Friday, September 27, 2013

The 2-Step Mask!

I did a little browsing on Hansaegee's website recently. And I found out that they have a new addition in their masks range! They have the 2-Step Ampoule Masks now! So I did a little comparison between all the masks that they have there, and I give the AC Dressing Laser Mask a try!

It's a 2-step mask! It's the first time I try a sheet mask that have a two-step way of using it!

The mask has a special serum that makes the skin look moist and relax. It's great for irritated skin like mine! I read that by using it often, it can help reduce the scar on your skin as it contains an ingredient called azulene, a-bisabolol and arnica extracts which is great for brightening the skin and lighting the scar marks.

So there are 2 steps for wearing this mask. First step is to take the ampoule and tear off at the top-left corner of the packet 

Take the ampoule out and spread it all over your face.. The ampoule in this little packet is a lot! Spread it evenly on your face and maybe on your neck too, if you have the balance.. The texture is like gel-ish. Very light weight and has a sweet scent

Then take out the sheet mask..

As usual, their masks are awesomely wet with ampoule!

And apply it on your face, on top of the ampoule that you just applied..

I fell in love with the mask when I put it on my face cuz it feels just like a second skin! - It's so thin and fit my face shape perfectly.. The silky surface of the mask is so cooling too, and it does not slip off easily. Like I said, it adheres to my skin like a second skin that I didn't really feel uncomfortable like I did with other sheet masks I used before! ;)

After 30 minutes of wearing this mask, I have a clean, fresh face! It instantly brightens up my face..not whiten okay. It's BRIGHTEN. hehe. Like.....the face look fresh or something.. Dunno how to explain. hehe.

I'm so gonna use masks every week now, until my wedding day... I hope by then my scar has reduced a little and my face will glow like the spotlights! hahaha ;p

Have a great day peeps!



  1. hi wani.. can i ask one thing..where did u buy your contact lens?? it looks nice on u.. thanx

  2. @noor azimab: Hi there! you can read my entry here:

  3. Wani, please make a blog post on other bloggers that you like to read!! Thank you!!


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