Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For the ears that appreciates music!

The first time when I heard about Beats products was about two years ago...thanks to my brother who was so crazy about Beats by Dr. Dre products! My brother was a rapper music of course Dr. Dre is one of his fave celebrities. Being a fan, he has got to have his products and that includes the headphones that all the music lovers had raved about! Thus, indirectly I got to know about the products as well, and fell in love with it too!

So when I got invited to attend the new product launching of Beats by Dr. Dre at The Westin KL recently, I got really excited! I didn't know that Beats have arrived Malaysia (my brother bought it overseas), so I was really excited to get a first hand experience on their new product! ^__^

Their new product is called BEATS PILL!
Yes, it looks just like a pill!

Recently, Hwee Seng (Electronics) Sdn Bhd proudly announced that the new Beats Pill, a portable wireless speaker with built-in patented Beats Audio, is now available in Malaysia! If you guys don't know it already, Beats by Dr. Dre is the leader in the premium headphone market in the US and Europe - And now Beats have arrived in Malaysia too! Oh, just what the doctor ordered! hehe. So Beats fans who seek for a quality music with functional, form and design will find this a latest innovation called Beats Pill is just too tempting to turn down! 

The Beats Pill is not just any kind of pill. Although it may be hard to swallow, or too big for your mouth.. but the size is actually just perfect for your hands! haha - Beats Pill is a portable wireless speaker device, that's shaped just like a giant pill which would fit nicely onto your hands for an easy grab and dash while playing your favorite music hits up to the max without breaking the sound! 

Mizz Nina and Moots (right) of Pop Shuvit! 

Beats Pill is a lightweight, portable speaker that brings the party with you. The Beats Pill is wireless and Bluetooth enabled, so that you can play music from your device or take calls. Small enough to fit in your hand, it surprises with its powerful signature sound. So if you are looking for a speaker that blasts music without any strings attached, look no further! The Beats Pill is here to entertain your ears!

I was one of the first few bloggers to be able to experience and play with the Beats Pill first hand! Yay!

The pill look like exactly what it is called; a pill. It is small enough to carry everywhere without adding extra bulk or weight, and is great for traveling. It easily pairs with any bluetooth device, even if it doesn't pair, there is an aux port which also works great; no difficulty using. For such a little device it is really loud and on the highest volume music sounds very crisp and clear. I highly recommend these speakers to anyone who wants some portable wireless speakers with impecable sound. The price is RM790 each, which isn't so bad for a quality sound wireless speakers that comes in a small package/body!

At Beats, sound is KING. From the placement of the drivers to the materials of the grill, the Beats Pill is specifically designed to optimize sound quality and maximize volume. The Beats Pill is the first product to be fully integrated with the company’s patented Beats Audio algorithm and also features exclusive speaker modules to provide the highest quality portable listening experience. The Beats Pill is the first wireless speaker to hit store shelves with tap-to-pair NFC and apt-X technology for easy and instant Bluetooth audio. More features include:
  • All call functions — including speakerphone when paired with your smartphone 
  • Four-speaker system with Beats unique sound profile 
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 7 hours of continuous play 
  • AC Power adapter with USB receptacle for charging 
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes of no signal detection to conserve battery life 
  • 3.5mm line out for connection to an external speaker system 
  • Built-in mic for hands-free conferencing 
  • Echo cancellation for call clarity and feedback control 
  • 8 Bluetooth profiles. 

Anyway just letting you know, for the first time ever, Beats will be doing a Beats trade-in Sale in Malaysia! They're giving 15% OFF ALL BEATS STUDIO  (RM 1200) and BEATS TOUR (RM 600) HEADPHONES upon trade-in of any earphone/headphone, ONLY IN THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER in all our authorized dealers' stores!

The Beats family!

Beats Wireless
RM 1100

Beats Pro
RM 1550

Beats Studio
RM 1200

Beats Mixr
RM 1000

RM 400

RM 600

Beats Pill!
RM 790

For the complete list of Beats authorized retailers in Malaysia, please refer below:
  • Machines 
  • Connect Store 
  • Mac City 
  • IT ONE Superstore 
  • iStudy 
  • The Cube 
  • Technocrats 
  • iTWorld 
  • iPeople Lifestyle 
  • Switch 
  • GadgetZone 
  • MacStudio 
  • Hotspot 
  • Realnet computer 
  • 5G Gallery 
  • Charlie Cellular 
  • Harvey Norman 
  • Rock Corner 
  • Jaben Audio 
  • Mybytes 
  • Aver Awards 
  • Amplified Armature 
  • ESH Electrical 
  • MC.COM 
  • Picotec I Smart Technology 
  • Ikon Teletronics 
  • IT Stuff Computers


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