Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Engagement

So last two months, I was engaged to the man who I loved so dearly. It was one of the best moments in my life, syukur alhamdulillah! It felt so different, I couldn't explain. I mean I know this is just an engagement, but.. I can't help not to compare the feelings I feel now and then. heh. Anyhow...I am really happy now, I feel so blessed, mashaallah. Thank you God, for everything... (I can't imagine the feelings I'd feel to be married to him! *wipe tears*) 

So anyway, I know I have promised to my followers to write about it after Raya. So now that Raya has ended, here it is, my engagement ceremony entry! The one that I've been asked to blog about for so many times! huhu. Let me warn you though, that this entry contains a lot of pictures! So do expect your computer to lag a little, maybe? hehe

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. It took some time for me to actually write this post. I mean, I'm not quite sure as to how I want to write it since there's a lot of things to be shared here! I don't know which one to start first! - The preparations, the process and the stress, the bridezilla moments, the story of how we met and fell in love, the engagement ceremony itself and yadda yadda yadda!

At first, I was contemplated whether or not to blog about the engagement and all the process, or just wait until about a month before the big day comes or not blog at all. But for the purpose of recording the journey to my wedding and whatever it is that I have done to make my wedding day such a memorable and happy day in my journey of this life, I decided to publish it today! - So I could have more time to blog about the wedding preparations in here later on! I mean, we're only have about less than 100 days until our big day, inshaallah! Gosh...time flies so fast, a lot of things to be done still! O___o - Which also means, I'd ONLY have a couple of months to write ALL the process and the wedding preparations in this journal! Tak tahu lah sempat ke tak. haha - So do expect more wedding related kind of post after this yeah. Just don't get bored, okayy? ;p

(FYI, I decided to write the engagement ceremony first, and then I will go backwards as to the engagement preparations, the vendors I chose/used, etc...and how I met him and all those stuff, alright? I get a lot of questions regarding those things, so..stay tune, and I will share one by one with my loyal readers, and especially to the bride-to-be out there! ^__^ 

For those who are not interested with my wedding series, just click the X button and you will be more happy, trust me. No need to swear and leave ugly words on my page if we're not really on the same boat, ok? Thank you! ^__^ )

So here goes!

The ceremony was supposed to be in June, but since there are no available date for the venue that's left for that month, we decided to make it in July which was just right before Ramadhan. Thank God somebody cancelled their event that week, so we could book ours! ^___^ (Searching for a venue in KL could be such a pain! People get married every day! Pffft)

I think I'm not gonna babble much on each and every details of the event.. Will do that in the next post, perhaps? So I'm just gonna post pictures and less words..ok? 


Day/Date: Saturday, July 6th 2013

Time: 4.30 pm

Venue: Ballroom Hall TH 03, KL Tower

Caterer: D'Saji

Theme color: Pink/White...and the whole entourage of Teal/Turquoise shades

Pelamin: Sonia Sofia Bridal

Hantaran/Deco: Ari Wedding Couture

Door gifts: Cake In Cups

My Attire: Fiziwoo

Dulang Girls' Attire: Arzu

Make-up Artist: Sue Cantik

Photographer: Hafiz Ismail /WOW Photo

Videographer: The Art Films

Getting ready

Sue Cantik is one of the best professional make-up artist in Malaysia, I gotta say! I love her work..and I especially love their sense of humor! - I was fidgeting all the way since I arrived the venue that day. Not because I was nervous to be engaged or anything..but because a lot of things didn't go as to how I planned it was! But the awesome duo managed to calm me down with their jokes while I was being pampered with the stroke of the brushes and mascara! It's nice to have someone who would make you laugh on a stressful event like this! hehe

By the way, my sister Hanis, belanja-ed me the make-up that day! So thank you sister!

I love this pic! So mysterious. LOL 

Wearing my sister's Tom Ford shocking pink lipstick! Love it.

My designers came to help me get ready that day!

Will blog about the dress in another post!

My shoe-of-the-day

Ready....to be engaged! hehe

With my two elder sisters! Hanis and Along

The Hantaran from me to him, beautifully displayed in the ballroom, before the guest arrived

Each guest received a cupcake and a sugar cookie

Jennifer helped arranged the door gift.. Thank you babe!

Everyone got different designs. Cute, no?

My niece looking for more cookies..

I love my cape!

My darling Hannah and Esther!

These two looked so sweet in Baju Kurung!

These are the Dulang Girls. 

Well, his Dulang Girls actually... I don't have any, since my family is the host for the event, so we already displayed our Hantaran for pihak lelaki in the ballroom. It was quite confusing actually. People thought they were my Dulang Girls cuz they were in the same holding room with me! haha. 

Actually, half of these girls are his best friends' girlfriends (which is also my friends). The reason why they were put up in the holding room is because my Hantaran decorator said it'll be such a hassle if they were to come up from the elevator along with the rombongan pihak lelaki.. The Hantaran deco might ruin on their way to KL Tower that day. Plus, the tray is VERY heavy! So he said, it's best for his Dulang Girls to stay in the same holding room with me, and I can also pinjam them to be my Dayang-dayang/Bridesmaids! hehe (we did the Hantaran from the same decorator, by the way)

Rombongan pihak lelaki telah tiba!

.....and so are the Dulang Girls!

Majlis bermula..

There's pantun too!

Her families

His families

My cousin, Abang Zul, the MC for the day

My brother listening to the pantun. 
He said, on his wedding day, he wants to change the pantun to a rap song - Pantun is too slow!

Doing what girls do!

The man's side wore earthy tones/natural colors, while the girl's side wore teal! 

From him to her

From her to him

Si comel Rina who's always ready for the camera!

My twin cousins!

I love the Baju Kurung these girls were wearing. The beading work is nice! The color is also nice!
Glad he let me chose his Dulang Girls' dresses! hehe (Another plus point for the groom who doesn't really care much about colors, dresses or whatever it is that he labeled as "not important stuff" as he said! - Cuz he let me pick WHAT I LIKE! Heeee)

I made their headpieces too by the way! Comel tak? hehe

The bride-to-be making an entrance..

Off she goes..

I love my tails! teehee

Intan, the one in turquoise dress is my pengapit on that day!

The dayang-dayang were arranging my cape!
Thank you girls!

I don't know why the lighting look so purplish pink when taken with the camera phone!

Saat nenda Hazim menyarungkan cincin ke jari manis saya..
Dalam hati, "Yes...I accept! Dengan relanya" hahahahah. 
(Ok gedix. Sila behave Wani ;p)

Luckily I managed to book a slot to do a manicure a day before! 

Bakal nenek saya..

His Tok kissed me a lot! Atas, bawah, kiri, kanan, atas, bawah, tengah, kiri, kanan. hehe. I felt so much love that day! hehehehehe

Happily engaged woman!


With his Dulang Girls, my dayang-dayang and my pengapit. hehe. All in one! Eh, I mean eight! 

It's time for a feast!

...here comes the groom-to-be!

Our sweet, lovely friends!

The Miss FiancĂ©e and Mr. FiancĂ© 

I whispered to him, "hey babe...Kita dah tunang?! heheh"

"Heheheheheheheh. I likeeee"

Some of my friends who could make it that day! Thank you girls for coming!! Muaaacks!

My mom at the back said, "Jangan duduk rapat-rapat. Belum kawin lagi. Masih belum halal"
LOL. Yes, ma'am!

Look at my nephew's words, "I asked her to marry me"??! hahaha. Ok, Hariz!

I was busy planning the event, and preparing the girls' outfits that I forgot my own hand bouquet! haha. 

Him..so happy surrounded with my girls. LOL ;p

His friends
Can't wait for the Nasi Minyak too, Izzat! heheheh ;p

Photo props

I love this pic!
They're so cute!!

The kids playing with the photo props!

My uni mates! 

Yes you are! hehe

So cute!

 Ida and Shida

With Hidayah

Thanks for everything, Shida! So sad you won't be around KL anymore after this! 

Love was in the air....like literally! 

The groom-to-be

The bride-to-be

He's my beautiful rainbow after the storm. The one who constantly make me laugh and happy each day! 

I got really tired wearing my 7 inch Loubie shoes, so I went kaki-ayam later that day..haha

We were supposed to do this shot on the Open Deck area around sunset.. But too bad that day the weather was not that good, so we had to do the photo shooting earlier before the sunset...and before the rain comes!

Suparman ready nak terbang. haha

"Oh, please don't step on my cape!"

"The event has ended..."

"...now let's go home!"


Alhamdullilah glad everything went well. I feel so blessed, mashaallah! Thank you God, for everything... And thank you so much to my parents too, who have helped me a lot for the event. I can never thank you guys enough. You guys are the best parents ever. I am one lucky daughter, alhamdullilah. Thank you for providing me the best of everything, from I was a small girl until my very last day before I am being handed off to my husband to take care of me later. Thank you abah, thank you mama for letting me have my happy engagement ceremony and soon...The Wedding! Oh I can't wait! hehe. And thank you to all my family and friends who came and who have helped a lot during the event too! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu! *hugs* 


Will continue to write more on the vendors next. Thanks for viewing, guys! If this entry is (still) not enough for you (lol), more pictures will be uploaded on my FB page tomorrow. Have a great day ahead!

The Happy Bride-To-Be!


  1. tahniah wani & hazim :)

  2. Wanie..sorry tau ty..majlis ni habis bpe rm semuanya?n u keluarkan blanja sendiri ke?u keje ape eh..?heee..btw..very nice n perfect engagement u have.. :)

  3. COngrats Wani.

    Alhamdulillah you finally found your Mr Right, Insyaallah.

    You look gorgeous, MashaAllahh. i love the dress.. so beautiful.

    Ok, u dont have to publish this but i think you better off without turban or whatever people called it.

    It looks like something is strangling your neck. I really hope you wont try this on your wedding day. a shawl will make you look sweeter.

    Whatever it is. Congratulations again.

  4. ok puas dah tengok.. hihi..

  5. tahniah wani.semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat!cantekkk!

  6. im wondering... why your best friend in uni..shaz n girl takde datang tunang u eh? u dah tak kawan dgn dorang lagi ke?

  7. what a beautiful dress and the ceremony looks lovely! congratulations to you, wani!! spread the love! :)

  8. tahniah dik...hope till jannah..ameen...

  9. congrats. baik nikah je terus. kalau tunang pun dah grand camni, kawin nanti camne la ek. untungla mak pak orang kaya. cepat2 la kawin ye.
    btw was wondering, where are your two bffs? before this u selalu blog pasal your bffs. girl ke siapa tah nama dia u panggil. dah tak bff ke? what happened to them? to think of it, you haven't mentioned them for a while now.

  10. salam miss wany, patutnya anda mengambil iktibar dari kisah silam anda... jangan terlalu bercerita tentang kisah hidup anda, simpan sedikit untuk diri sendiri... saya bukan nak menyibuk tp saya terlalu kesian kan anda... bukan semua yang kita harapkan akan menjadi kenyataan, lebih baik anda berhati2, jangan sampai pisang berbuah dua kali...

  11. oh apparently your engagement date was same as mine. LOL! and my wedding day would be on 16/10/13. Its another 20 days!!so vervous T__T.

  12. Ya Allah sis you're so beautiful so do your pengapit, dulang girl's and sisters.can't wait for your nikah day and reception.may you have a blessful marriage sis.insya Allah :)

  13. was browsing by your blog and read your engagement post.
    congrats! somehow i'm excited just reading it. beautiful photos. love that pink dress. that shoes..beautiful.

    congrats again. love aimi.

  14. Muka both of u seiras sgt... I know it's sounds cliche but that's what i noticed (;

  15. Waniii..u looked so beautiful and the groom pun manisnya! Hmmm feeling the love vibes here ;)

  16. Tak tertarik utk komen pasal majlis. Sbb mcm org lain punye jee. Zaman sekrng dah tak pelik cmni. Cuma park tudung tu, better jalan belit camtu next time. Nampak pipi sngt tembam. Bulat. Bibir besar. Mcm alien. Sorry to say. Tp realiti. Papepun, tahniah for both of u. Semoga bahgia dan selamt ke jinjang pelamin! Take care! ;)

  17. adore the last pic ;) congrates!

  18. gorgeous event!!congrats!!

  19. Salam,

    Pertama, bila diperhatikan komen2 negatif dari anon, saya boleh buat kesimpulan anon ini adalah orang yang sama.

    Berpandukan sela masa komen diberikan, cara kata2 disampaikan, dan intipati komen yang sama. Tiada beza.
    Dan betapa bersungguhnya si anon untuk menjengah new post/comment dalam blog Wani ni.

    Apa2pun Wani, tahniah saya ucapkan.
    Berdoa banyak2, semoga dilindungi dari fitnah sekian makhluk.

    Silent Reader

  20. Congrats wani ! Comel tunang awok.. :)

  21. Tahniah Wani...semoga kekal ke jinjang pelamin...bahagia ke anak cucu dan berkasih sayang hingga ke syurga..

  22. Wow, some of you are really mean!!

    Komen tanpa rasa bersalah. if you are sincere, sign with your own name please, why hide your ugly heart behind anon identity?

    As a mother, i would give my kids stars and moon if i could. i work day n night for them. Save every single cents for their future.

    Wanie is one of the luckiest, her parents are capable of giving her so much, realizing her dreams. but that doesn't mean she is perfect or complete. There must be something that she is lacking. we are human. that's a life, anyway.

    She went thru some horrible relationship before. but she didn't just sit down and weep, tapi bangun and now start chasing her dreams. again.

    i'm a stranger to her. i love some and hate some of her writings. but that doesn't give any justice to leave an ugly remark and hurt her feelings or worst to make fun of her in public. if you are sincere, comment sincerely.

    You know you have bad intention. you even afraid or ashamed to disclose your own identity. Take a mirror and correct yourself before correcting others.


  23. Kita doakan wani selamat bernikah amin....

  24. finally wani shown up her mr.right!tahniah wani,I'm just a silent reader b4 tapi at last rasa nk leave a comment.even i never know u personally rasa mcm xbest if x tgk ur writing.ignore the jealousy,sabar n take care miss B2B!

  25. omg so many negativities here. i think those haters kinda jealous with ur life. maybe :)

    i'm so happy that you're engaged now. past is past right? the present is more important to u and ur partner. i think bercinta lepas kahwin lagi indah, in sya Allah.

    do take care of urself.

    silent reader.

  26. Saya pun rasa anon is the same person... jangan2 anon itu ex bff... jeng jeng jeng... kesian kesian.... hidup lah dengan hati yg busuk...

  27. dude you yourself pun komen as anon ada hati nak komen lebih.

    jealous is so not. since dia dah sangat public kan hal kehidupan dia, of course akan trigger curiousity kami kan.

    puji lambung lambung as if wani akan kasi hadiah or share kekayaan dia je

  28. It's a very beautiful ceremony Wanie, I wish nothing but the best for both of you <3

    Btw, I'm so in love with your shoes dear, cantekkk sgt!!!

    Don't let the haters get to you ya, cheers babe =)

  29. serious kelaka weh ko punye wing kt tepi tu..mcm nk terbang..plus knpa tudung tu mcmtu? nmpk gemuk n tercekik..bahahah..n u look fat! so funny lah u

  30. sesuailah you all 2-2 gemuks!!!

  31. you look like a pocong. just a word of advice, simple and sweet is always nice. dont over do it. chill!

  32. congrats wani!
    can't wait to read more about the preparations...
    ignore the negative thinker ok...
    smile always.. :)

  33. i wonder why the anon is so mean! whats wrong with u? komen pasal bff la (is that u the ex-bff?), belit tudung la, haiyo dia punya engagement dia punya pasal la. who do u think u are? is that ur engagement? shame on u anon. gemuk la. whats wrong w the physical. orang chubby ni tak boleh kahwin ke? such silly short minded. if u dont like wani, go away! are u jealous with her? so pity with u. hehehehe.. people comment with such silly content. dah tak ada modal nak kutuk orang, kutuk pasal fizikal. i bet u look like 'supermodel' or bimbo. peace. :)

  34. Simply breathtaking and beautiful. Masha Allah...

  35. Congrats wani.. Kisah kita hampir sama.. Gagal dalam hubungan yang lalu xbermakna hidup dah berakhir.. Allah ada perancangan Nya sendiri.. Alhamdulillah u have found ur rainbow.. Same as me.. Good luck on ur wedding preparation and semoga Allah permudahkan semua urusan.. Tak sabar nak tengok ur wedding pictures..

    Ur silent reader,
    Wani Razali

    P/s jangan amik kisah dengan negative komen/people.. Diorg xbagi kite makan pn.. ;)
    * terpaksa pakai anon sbb xde blog.. Huhuu

  36. First time commenting! congrats on your engangement dear! you deserve all the happiness that you have.

    please la go away anonymous sakit hati pulak baca comment. nampak sangat kebusukan hati tu.

    Stay fabulous wani.

  37. hi wani...congrats! i dah lame giller x bukak blog u and tetibe saw dh tunang and nak kahwin! mesti excited. Im a newly wed gak. god luck in the preps.

    But word of advice. seeing you have so many haters due to jealousy etc, (which they are allowed to their opinion) maybe you should privatekan blog you to readers yg betul2 nk tgk kejayaan you.

    bare in mind, org yg jealous tu boleh buat bermacam2 kat kite orang yg niat baik. kejahatan yg sampai boleh gune gambar2 kite and jampi etc. looks liek you have serious haters out there.

    you should consider limiting their viewirs to real followers with nice things to say


  38. Bju memang xcntk lgsung

  39. congrats sis ^^..just blogwalking here..love the deco and the door gifts were super duper cute


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