love making people happy, especially him..Heee. So anyways he said, he just wants me to focus on the weddings instead, kalau tak nanti dia marah sebab tak dengar kata. Plus, with the wedding coming up pretty soon, he said he didn't need any present from me because I am his PRESENT! Pffft...So lame. haha. Oh well...he's just being a sweetie, cuz he doesn't really like receiving gifts from me. Rasa bersalah, katanya...and rasa tak jantan. hahahah (He has a thing about being a "macho man", by the way. LOL) Umm...I think he felt that way probably because I showered him with gifts for far too many now, being a shopaholic that I am? Sampai dia naik rimas, bersalah, segan, etc. hahahah. Alaaa..seronok lah, jadi Santa Claus! ;p The expressions you get to see is worth every effort you made! Heee. 


So being a caring partner that I am, I just feel the need to take care of every single thing about him. As you know what they say, men are just like kids. They need to be taken care of, just about everythingggg in their life... their baju, their makan minum, their office/workplace, their homes, etc etc. Semua mesti perempuan yang uruskan. They just go to work and lepak with friends. Yes, that's all they like to do. Pffft. heheheh. 

And my guy, just like other typical men out there, is not really someone who would bother about his looks. So here comes my duty to take heed and manage that part! Hence some time last year, on this month, I went on a shopping spree in Parkson a few days before his birthday, since they have this 25th anniversary sale where they got promotions and whatnot. So I made a wise choice to go crazy and shop there, cuz they gave vouchers for every RM 100 spent. So with the vouchers, I buy more things for him! So dapat la jimat sikit kat situ.. heheh ;p

I've always loved shopping in Parkson. They have lotsa cool brands and products on every level. I've been shopping in Parkson and be the Parkson Elite member since I was 18! So of course Parkson was my choice whenever I wanted to go on a shopping spree! (Even our barang hantaran are mostly from Parkson! - Gotta love Parkson! haha). And another reason why I chose to shop at Parkson for his birthday was because they provide a free wrapping service! I needed to wrap A LOTTTTTTTTTT of things! So of course I didn't want to spend on the wrappers some more, having spent a lot already on that day! Plus, I wanted them to be all in the same design/color wrapper! So Parkson's FREE wrapper and FREE wrapping service was my choice on that day! haha. Abang kat situ sampai dah kenal aku sebab banyak sangat barang yang dia kena wrap! LOL. 


These were all the things that he wrapped for me! haha xD
Terima kasih abang Parkson!

For his 25th birthday last year, I came up with the idea of showering him with lotsa presents and love! And when I say lotsa, I meant 25 items altogether! hehe. All that you see above was for him.. from me alone! One item for each year! LOL. - I've always wanted to do this for my partner actually... And I thought of doing it now since he's still young! (Sebab mati laaa kan, kalau nak buat macam ni on his 40th birthday kaaaaan? hahahah ;p)

Well, I gave him all practical items! Things that he'll use on everyday basis! It took me about 3 days to plan this! One day, for a shopping spree. One day for making cards and wrapping the gifts. And another one day to plan everything with his friends for the party, etc. 

I remember the night before his birthday, my room was a mess! haha. I took leave a day before his plan this surprise! 

I even got myself hurt a little when I ripped out the skin that got the super glue sticked on my fingers while I did his birthday card that night...tskkk. 
Note to everyone: If the glue sticks on your skin. Don't be a genius like me, and tear the skin out! hahah. Instead, use your nail polish remover to remove it! (I only did this after googling it, and after my skin got hurt. haha ;p)

Okay so...back to the surprise birthday. 

So on that night, I told him that I didn't really plan anything for his birthday because I got some work to be done on that Saturday. I said it'll be just a normal date..and makan between us two.

So on that Saturday, I asked him to fetch me cuz my car got problem..and told him that I'll be bringing a lot of things to be posted for my customers later that day, after our lunch. Not having any clue, he said "Okay, sure. No problemo"

So on that day, we went to Pavilion to have our lunch...together with all his wrapped gifts. I felt like laughing when I saw him bringing all the paper bags that were full with all his stuff, that he didn't even know about it yet! hehee

There were six paper bags altogether! All big bags! haha. Dia siap tanya, "Siapa customer you yang beli banyak sangat ni? Gila lahhh.." LOL

Dalam hati aku, "Customer I you laaa". heheheh

I just laughed and said, "Kalau I cakap, bukan you kenal pun..hehe"

After we ordered our menu, I said to him, "Babe, so sorry...I didn't get the time to plan things and buy gifts for you la... But I made you a card. I hope you'll like it"

"No need la sayang. Ish you niii... I know we both are working and busy.. So no need all that k. You keluar dengan I harini pun dah cukup.. No need to feel guilty, k?"

"Oh okay.. Nah, here's your card"


"Uuuuuu...let's see, what do we have here?"

"Whoaaa... a button badge?! What am I.. 4? hahahah. Thank you baby"

" want me to do what? haha. Ok!"

Yes...until 11.59 pm, 20th October 2012

"Oh well... Ok! Whatever you say, boss!"

"It's My Birthday!"

Next...I gave him his handmade birthday card

"Wow...this looks nice. You made this??"'s obvious kottt... The card is comot. haha

I used lotsa glitter papers..

Happy man. 

........and he thought that's about it! haha. 

Then when our food arrived, I let him eat first, and surprise him more when our dessert came...

After we both had our favourite ribs, and while waiting for our Chocolate Avalanche to come, I took out this card, and gave him...

The word on that day was "special!" hehe

Still not having any clue what's about to happen! hahah

I took out the Number One card, and the Number One box...and gave it away to him..

"Kata tak ada hadiah? hehe. Thanks sayang"

He still didn't realize what the numbers are for, despite seeing all the same bronze colored wrappers/boxes in the paper bags. (Read: men are clueless. LOL ;p)

I asked him to guess what's inside the box, before opening the gift and after reading each card.  

"Hmm...apa ni ek?"

"Oh! It's a pillow! I'll put it in my car k! Thank you sayang... 

Dah, jom makan ice cream tu" are!

Then I took out the rest of the clue cards... And his jaw dropped like crazy, and he went, 

Hahaha.. After calming him down for about 10 minutes, and laughing at his super funny very shock expressions, I started giving him one by one card and all the gifts according to the numbers...

" niiiii. Apa ni bagi banyak-banyak macam ni... Malu I lahhh"
Hahah xD

"Hmm..okay. What do we have here?"

"Oh...I know! Baju, is it?"

"Yeay..a shirt for work! Thank youuu"

He rarely wear coloured shirts. So I bought him purple shirt!

Number 3!

"heheheh.. Apa niii..."

"Oh cool! It's a tie! Thank you sayanggg"

I bought a purple tie to match with the striped purple shirt I gave him!

Next....number 4!

"What do you mean??"

"Just open it to find out! laa.."

" thoughtful of you!"

Some hair care products! - He always complain about his hair. Dandruff la...dry la.. Dunno how to style la.. hahah. So I gave him an anti-dandruff shampoo, and three different types of hair styling products; spray type, gel type and wax type

Next...number 5!
(By this time..he said, he wants to go back already and open them at home...sebab malu sangat dapat banyak hadiah... hahah. I said no and ask him to open them until 25! heheheh. I think that day was the longest time we ever sit in Tony Roma's! haha)

"Oh my godddd BATMANNNNN!!! Hahahahah!"

"Yes yes yessssss yesssssssssss!!!"

"Oh my god...a Batman t-shirt! I love it! Thank you sayang!!! Heeeeee"

 He really loves Batman or any DC stuff, by the way. haha

Number 6!

"Alamakk...banyak nya lagi nak kena bukak. Penat la. Can we continue this at home? Malu laaaa...." 

"NO." haha

"Another tie?!"

He has always wanted this red tie to match with this one baju he has... But never really bothered to go shopping. Busy with work memanjang.. haha. 

Number seven now! 18 more to go! hehehe

"haha. I think I know what this is..."

"Underwear, is it?"

"Oh my goddddd... Superman???!!!!"

"Oh my god sayang!!! It really IS Superman's underwear!!!! Oh, thank youuuuuuu baby!!! I loveeee Superman!!!"

Hahahahah. Lawak gila time ni! You should see his reactions! Excited gila when it comes to DC stuff! hahah. Such fun times I had! LOL. 

I can't imagine if he really wear it like Superman! hahah ;p

Now....moving on to Number 8!

"Wow...this one is big! What could it be?"

"Oh! I think I know what is this! A bag, right?"

"Yeay...thank you sayang!"

I gave him two bags. One, a grey backpack bag from Parkson (forgot the name of the brand) for whatever and whenever he wants to use it. And another one is a free duffle bag from Calvin Klein (he always travels/go outstation for work. So I thought this bag comes in handy!)

Number 9!

"Oh, another baju?! Berapa banyak baju ni sayang?? Ishhh you niiiiiii"

His fave color for office wear is red ;)


Haha..the answer is so obvious.

Another tie!

Number 11 now....

"Heh? What is thissss la?? Ada-adaaa je dia ni lahhh.."

I gave him a travel set! Like I said, he always travel for work. And being a typical men that he is (who never really bother about beauty and grooming), I gave him this set so he will never give me excuses like, 

"Oh, I forgot my toothpaste."

"I left my comb at blablabla"

"Alamak. I don't have my this-and-that with me.."

"My skin felt so dry. What should I do?", and lots more, trust me! hahahahah. xD

So this set contains a Clarins travel set (cleanser, moisturizer and a lipbalm), some Clarins facial vouchers, a Colgate toothpaste, mouthwash and toothbrush in travel size, Antabax hand sanitizer, travel size comb, anddd...some sleeping items like socks, sleeping mask, ear plug, and inflatable pillow!

I warned him. Not to ever leave this bag whenever he travels! I don't wanna hear any of those excuses anymore! haha

Number 12!

"Hahahah. Verrry funny, sayang. What is thisssss la?? Adoiii"

Yes...some socks! hehe. This is not just any socks.. I bought a very thick socks for his safety boots. Cuz last time he complained to me that the boots were making his feet got blisters, despite wearing socks. So I bought him this thick socks to protect his feet..hehe

See...I'm a caring lover. I am always aware of your needs. LOL. So that's why you have to love me moreeee. heheh ;p

Number 13!


Gave him a set for trimming the hair! - The nose and the sideburn trimmer! haha more excuses of 

"Oh..I forgot". 

"Oh, tak sempat"

"Oh..tak perasan"



Now...let's see what do we have for Number 14

Another shirt! hehe

A striped white & dark purple shirt!

So what's next! 10 more to go!

"Huh? What did I wish for?? I couldn't recall wishing for anything except a Ferrari"



"Aaahhhhh...a new organizer!!"

"Oh thank youuuuuu! You nii...tahu aje apa yang I tengah perlukan sekarang! hehehe. My organizer baru je habis... "

"Yes I know. That's why I bought you two of them!"

He was just about to open another gift..then I said to him.. "No wait. Don't open the next present. There's something in that book. Go explore..hehe"

I gave him two different organizers..

"Adoiii...ada apa lagi niii..hahaha"

I filled up the Personal Details page...and I scribbled some random notes on random pages in it too! hehe

Hahaha. Even until now...these pages managed to put a smile on his face whenever he flips the scribbled pages I did! hehe

Next one!

A tumbler! hehe

Number 17!

"Ya Allah...another baju?! You ni kenapeeeeee. Berapa banyak baju you bagi niii?? Perli I ke apa ni? I ada baju, ok?! haha. 
Thank you sayang. This is such a nice baju!"

I've always loved him in white! 
So I bought him his favourite polo shirt in my fave color!

We're almost come to an end! hehe. Number 18 now! 


Some razors and shaver foam! For his sideburn and misai and janggut that he always forgot to shave. hahahah xD

Number 19...

A perfume!

Yeay! 20! 5 more to go! hehe

I have no idea what else to give...Heck, 25 item is a lot man! haha. So I came up with this! - I love playing UNO Stacko, and I bought this to play with him if we're thatttt bored...haha

This was how our table looked like by the time he got to the 20th presents! 
So messy! haha. He said, "Mati la I. Macam mana la I nak bawak balik all these presents? Segan lah. Adoiii...mampos aku. haha"

Next...number 21!

"Hah? Who? Hahahhah! You're funny!"

Some albums of his favourite singer!


Gave him two of Ne-Yo's albums that he didn't get to buy last time..


(He used to sing and dance for me a Ne-Yo song when we were just started dating. hahah ;p)

"Awwww...thank you so muchhhh! I reallllly wanted this album!!!"

Number 22 now! Almost done!

A jigsaw puzzle of my picture! 

Actually, I have this thing for 4 years already...and I kept it to give to someone really really special in my life. Although it's just a picture of me, nothing really special about it...but I kept it for so long, to give to someone who realllllly deserve it, and someone who I dearly loved. For you, it may seem like it's just a freaking picture..haha. But for me, it has some sentimental value and meaning to it. turns out, after 4 years of keeping it, baru terbuka hati nak bagi kat someone. And that someone is him. hehe.. I have a lot of things that I keep since I'm 14 by the way, to give to "that special someone", cuz I'm hopeless romantic like thatttt. hahaha.. And he is the one person that I really gave away all those sentimental things that I have kept for years! Heeeee. 

He completed the jigsaw puzzle within the next day, by the way! Good boy! Heh

Number 23!

He loves this! hehe

Some vouchers to use..for emergency days like...... when I'm PMSing and moody! hahahaha ;p
"Free lunch, free Italian dinner, free Thai massage, free Chinese reflexology, free action movies, free whatever things that he likes to do". haha

Number 24! 


"Huh? You are? You are what laa..." 


Again, something that has a sentimental value to me. I have this "trophy" for about 2 to 3 years already. I kept it for so long to give to someone who reaaaallllllly deserve this "BEST BOYFRIEND" award! hehehe.

And indeed, he IS the BEST lover everrrr. hehe
He was so happy when I told him that....and started acting like he just won a huge award, on a red carpet or something with all the cameras in front of him! hahaha

Funny man, I love youuuu


"Oh..thank God! Finally habis punnnn!"

Yes it's true...

A huge card I made, "100 Reasons and Things I Love About You!" 

He was so excited reading it.. He said, he never felt so much love like this! heheh


Later that night...I made another surprise for him... I gathered all of his best buddies to have a birthday dinner with us at Andalus! He loves his friends so I'll make sure he get to celebrate his birthday with his best friends too

Everyone loves free makan! hehe

He was surprised to see all of his close friends who came all the way, for his birthday! hehe

I ordered a cake from my highschool friend, Shuhada Khaldi. Her cake is delicious!!!

And cantik too!!

His friends call him Zeam or Jim or Ajim or Jimbo. 
But I call him...... sayang. heheheh ;p

And maybe next year... I gotta start calling him abang??? Erk. Sounds so awkward and weird..

I ordered a rainbow cake.. First time I had a rainbow cake that is not dry! Well...I only had 3 rainbow cakes at that time..hehe. So my friend's cake was the first one that I tried, that is not dry! And is super delicious!

Thank you guys for coming!!

This boy reaaaaally felt so happy that day. Mission accomplished! hehehe many pictures of him, huh? hahaha. Bet you'd say people in love are so annoying, no? hehehe. that explains why he warned me not to plan anything for his birthday yesterday! But I still did. LOL. Well...simpler la. Not like this! hehehe. - I brought him to have his fave ribs for lunch (same spot as last year's), and to have a candle light dinner at one of his favourite place at Doubletree Hilton last night. 

Last year I made him wear only one badge throughout the day. This year is different. I got him 8 badges to wear for the whole night! hahaha
(Actually it was supposed to be 10 badges, but I lost two of them)

This guy is so cool...didn't mind me 'bullying" him at all! hehehe

He got better haircut after dating with me for a year now. 
(I took care of that part! heheh)

The cheeky guy who loves bullying, and kacau me everyday! haha

Seriously...this dessert was super duper delicious! I don't know what that is! But I'm gonna find out the next time I go here..hehe
(It was on the house. Thank you Hilton!)

Happy boy got his cake for free..hehe

Coincidentally wore the same color yesterday! 

The guy who stole my heart...

Happy 26th Birthday....abang! Eh I mean..sayang. LOL.
(Gotta get used to using that word from now on! haha ;p)

And oh... I gave him only one gift this time! The 26th gift! hehehe ;p

Your Future Wife (inshaallah)


  1. Sweet....:))

  2. MasyaAllah.. so sweet of you! Love it! May you both live a happy and blessed life, always..Amin.

  3. Oh jantan rupanya. Ku ingat stok auw auw.. he looks like it.

    Anyway, semoga bahagia.

  4. Seorang Naimah21/10/13 11:57 PM

    You are so sweet!!
    Boleh potong kaki nih. Manis sangat. Kidding sis ;-)
    Semoga berbahagia ke hujung nyawa.

    p/s: I did the same with the "voucher" gift last two years for my fiance too. Hehehehe ;-)

  5. oh my god wani, i really love this post. ur fiance is so lucky to have u! the idea of buying 25 gifts for him tu mmg awesome la (tp xleh tiru idea u ni coz my hubby dah 37..mati i haha). i doakan jodoh u all kekal hingga ke Jannah, ameen..btw this is the first time i comment kat sini. u mmg awesome lah hehe. luv reading ur blog!

  6. wow bestnya lotsa present.
    i really admire your effort, u are a real sweet lady.

  7. wani you are so schweett!!
    semoga bahagia dan dipermudahkan urusan menuju hari both take care of yourself, darah tgh manis tuuu

  8. seronok la laki u..di hujani dengan hadiah..laki mana yang tak sayang..mmg bodoh la kalau dia tinggalkan u..lombong emas depan mata..

  9. wanieeeee you're so lucky. you guys click so well. he gets you and u get him! tumpang gembira and these things you do mmg relatable sgt dgn zaman2 muda huhu semoga mendapat rahmat Allah dan dipanjangkan jodoh

  10. Plz jgn jeles....she's just being sweet to her loved one. Doakan yg terbaik buat both of u. Semoga berbahagia Waniee dan kebahagian yg sama buat kami semua.


  11. Plz jgn jeles....she's just being sweet to her loved one. Doakan yg terbaik buat both of u. Semoga berbahagia Waniee dan kebahagian yg sama buat kami semua.


  12. Plz jgn jeles....she's just being sweet to her loved one. Doakan yg terbaik buat both of u. Semoga berbahagia Waniee dan kebahagian yg sama buat kami semua.


  13. You are one lovely person and very romantic. He is very lucky to have you :)

  14. Hi wanie.... congrats on ur future wedding ... I have been married for 5y already ... I just nk bagi a few advice here ... don't give to much of material to ur hubby..sometimes lelaki ini ambik kesempatan especially dia tgk kita nie byk duit... nak bagi present ok why not ... but don't give to much lah.. before & after is different... anyway take care...


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