Monday, June 3, 2013

My Experience with SK II

I remembered the first time when I visited the SK II counter. It was two years ago. - My sister asked me to joined her to attend the skin consultation with SK II that she got invited to at The Gardens that day. She said there will be some goodies/trial pack for that's why I've agreed to join her! haha. - Well, I've always wanted to try SK II actually, since I heard so many rave reviews on their Facial Treatment Essence, or so they called it as the "miracle water"! But I never got the chance to pay a visit to their counter yet. Plus, I was quite happy with my skincare regime at that time.. It was Sothys, I think? Can't remember! (I changed my skincare quite often! Heeee *itchy hands*)  

So anyways..I did go for the skin consultation. And little did I know that I ended up using their skincare for two years everyday without fail, after that day! haha. - That's quite long for me, because I usually don't stick around to use the same brand for more than a year!  - Because these hands are always sooooooo itchy to buy new products whenever there's a "special promotions" or "last day sale" or "limited stocks/edition" signs! Pfffft. 

But well.. SK II has made me stayed with them and be loyal for two years now! And that's something new for me! hehe.. - I always wanted to find the right skincare for my skin, and just stick to it! Because I don't know whyyy..I always don't feel satisfied enough with my skin, although my skin doesn't look so bad at the time. Thus explain why I keep on changing brands. Sigh.. 

However, SK II has successfully changed my buying habits these days! - I have been using SK II products everyday, for two years now! Oh, woww...what an achievement! *give myself a pat on the back!* hahah. Glad I joined my sister that day! ^__^

So anyways...the skin consultation was about 5 to 10 minutes only.  Besides getting to know more about the skin, the Beauty Consultant also analyzed the 5 dimensions that makes skin crystal clear. The 5 dimensions are Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spots Control and Radiance Enhancement

Here’s what the 5 dimensions are all about: 

  1. Texture Refinement – finer texture, more moisture, less oiliness, less visible pores. 
  2. Firmness Power - more energized, firmer contour/curves, more lifting impression on eye & mouth corners, less visible nasolabial fold (laugh lines). 
  3. Wrinkle Resilience - less fine lines, less dynamic line with expression, less static lines/wrinkles, less connected lines. 
  4. Spots Control – less brown spots, lighter brown patches, better tone evenness, reverse stubborn spots. 
  5. Radiance Enhancement – more translucency, more radiance, more glow from within, less yellowish & dullness.

The skin check only took us about 5 minutes with this device..

Few minutes later, the result came out..

My beauty consultant explained about the skin..

Apparently, my skin was categorized in the SPQ II range (which supposed to be for those 30's women)

Here is the sample of the 3 range of the skin power. SPQ III is the perfect skin, I suppose. It's very soft and firm

I still remember, according to the machine, my skin look and feel like I'm in my 30's, whilst I was only in my early twenties at that time! tskk

The result shows that I had only 2D - Two dimension out of the Five dimension for a Crystal Clear Skin that I just mentioned above.. 

The beauty consultant introduced me the SK II products and explain one by one of its benefits and how to use them..

Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Serum, Moisturizer..

She showed me the correct way to use the Facial Treatment Essence.. soaking the cotton pad wet, and apply it evenly on face to penetrate the essence deeply into the skin!

And then she gave me some samples for me to try at home!

So because of the great result SK II has made to my skin, I have been their loyal user since then!

We love SK II!

Anyway, just recently, I was invited to attend an SK II event in One Utama, for their number 1 globally awarded whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist (which I will blog more about it later)

So I took the opportunity to do a skin check with them again..

And this time, using their new hi-tech machine called the Magic Ring.
I wanted to see if there's any changes in my skin, after two years of using SK II..

It only took a few seconds to measure your skin power with this Magic Ring!

And my oh my....I was really really surprised with the result! I couldn't believe my eyes! I scored almost all the 5 dimension a 100%?! - Except for the Texture Refinement, that is. - Cuz that's really one big problem that I'm having right now, as a result from using this one facial brush called Clarissonic! >__< 

I had a clear skin already, but my hands were soooo itchy to try that brush to make my skin even clearer lah konon....but sadly, luck was not with me, and my skin break out like crazy these past couple of weeks...with so many little white heads!!! (I just read the reviews about the brush, that it may not be suitable for some people, as the brush will activate the zits to come out or something like that... Sigh T__T )

So anyway..because I had a bad skin at the moment, I thought the computer would show me a really bad result! So I thought the ugly whiteheads is gonna affect all the other dimensions :(

But I was wrong! I scored  99% to 100% on all the other dimensions except for the Texture Refinement!!! O__o

Texture Refinement - 39%
Radiance Enhancement - 99% 
Spot Control - 99%
Firmness Power - 100%
Wrinkle Resilience - 100%

Total score: 87%

Oh..I wonder if I don't have those bumpy whiteheads on my skin, would I get a total score of 99%? nya kalau jadi betul-betul! hehe. Even my sister was surprised with the result! She got lower score than me..huhu. I think her total score was about 70++%. Can't remember exactly how much.. But somehow, her skin still looked really really very flawless! Oh man, SO tak aci! hehe. I want a clear, flawless skin on the outside tooooo!!

Anyway, here's a deeper explanation...
Now, the computer said, my skin age is 18 years old!! So happy to know thissss! Last time the computer said my skin age was 30++! So now...I'm younger! haha

Radiance Enhancement - like a 16 years old skin..

Spot Control - like like a 16 years old skin

Firmness Power - like a 16 years old skin

Texture Refinement - like a 28 years old skin

Wrinkle Resilience - like a 16 years old skin

So, in conclusion, my skin is actually quite good laa, kan? It's just on the outside je nampak texture tak elok...because of that bumpy white heads that I have! Ishh.. Screw youuu, Clarissonic! No more using it! huhu. Thus, now.. I'm on a mission to clear my white heads. It's gonna take some time because it's a lot! Sigh. But..patience is a virtue, I suppose? 

Hopefully, in a month's time, my skin has cleared up! I have a big event to attend! Wish me luck guys! 



  1. wow thanks so much for this post. i've been eyeing the sk ii line for quite a while now but a bit scared that it will only be a waste of my money. reading this makes me wanna get their products asap.

  2. wow!!menarik..maybe i should try this product too..

  3. tapi you have a fair complexion already, so the affect is visible. Does SKII have any testimoni for someone with malay-dark complexion. Most of the model (including you :-) ) have fair complexion, kulit cerah, so it's very visible.

  4. Tried to use them. But unfortunately their SK II not suitable for me at all. I felt so itchy and my skins are grassy.

  5. Dear wani,i've sent an email to u?is still active?perhaps u can spend some time to have a look.thanks.

  6. @aimie: Your welcome!! ^__^

    @kelipkelipchumel: Yes u should..especially the miracle water! ;)

    @noor: no la dear... i'm not that fair, trust me. i'm just any other malay girls too! That's just lighting I skin tone memang macam typical malay punya skin tone je..hehe

    @qashmere: i see! Yeah..certain products from SK II gives me zits too. So I stop using them. Especially the whitening series. Too rich for my skin I guess =/

    @the adlin: Yup2 it's still active! will check it out and reply soon! :)

  7. Salam wani. Macam mana Wani buang segala whiteheads tu? care to share?

  8. can u list up all the basic skII skincare product u use? i'm kinda interested to try...

  9. Really appreciate ur details clarification for skii products.I'm a fan too. There are a few things that I would like to ask. For skii range, which are ur HG products? Like lxp activating gel and massage cream particulary, do they worth the try? Very appreciate if u could share

  10. not suitable for me especially the miracle water. muka jadi merah2 n biji2. i change back to my ori skincare clarins.


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  12. Can share the price range for the set? Thank you for sharing :)

  13. hi shazwani, may i know where did you go to get the skin 'check up'? or is it available at all sk-ii counters in selangor/kl area?


  14. i love reading your blog!

  15. Thanks for the information. Good read.

  16. I agree with you, skincare is worth every penny if it works.

    Feels free to visit Bellesy for SK-II deals.

    By the way, great post about SK-II products!

  17. Product ni sgt berkesan dgn sy.. dulu muke bnyk parut.. alhamdulillah skrg dh ok.. tp hrga counter mahal sikit.. sy dh jumpe seller yg jual hrga lg jimat dr counter.. product dia ori.. xsgka dpt jimat bnyk..klau nk cube..try la view ig @sk2_atiey_hah..


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