Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi! Still remember me?

Tee hee. I knowwwww.....

Hello world! Err...err... I'm a lost blogger who lost her Blogger password and forgot where she put her Mac? haha ;p Okay okayy.. Let me just say my same old same old lame excuse now;
I'm. Busy. Lah. ;p
Oh well, these days I'm just so tired that I got not much time to blog anymore. Sobs. Hmm...actually I do have it, but I prefer to use that sweet time of mine to relax and chill..and live life like normal people do. hehe. Ya laaaa, it's tiring you know having to work all day and night. - I normally would blog during night time cuz that's when I really have all the mood. So yes, blogging is kinda like a "job" now, more than a hobby. hahaha. Nah..kidding. Blogging is my passion/hobby, but these days I rarely have time for it. Too. Tired. =(

So...when I'm at home, I prefer to just sit in my room, looking at my clothes or or trying them on or rearrange them..etc... or play around with my face & body products. Or just talking on the phone and lying around on bed. Awesome. hehe

Anyways, I just wanna keep you updated while I was missing (and this is just a summary of 40% of the things I did while I was away for I don't know how long alreadyy... See, I told ya I ain't got enough time to update everythinggg! What can I say, I love living my real life rather than spending tooooooo much time on a virtual world! heheh ;p)

Okay. Tomorrow I have a meeting. Good night all!
Will update some more, when everythinggg is normal again! hehe. Okayy toodles! ;)



  1. tgk kening raina.. tgk kening wani.heheheh

  2. suka la gambar yg yellow scarf n pink top...make it bigger pls..hehe..

  3. Salam Wani.

    I saw one of the pictures in this collages u posted u were doing ur hair in a private space. May I know which and where is the saloon? tq

  4. Babe, u are so pretty and lucky. Love all of these pictures!

  5. hello..nak tnya..akak guna software apa yg utk gmbr ni?

  6. nqr: haha.. patut tgk kening mak dia laaa...bukan aunty dia! hehe

    kak suzie: eheee. ok. will do :)

    anonymous: waalaikumussalam. thats a picture in my hair salon, called 101 Hair Care Salon. thats where i do my weekly hair treatment..

    along: thanks

    anonymous: awww...AMIN. alhamdullilah. thanks

    fa-aja-aja: its picasa :)

  7. ha love all the pictures... please update quickly.. :)


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