Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sale Sale Sales!!

The DNP Clothing company is having a mid season sale!! It starts today! Shop at Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Topshop and members earn 2 times points on the 16th! So remember to flash your Fashion Fast Forward card to enjoy this privileges,ladies!

Club Monaco is having a sale too,girls!

It all starts TODAY, 16th October 2008!!

So hurry girls, before anyone else grabs your fave tops..hehe..

See ya there!! ;)



  1. Shazy! how to get the FFF card? it's a member card isit??

    aiyah no money already lah :(

    economy also.... gona.. be bad. T_T

  2. we're going to MV/The Gardens tonight.. u sure u don't wanna follow us? ;D

    p/s: us = me and my baby!

  3. miu: yup.. its a member card.. can be used at dorothy perkins, miss selfridge, topman n topshop...

    with this card, u can get 10% off for normal merchandise n on top of that, u'll get points!! Every 800 points, u'll receive a 25bux voucher.. ;)

    p/s: u automatically be their member, by just purchasing rm200 n above.. =)

    along: haha.. nopsy.. im at home relaxing!! tomorrow got a one day trip to god-knows-where..haihh.. =(

  4. Cehhhh.Baru je beli baju Topshop last week.Nvr minddddd.Nak beli lagi lah.Hahaha.

  5. owh thankssss so much for informing this~! i was that close to buy DP maternity jeans, tibe2 letak balik, sebab rasa nak tunggu sale. and that was last week.

    skarang baca u cakap dah sale. wwweehooooo. masa membeli-belah. tq tq ;)

  6. how to get info on the club monaco sale? any news on banana republic sale / karen millen sale/warehouse,principles,diva,pumpkin patch,karen millen,reiss, sale

  7. mia: if u're a member of warehouse/principles/karen millen/pumpkin patch/max studio, u will be informed about their sales n whatnots thru sms. as for club monaco n BR, i think parkson elite members kot.. tui dak wani?

  8. reena: tu la pasal kan.. i pon aritu baru jer beli bj2 topshop..haihh..

    i salu rugi camni..i salu takot nk tunggu lame2..karang bj tu bile dah beli, dia jadik sale plak..ngade tol.isk..

    shila: ur welkam kakakk.. =)

    along: salahhhh... heh.. ;p

    club monaco sbb i've bought a top from there and they have my details.. n everytime ade preview ke, sale ke.. they'll inform me thru phone call, sms and emails and even snail mails! (i love to get mails from retailers! i get excited.) heh.. ;p


  9. gud lak ekzem!

    bat lets du a mekober fes :D


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