Friday, September 11, 2009

090909 is The Last Iftar with Friends

As most of us are in our final year, so this would be our last Ramadan as undergraduate students! So Girl decided to make an iftar date with the girlfriends on Zero Nine, Zero Nine, Zero Nine at Naili's Ampang before we all gone back home for our mid term break.

So on that Wednesday, after my class has finished, I got dressed. At first I wanted to wear my plain white Club Monaco t-shirt, but then I realized that I have packed all my scarfs in my pink ostrich leather bag. And only left two scarfs in the drawer. They were a plain black one and another one is a blue/grey-ish scarf. I decided not to kombarkan balik the bag and just find whatever baju in my wardrobe that matches the blue/grey tudung. And I found one. Thank God. heh.
So then I took my blue Topshop slinky tube top, and a black lacey bolero which is also from Topshop. And wear 'em with my old VB jeans. And I'm done.

I decided to leave UIA and head to Ampang after Maghrib. So I got out around 7.45 pm, I think. And arrived about 8 something. Well...I am the last one to arrive! eheh.. Luckily, they haven't eaten yet when I arrive! So I guess I wasn't that late lah.. =)

About 18 people joined the iftar dinner. We had such a great time. I think our table is the most loud and delirious crowd in that place! We were shouting, laughing and making stupid silly jokes. Sumpah bising giler! hahaa..

But overall, it was so damn fun!!! Best gile dapat jumpa ramai-ramai macam ni! =)

Hmm..well.. Now I leave you with the pictures ya!



My fave meal whenever I dine here! Simply sedap!

Me and my roomate

Minah senget ;P

The lovely Jeeba and Diana (she's my ex primary school mate!)

Has and Mira

Azan dah dah boleh korek idong dah..

Izzah and Alia. Izzah said her kakak likes to read my blog. eheh. Thank you kakak! (waving at youu!)

Hana and Biela

Lepas makan...


Dah macam artis dah ni..banyak gile camera kat depan kitorang! haha

Girl with the hotties! =)

And then about 10 pm, semua orang dah nak balik.. but me, Hana, Biela, Girl, etc etc..semua tak nak balik lagi.. sebab tak puas jumpa..hehe..

So..we kissed each and everyone, and said our goodbyes..

This is my most favourite picture of all!

Later that night..we went to Alexis Ampang to have our late night tea/hot chocolate before our bedtime.. =)
It was just the three of us. Yang lain nak balik.. So okay la, we got to have our private discussions..and had our 'Lipstick Jungle' moments..hahah ;p

Two hot chocolate and one Chamomile Tea (that's mine!)

Oh..and I had a cake too! Well..I ordered for the Pavlova and the Meringue, but they both were sold out! Ughh.. So I opted for the cake above. I forgot the name, tho. It was too fancy for me to remember. So I forgot. Anyway..this cake is as good as Pavlova! Err..better, I think. Pavlova was a little too sweet for me. Especially the crispy crust part. It tastes like a complete raw sugar.Tapi overall, sedap la..
But this cake that I ordered is verry soft and fluffy and creammmmy! I likey!!

Okay. Enough about cakes..

Make up artist tengah siapkan I before bergambar..haha ;P

Love you Girl!'s time to go home now everyone..


P/s: Girl, let's have a road trip with the girls this coming cuti semester! You and me plan..jom?



  1. chanel spotted :^) cantikkkk..

  2. Oh! Beg Chanel baru bau kedai!

    Hehehehe... cantiklah Wani! Blh bgtau how much is it?

    I nak bajet2 nak beli jugak. Tapi maybe end of this year baru hubby bagi nk beli another handbag.

  3. naili's place! my aunt's crib. is is still as good? my aunt is a superb cook =P~~ dah lama tak pergi, eso since they closed the uptown branch...

  4. i saw it! i saw it! the chanel i mean... warghhhh! how much is it? u bought it or somebody hadiahkan pada u???


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