Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pocket-book that's not so pocket-sized

Oh!! I'm so super excited!


Someone who's soo super duper extremely nice just said to me that I can choose my fave purse as my super belated birthday present! (more like an early birthday gift for next year's, I guess! hehee)

I am so excited that I can't even make up my mind which one I want.. I don't mind any brands as long as the pocketbook has two things: Quality and Style.
But I just don't know whether to go for a white purse (I loved this color. It's girly yet modern and sophisticated), or a black/tan/brown/grey (practical color) or... should I choose my moneybag with the one that has a lil' pop of color like deep red or hot pink or bright yellow or turquoise teal or majestic purple? So that it catches everyone's eye and jumps out like a symbol of modishness or like my sister said, it would stand out like a fashion statement besides being practical! Hmm.. that is so true! =)

Just so you know, I like large and long wallet as I find it easier for me to grab in my bag.. Plus, I've got loads of junks that I need to stuff in my wallet (cards, receipts, vouchers, money, pictures,etc). So I do need to have a good sized wallet that is big enough to put all my stuff in it and easy for me to find and grab it in my bag. Otherwise, it would take me a good 5 minutes to fish around in my bottomless bag, to find my wallet when I need it cuz it'd get lost in the mix of my large purse.

Since there're so many yummy purses out there, now.. I don't even know what I want or what I need.. I can't make a choice at all! Not even one.Oh, how I wish I could have them all! isk..
So please ladies, help me decide!

I want an LV because its ELLE VEE! hehe.. Although for me, LV is so overrated esp the monogram canvas line, but still, they're very classic. And I think I can use it for a very long time, yet I'd still look sophisticated. heh. =P
But I want a Coach too because they're chic and suits my age.
and Fendi's hot too!
A Gucci, because the brand sound so posh..hehee.
Dior's verry vogue as well..
And I like Marc by Marc Jacobs, simply because the design of their purses are simple yet so chic, and the best part is, it falls in the affordable range of designer goods! ;)
Miumiu and Prada is loveable..

And so on and so forth..

So many brands larh!! *sigh*

So ladies..

I have arranged into categories of brands of my choice.. So now, I need your votes to narrow down my options. =)
So which one of these, that is THEE MOST gorgeous wallet that I should get my fingers on!

Please Vote!!

By Coach:

Madison Leather Slim Envelope in Teal

Hamptons Leather Slim Envelope in Black

Hamptons Leather Slim Envelope in Pink

Legacy Leather Framed Slim Envelope in Black

Legacy Stripe Slim Envelope

Madison Op Art Checkbook in Plum

By Louis Vuitton:

Monogram Canvas Porte Tressor International

Damier Canvas Alexandra Wallet

Monogram Multicolore Eugenie

Monogram Mini Lin Zippy Wallet

Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet in Violette

By Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Turnlock Flap Clutch in Pink

Turnlock Flap Clutch in Yellow

Dr. Q Long Wallet in White

By Gucci:

Wallet Number 1 in Black

Wallet Number 2 in Off-White

Wallet Number 3 in Dark Brown

Wallet Number 4 in Off-White

Wallet Number 5 in Dark Purple





  1. antara sume2 me suka legacy leather ngan MJ in pink :)

  2. oh yeke??
    i like mbmj pink jugak..cantik kann! ;)

    anyway..thanks for ur votes ;)

  3. ohhh...
    kite suke nih dr dulu :
    Legacy Leather Framed Slim Envelope in Black

    tp yg nih pun canteq giler !! :
    Turnlock Flap Clutch in Pink
    (mcm iza's eyh)

    happy deciding...

  4. rambang mata. but legacy ngan hamptons for coach tu sangat best. fo me dapat LV yang purple tu beshnyeeeeee

  5. I love LV in multicolor.I have one.
    Cuma card slot dia tak banyak sangat.

  6. don't take black or LV monogram canvas! it looks too grown up on u. i think.

    my choices would be:

    - Coach Hamptons Slim Envelope in pink (I was contemplating between this one and MBMJ turnlock flap wallet dulu)

    - LV monogram vernis wallet (purple or pink)

    - MBMJ turnlock flap wallet (yellow or pink bole saja. tapi kalau pink sama ngan haku! not that i mind)

    - Gucci wallet no. 4 (white)


    p/s: i think i know sape yg nak blanje ko wallet nih. the "P.S" ker? ;p

  7. Legacy Stripe Slim Envelope

    amik la this oneeeeee...


    me lurve kalerfullll...

  8. better with ur instinct ..thats when u'll cherish it the best!!!
    i digg Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet in Violette the most!
    wani info!
    :) :) :) :) :)
    Carven Ong 1st Time Couture Sale:25, 26th Oct - 9th Nov 2008
    at lot10
    got ready wear collections and AW collections
    :) :) :) :) :)

  9. try not to buy coach.. dah common..
    i like the marc jacob's and gucci..

  10. me too.. i like marc jacobs yg color pink tu...

  11. i've cast my vote! but i'm sure u know which one suits u best in the end.. happy buying, babe! :D

  12. gucci wallet #4. and mbmj. ;)

  13. i totally agree with ur sister's choice!!
    u should go for the more funky colours..cute n chic!!

  14. hye babe. been ur silent reader before this. anyway, just wanna give some advice. i think better jgn choose yg color white or yg sewaktu dgn nyer sbb nnti kotor, susah. my purse is from braun buffel, in peach. so once a mnth kene lap sbb hitam, daki kn tgn kite. and worst thing, kene kesan pen, coz letak merata dlm handbag. so better pilih color yg gelap. oh anyway, braun buffel punya range pun cantik2 and simple.

    visit my blog juga yer..


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