Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of MaidLess and ShopPink.

My house ( parent's house actually) currently has no maid. My bibik has gone back for good to her hometown in Jawa Barat, last June. has been quite a few months since we had a maid.

To be honest with you, I have never experienced a maid-less in our house. We always have had maid since my eldest sister were born. Well..ada la..about a couple of days or so we all takde maid.. Tu pun sebab dia balik Kongsi dia ke, or gi bercuti ke, or whatever..

So basically..rumah ni memang sejak 26 years ago tak pernah takde maid.. Dah biasa ada pembantu. But since my mom has retired, she refused to hire another new maid even when my dad has offered her the other day. She wants to do everything from washing to cooking to making beds herself.

Well not exactly everything la, actually. The doing the dishes and cleaning part is always gonna be me (which I dislike, because my soft hands has turned super very rough in just 4 days back to back of washing the utensils and plates and the cookware! Ughh..Must be the freaking liquid dishwasher..haih.. Hmm.. Well..nevermind).
Oh, please don't get me wrong, I am not that privileged that I have never in my life do the dishes (Of course I have! Many many times).
Well, I am not complaning about the washing part (Oh, I love playing with bubbles!). I'm complaning about the roughing part. My hands feels so old already. Screw you liquid dishwasher for making my fingers cracked! =P
(Mummy..please let me do all the cooking/preparations thingy next time? Dari dulu asik keje basuh pinggan je.. Tak membangun la skills saya..)

So since I was born (and that is about 20 years ago), there's always someone to do things for me, i.e make my bed, clean and wash my toilet, do the dishes, make my sandwiches for lunch at school, iron my clothes and so on and so forth. So of course, for me to automatically know how to do all these things in a day wouldn't be possible, right? *Forgive me*

I gotta admit. Doing all these things wasn't easy for me. But..

Eh, no. They are EASY to do. It's not as difficult like doing Calculus! haha. But it's just that I am not trained to do these house chores and errands, so of course..for me and my lazeyy bum to perform everything accordingly (or at least, to follow my mum's way or rules of doing it), is going to be slowww and imperfect...right? (please agree with me! hehe)

Plus, the cleaning tools and utensils are quite old already. And they don't seem 'approachable' and 'desirable' to me.. =P
Like the brown dusty broom, the white mop that has turned into grey color (or was it black?), the botak brushes, the dirrty sponges, the so called 'kain buruk', 'kain lap pinggan', 'kain lap meja', 'kain lap tingkap', and all those kains for specific purpose and use.. They are all old already and not looking so fabulous to hold. haha =P

And me on the other hand, is a very unpractical person. Fyi I am SO complicated, according to my three besties! haha. (But they still love me, kan kan Ajit, Girl and Naz? heh). So anyways..

My policy is always; Why buy something that is ugly when you can get something that looks so much better that serves the same purpose! heh. =P

Well.. I don't like to use or buy things that doesn't look pretty to my eyes even if the purpose is to make it look unpretty. Err..u get what I mean? Like for example the mop. Some of you must have think that it's just a mop. U use it to clean and wipe up the floor. It'll get dirty the minute it touches the floor! I know!

But for me, that's just not a cool way to do chores. =P

Look at that.. Ugh.

So when my mum asked me to clean and wash all the toilets/bathrooms in my house yesterday.. I purposely delayed it. Cuz I refuse to use the old slimy stuff from the store room. =P

So today, I went out to The Gardens and Mid Valley, to buy some of my own stuff..and some of the toilets' stuff. I never knew shopping for your toilet was fun! haha. I can't wait to wash my toilet tomorrow morning! Normally bibik does it for now, I'm in charge! So yeay! =)

Wanna see what this little girl has bought? These aren't the exact pictures/products, tho. Too lazy to snap and upload, now. So these are googled. But the tools I bought are almost the same..cuz they're PINK!

BANG! To clean every inch and corner in the toilets.

A PINK sponge. To scour the dirt away

The CIF Cream. To clean up the sinks and the racks

A PINK sink brush.

AJAX FABULOSO. For the floors

A PINK bristle broom. Easy to scrub and brush up the floors and in between the tiles

A PINK scrub. To rub, scrub and scour anything that is hard to clean!

HARPIC. The toilet bowl cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner tablets. It's BLUE.
Couldn't find one in PINK. But it's okay bcuz the blue water matches my blue toilet bowl. hehee

That's all I bought! I forgot to buy these things, though:

A PINK toilet brush! for tomorrow I have to use the old ones. =(

A PINK gloves.
Ajit reminded me to buy one when I said I dunno what else to buy. He said, "What about a pink gloves? You love pink and I'm sure you wanna protect your hands. Nanti kang tangan kasar, you'll start to complain..So better u buy one, to protect your hands from that sabun2. And I don't have to hear you whining. tee hee".

Heh. I find that cute, bcuz it's like he already know what am I gonna say when my hands get so rough. haha. But I refused to buy it, bcuz I don't wanna show to him that I am that mengada-takboleh-kena-sabun. Plus, I already have the pakai-buang latex gloves. So why membazir?

A PINK mop.
I almost wanted to buy this! Exactly like this! But Ajit stoped me, "Why would you want to mop your toilet? Toilet IS supposed to be wet, kan? Plus, are u sure you're going to use all this stuff you bought, for every single week? Entah entah, sehari dua je pakai..pastu dah tak semangat dah balik. Pastu nanti, bila dah tak nak basuh toilet, you'll give the reason that u balik hostel, n selalu takde kat rumah. I know you la, Cik Wani. You don't need that".

Well mister, that mop is for my room la...not my toilet! Plus, it's so cute! Why oh whyy can't I have it? ;P


I think, bit by by day.. I'm gonna buy every cleaning tools and utensils in my house or at least for my own room.. a PINKIE products!

Baru la comel! But my cabinet, toilet bowl, sink, floors or walls, etc etc must be in WHITE. Baru la cantik, kan? These pink stuff would act like accessories in the toilet! =)



  1. wani..awak ni gedik la. akak suka!

  2. leave the cleaner tablet as blue...if its pink...seems like blooded poopie huhu or u peod & lupe tu flush huhu...anyway...selamat hari raye & enjoy the celebration

  3. salam...

    hey babe...

    Mr.Doc & I would like to wish YOU & FAMILY peace, happiness & prosperity on EID-UL-FITR!!!

    May the divine blessings of ALLAH be with you & family on EID & Always!!!

  4. ..haha..bila kak suzie baca n3 ni mmg btl la what ur closest frens said that u r so complicated person ;-) tapi dreaming mcm ni mmg best kan?

  5. heh..sampai ke cuci pun nak pink!hey.....biar betul....wany..hepi hari raya sis...nanti tunjuk pics baju raya kay darl!

  6. wanie!! i saw u yesterday at mid valley! my gosh..u look so cute n gorges in person!!!

    n i love ur baju kurung n ur dior bag! so nicee okeh. u dari mana smlm..nape pki baju kurung?

    i nak tegur, tapi segan sangat lah!! ;p


  7. hahaha!! u're so wani my best fren!!! but wat eva it is, gal, ajit n i still love u!! daaa!!

  8. heh i mgaku mmg susah giler kalau xde bibik. seriously u r not alone, wanie! :P
    i dari dulu ade bibik n skrg my mum pun da retired,so xnk hire bibik..hurmm too bad for me :(

  9. selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin wani....

    -megi guring-

  10. ha wait till u live in your own house, u can do things ur way!

    most of the stuff at my house are pink too - baldi, penyapu, penyodok, berus sink, bakul baju, mmm what elso now.. Tapi mop tak dpt pink coz the one Muaz beli only comes in green ;p

    i hate washing dishes too!

  11. sarah-al-idrus18/9/09 1:29 PM

    oh lawak nye.hehe.comel.haha


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