Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm heading to Disneyland!

Hi guys!

Oh my God... I  have a great news! I'm soooo excited! My dad agreed to let me and my brother go play at Disneyland end of this month!!! Yeayyyyyy! I'm really really excited! You don't know how much I NEEDED some excitement in my life right now! hehe.. The timing is just so right! So while both my parents going to Japan for a business trip, a fun trip with my brother to Disneyland in Hong Kong would be toooooo awesome!!! hehe.. Did I tell you how stressful I am lately? So yes...this trip is gonna be tooooooooo AWESOMEEEE, man!!! Can't wait to scream over there..haha ;p

So this is gonna be my third time to Disneyland (my first one was Japan, second was Paris) but I guess the excitement of going to ANY Disneyland are the same! It SURELY gonna bring out the kid in you!!! Plus, me and my brother are the only ones in my family that have never travelled to Hong Kong before...So yeah, this adds more excitement for us! hehe..

Both my sisters who went there a few times already, told me that in Hong Kong Disneyland, there are 5 theme lands, which are USA Main Street, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Toy Story Land! Oh...just by hearing this makes me soo excited already! hehe.. Can't wait! ^__^

Oh we are too excited! Just when I really really need some thrill and excitement to shoo my stress away, daddie said yes to this when I asked him! So, thanks dad!!! Daddie is soo cool! hehe ^__^

See you there Mickey and Minnie! ;)



  1. omg... bestnyeeee... you are one lucky girl. hehe... have fun dear :)

  2. waahhh,, best nye dapat gi melancong.. betty xpernah gi melancong cam tu.. last time I saw you in ALamanda putrajaya,, nak tegur tp cam takut plak..

  3. wah, pgi hong kong. moga enjoy di sana :D disneyland best.

  4. Farah Izwan18/4/12 8:31 AM

    Wow it must be nice to be feeding off daddy's money.. A lot of people work their asses off to be able to afford luxuries like you do.

  5. @farah izwan: LOL. What makes you think it's my dad's money? This trip was 100% came from my very own a gift and reward to myself. Stop judging if you don't know anything about me =____='


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