Monday, June 17, 2013

Damaged Router

Hey guys! 

So sorry for the long silence! The Internet at my house has been down for a few days! T__T At first, I thought because we forgot to pay the bills or something..but then when I checked with TM, our line hasn't been cut off yet. And I even went to pay the bill for this month, and next month terus, when I was at TM Point office earlier today... So when I got home today, expecting the Internet to be okay, switched on and off the modem and wifi thingy for five times...only to realized that my router is not working! Pfffft.... No wonder we didn't get the wifi signals even! So tomorrow I'm gonna call the TM guy to replace to a new one. Haih.. Such a disappointment. Thought of blogging tonight. But looks like I have to wait for another one or two days... Hmm. =\

Blogging through your phone is no fun. So tiny, I can't see anything. tskk



  1. hope you will get back soon! <3

  2. wani,

    saya rasa awak boleh share internet network dari handphone awak. saya guna samsung note 2, kat rumah memang tak pakai line internet. selalu saya online guna laptop by sharing internet connection dari handphone je. i'm sure iphone pun ada function macam tu.

    kalau samsung, just go to setting, tethering and protable hotspot and turn on.

    then boleh on wifi laptop dan search nama handphone awak.

    hope this can help u! =)

  3. x best kan blogging guna phone.kat umah saya pun jd problem dgn internet.kejap connect,kejap putus.dah call tm depa ckp x de apa2 asyik jd jugak..sobs..


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