Sunday, June 30, 2013

A weekend in Marriott

One of the things that I've always wanted to do in my life, before I get married is to go somewhere alone. I mean to go for a holiday/vacation all by myself.

I realized I would prefer to enjoy all the things that I like to do in my leisure time (a.k.a hobbies), alone than having a company. For example, shopping, dining, sight seeing, cleaning, driving,  designing/creating/doing creative stuff, and etc etc. I would prefer to do all this alone. Not that I dislike to have a company with me or anything... (I love that too) But I think, when I do all that just by myself, I feel...more independent and I'd be more focused to do the things I love with no distractions and interruptions whatsoever! Oh, and I get more freedom too! haha.

So anyway, traveling alone, or vacationing alone has always been one of the things I'd like to do some day. But I never got the chance to do it yet... probably because I've had quite a few health issues last time when I travel. (if you've read my previous posts, you'll know why) So...traveling alone outside of Malaysia would be kinda freaky for me as I kept thinking at the back of my mind...what if something happen to me? Who would take care of me if that problem of mine attack me? What if I die in the middle of strangers? What would they do to me? What will happen to my body? And some other weird thoughts. haha. So yeah..that thing always stops me from fulfilling my desire to travel outside Malaysia alone. haha. Other things....I don't worry so much actually. Because...I think, I can take care of myself! heh

So last Friday, I decided to use some vouchers that I got from my dad to spend some quality me time at Marriott Putrajaya. - So much of traveling/vacationing alone, huh? haha. Okay maybe next time I'll choose a place that would be quite far from my house! ;p

Well I've had quite a rough and stressful week actually, and I really need to unwind a bit. So I decided to pamper and lose myself in a nice huge bedding, with a nice warm bubble bath, and a nice fluffy towel..and some nice food all for myself! So I went there. Had such an amazing time spending some me time doing all the things I love and to spoil and relax myself!

Dining alone in a huge bed was sooooo nice! 

So I lugged with me..all girly things I adore to use at the hotel! - My fave body fave facial stuff, my fave hair fave sleep attire, and my fave book and movies! hehe..

Relaxing in a tub while watching Bride Wars! 

Facial time! 
Using my fave brand - the Beauty Clinic Mediheal from Hansaegee Nature!
(nose pore pack, gel eyefill patch and the pore-stamping charcoal mineral mask)

I just got this recently..and it's my first time using a black tissue mask actually! It's called the H.D.P Pore-Stamping Charcoal-Mineral Mask. I think it's kinda exciting to wear a black mask than a white one. Especially when this mask has a really deep, high definition pixel of the black color! Makes me feel like I'm a Zorro or... Darth Vader or something! haha 

Why do I love Beauty Clinic Mediheal masks? Like I said many times in my previous post: because their mask is the only brand I know that is rich with essence/serum!!! It's highly concentrated! - See how soaking wet my tissue mask really is??!

Imagine...when you put the wet mask on your face... Imagine how nice it is to feel all the essence absorbing into your skin! It's so relaxing! Plus, the scent of this mask has the nicest smell of all the masks I tried from this brand so far! So double the awesomeness!

So anyway...why did I bring this mask to the hotel instead of some other mask that I have? Well..I needed a clay mask for my tired, pimply skin. But I also need a hydrating mask too since I've had quite  a bad dry, flaky skin lately. So, I brought this mask along with me because it gives me just what I needed for that night! - I need to detox my face! And this mask claims to control the excessive sebum, tighten the open pores and purify the skin while leaving it moisturized! So yes, this is the mask I needed to unclog my clogged pores and purify my dirty skin... while I dry my hair and prepare myself for a good night sleep... ^__^

I love how fit the mask really is for my face, by the way! It's like the size of the mask is made for my face shape! It just fits like a glove! Coolness! ^__^ 

While drying my hair, I wore this mask....which now made me looked like I'm a Darth Vader who just changed to a white outfit! hahaha ;p 

Anyway, like most should wear it after you've cleansed your face and have applied the toner/astringent too. Then leave the mask on your face for a good 20 to 30 minutes! When you've done removing the mask, just pat dry the skin and let the skin absorb the remaining essence! Then...have a great sleep! And wake up with bright, happy skin! hehe

I just got back from the hotel today, actually. And I'm super duper extremely tired because I had quite a long and exhausting day today. So I'm gonna leave you with just my facial post first for now, and will continue to write more on my relaxing getaway that I just had this weekend in my next post, okay?

In the mean time, if you would like to try this great mask that I have, kindly leave me an email and I will post it to you for you to try! The mask is really nice..and you should definitely give it a try!
Only two lucky readers will get this. So...if you want it, please leave me an email or blog too if you have one and let's share the love! Otherwise, you can just purchase this mask at Hansaegee Nature's website! It's only RM 11.90!!!'s time for bed. I'm glad I spent a great weekend all by myself! Definitely gonna do this more often before I have a husband to teman me everywhere...hehe.  So now, I will cross out the number 10 in my 50 Things To Do Before I Die list.. hihi

Have a great week ahead you guys!



  1. Igtkan u pergi smlm. Ada event herbalife kt situ. Hihi

  2. salam..wani, interested to try the email & my blog

    thanks !!

  3. salam n hi! i want the mask! ;))

  4. Hi sis! I love to read your blog very much coz for me it's very inspiring. Yes, let's do what we love to do! I'd like to try the great mask, it looks awesome! :)

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    im verrry interested to try this product.. :)

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  17. it fit ur face well! and not on mine.. :(
    but i love this mask so much! :)

  18. hopefully i'm lucky enough to get the great mask. well, i've tried the nose strip and would love to try this too..!!

  19. dear,
    i suke baju u pakai in yellow color tu.
    mind to share u beli mana?


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