Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Deserve Some New Shoes!

Raya is just a few days away. But I haven't really shopped for Raya stuff like last years. Probably cuz I've gained weight and feeling kinda low lately. So that's why I wasn't really in my Shopping Raya mood. I only have some baju kurungs. Tudung pun takde. haih. Nevermind..I can always borrow my mum's.

So the other day, I went out and bought some Raya footwear for myself cuz I thought I deserve some, after been fasting from shopping for quite some time.

Though I've been telling myself, not to indulge (or rather invest) in shoes many many times, cuz I know I own a lot of shoes and have more than enough already. But I just don't know why, I failed to do so. I can't stop myself from buying them whenever I see some great designs esp. those with 5 inches heel. I find shoes are some sort of collectible arts.
A 5 inch heels would always make this shortie little girl feel wonderful, powerful, and confident. =)

Just so you know, whenever I feel so low, I like to treat myself. Shoes (and chocolates!) would always somehow make me feel much better, although it has got nothing to do with my problems/issues. Because shoes always fit even though I gained a few pounds! And just by looking at my pretty feet, makes me feel so happy! I love owning those beautiful pieces of art in my closet. And I love looking down at them with big grin on my face thinking, “Those are mine!”.

I still remember when I was 18, the day I broke up with my ex boyfriend (he cheated), my sisters brought me to KLCC to eat some chocolate cakes and to do a little shopping to take my mind off it.. I bought some Eclipse shoes and wore them straight away. Then after a few walks in it, the weird thing happened. For some weird reason, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. I didn't feel sad or anything like I was. It was such a relieve not to feel sad at that moment. I hate being depressed. So lucky for me, I wore such pretty pink heels at that time that somehow heeled my heart! haha =)

Hmm..I think it is really true what Victoria Beckham said.

Though this may sound so ridiculous to some, but shopping really IS therapeutic for me. Shoe shopping to be exact.

And yes.. I have a confession.

Recently, I bought some shoes when I was so stressed out about something/someone. I bought three high heels and one flats. Well, it's a flip-flops actually. And these four items that I splurged on are so comfy and pretty! I was happy and satisfied. And totally forgot about her. =)

Two out of the four footwear that I purchased were from Juicy Couture. Oh, I loved their footwear range! They're very trendy and classy! (especially their boots range! Why oh why Malaysia doesn't have winter? sobs. Kalau tak, boleh pakai hari-hari. haha)

I love the detail on the bottom/side of these two shoes; "Smells Like Couture"! They are so cute!

Out of all the Juicy Couture ranges, I personally think that their footwear suits the couture label the most. Not the bags, nor the tracksuits (although these two items are one of the most famous products as compared to the other ranges for this brand). They look too bimbo for me. But then again, it's your choice and preference. =)

Hmm..heels versus flats? Which one would you go for?

I love the suede leather red heels the most. It's peep toe (my favourite!) and the chunky heels made it even more comfy to walk it in

Well..Imma true high heel girl, so of course my pick would be heels! That flip flop is for casual wear..or beachy wear..hehe

Oh hey..

I also bought some juicy little make up cases! They're great to put inside your handbag or your main make up case.

I bought this so I can put my make up brushes and lip liners/eyeliners/mascaras and some lip glosses in it, so my handbag would be more organized instead of main campak campak je mascara apa bagai sume dalam handbag..Nanti nak cari susah..

I bought two. One for my handbag. Another is for my make up case

Okay. That's all for now. Gotta do some Raya preparations, clothes packing, and some postings! Chiow!



  1. cantiknya heels merah itu!

    tak dapat boot merah, dapat peep toe merah pon jadi la ye!

  2. flip flop itew chantek bangat!

  3. Hey babe!!
    Dropping bye.
    this entry really2 make me smile.
    Funny thing is, U r so like me..
    SHOES+CHOCOLATE=my biggest fave too!

    I have more shoes than bag.

    Yerp shoes fits you anytime!

    Now..i don't really feel wierd. I found someone who actually feels the same way.

    Org selalu kata..why u want to waste so much on shoes?Nak letak kat kaki jek..(i don't really care my shoe price, but i hate to splurge so much on bags and clothes)


  4. woot woot...tingginye... tabik toing2 for the nerve to wear those high heels...mummy me only comfy with snickers & kadang2 not-too-high-heel sandals... i link ur blog in mine...a follower as well

  5. OMG i like the flats! Comel gila ada ribbon kat tepi.

  6. jealousnye!!!
    tantek sangat k!


  7. kak maria pn kena beli kasut baru gak..sb selipar ku itu telah terkoyak dgn jayanya...huhuhu..mcm tau2 je org nak raya..die leh rosak lak..hhuhu..

  8. halamak..comelnya flip flop tu

  9. oh, i have a friend who's selling indonesian brand shoes called just kulkith.Maybe you can go for online shopping at www.redbiglychee.blogspot.com

    The shoes are unique,cheap and comfortable. Alternatively, you could check out Just Kulkith at their FB page and order from this friend of mine :)

    And most importantly, cheer up!

  10. oh, i have a friend who's selling indonesian brand shoes called just kulkith.Maybe you can go for online shopping at www.redbiglychee.blogspot.com

    The shoes are unique,cheap and comfortable. Alternatively, you could check out Just Kulkith at their FB page and order from this friend of mine :)

    And most importantly, cheer up!

  11. Agree with u,Wani.Some of the Juicy products are kinda "bimbo." But the red shoes are cute.And the makeup bags u bought are gorgeous!

  12. xmudah tergelincir ke pakai heels tu?
    tapi lawa! kalau saya beli, mau simpan dala almari kaca aja.haha

  13. cantik dowh kasut ko =)

  14. anonymous1: eheh..yup!

    anonymous2: kan kan? cute, no? ;)

    yam-artfingers: yeah! my friends pon ckp mcm tu.. y splurge on something that would get dirty easily? huhu..
    true, but i dont care.. pretty feet makes me happy!

    ilyana: oh thank u for following dear! anyways.. i dah biasa pki heels..so tu yg tak kesah sgt kot tinggi2 ni..tp pki sneakers mesti kekok..haha

    reena: yup yup! plus ada mcm umm..nak panggil ape eh? pendant kot..
    haa..boleh la panggil pendant..hehe.. pendant gold 'J' tu ada kat ribbon tu..mcm tergantung.. so nnt bile pki kat kaki tu ada la mcm benda gerak2 bile jln..sungguh gedik! i laik! =)

    swit@kon: =)

    kak maria: yeke? hehe..takpe.. ada la alasan nak beli baru punya!! kat sunway pyramid ada jual sliper yg sgt kiut miut ok! tp tak ingat brand apa..

    cherrie pie: alaa...flip flop je ke? kasut merah itew? =P

    amy: oh hye amy!! taktau pon u ada blog!! anyways..i dah bukak dah.. memang cantik la! unik sgt.. dia bdk uia gak ke?

    nana: yeah itulah..they're too bimbo la kan.. mcm kite bygkan sapa yg suka sgt brand tu mcm jenis mengada2/ cememeh..haha
    (opps! sorry JC lovers!)

    cieri: umm..tak kot..sbb dia berat which i like so much.. i suka sgt kasut yg jenis berat mcm tu..pastu bile jln bunyi best..hehe..

    naz: time kasih. ko try yg ni ke yg bally eh yg ko amik gamba tu tunjuk kat non? aku lupe da.. tp nmpk sexy bile ko pki..huhu

  15. Too bad I can't fit in my Juicy Couture flip flops. I was thinking that maybe if I slimmed down some more, nanti bole muat kot... coz before I was heavily pregnant, I wore a lot of size 5 shoes. Then masa dah akhir2 pregnancy, my body was ballooning and so were my feet! I now wear size 6, kdg2 ada jugak tersesat size 7.

  16. ala..k.maria kat penang lah yang..huhuhu..takpe2..esok nk p cr selipar baru..husband kata sukala tu..hahah..mestila suka..kasut rosak kan nak buat mcmn ter'paksa' beli lainla..hehe..

  17. eh mase aku gi umah ko ritu kasut ni dh ade ke? aritu aku try bally yg itam tu...cantek nk mati..seksi ke? ko pkai lg nmpka seksi..aku pkai nmpk cam seksa..huhu..


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