Friday, August 3, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Lately I've taken quite a lot of my outfit of the day pics  and upload them on Instagram, before I go to the office. Doing this every morning is kinda like lifting up my mood, and makes me motivated to wake up early and be in the office..hehe  ;p

I love dressing up..  And I've always wanted to do an outfit post like the one I did last time for Zawara. (You can view here, here or here).  But I don't have a paparazzi to take my photo each morning, do I? haha. So...since I got that full length mirror for my room last month, I decided to take an outfit post by myself, every day before leaving the house. - I didn't get to do it last time (my old mirror suck big time! haha). So now that I have this mirror, and I post my outfits on Instagram each day, I would know what and which attire I have worn and which I haven't - I've lost track of my outfits already..and then I always ended up wearing the same, current favourite pieces over and over again (Read: Mint Green. haha),  despite having an overflowing clothes.  =_____='

I remember last friends and my colleagues used to say they have never seen me wearing the same outfit in a month's time.. But these days, I always get this, "You always wear the same outfit. Tak ada baju lain ke? Asik-asik samaaaa je? You're so boring!"

Hahaha. That's bcuz I abandoned the old ones... And only wear current favourite! haha. And now I think, it's time for me to rummage my closet again..and start wearing my old stuff (if they still fit me), and not be boring like you said! hahahaa ;p

So follow me on Instagram if you would like to see my outfits of the day, every day! hehee ;p

Hmm...I wonder if I can have this kind of mirror in my new room, later? I don't think the parents would approve! LOL. But it'd be great huh, to have this kind of mirror in your room? So cool! hehe. (Took that photo in last December in Lucern, Switzerland, in one of the Mirror Maze)

Okay..have a great weekend peeps! Write later! ;)


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