Friday, October 10, 2008

Basket Bike.

I think I have a new interest at this moment..

Surprisingly, I like bikes now. hehe..
FYI, I used to really hate sports. Anything that requires me to sweat, I'll try to avoid it as possible as I could! hehee.. ;p
And cycling is considered as sports, isn't it?

But I don't know why these days I fell in love with bicycles! Especially if it has a basket in front of it! It looks so cute you know! I personally think it is just nice to have that little basket over there. Say when I make an impromptu decision, to pick up a pack of mineral water or soda, or maybe I got the junk foods or munchies or I wanna carry a book or magazines or something, and guess what, the front basket is just the right size for my grocery bag full of potato chips and ice-cream! hehe ;p
That cute little basket will always be there for me in my time of need. =)

I want a white bike that has a basket, and a bell too! And a hot pink rims is a bonus too!! hehe ;p
If I ride that bike in and around my campus, then people would start call me, The Girl with a Hot Pink Bike! hehee ;p

The basket helps complete the dream I have of casually riding my bicycle with a baguette and a bouquet in the basket! hehee. ;p
And the bell is essential, don't you think? (for me to brrinngg..brrringgg whoever gets in my way! hehe)

I always imagined I ride the bike with you to Starbucks and get our coffees and later we go to a bank or shop or library or somewhere.. or maybe we just cycling and pedalling around the block..
Wouldn't it be nice?? hehe =)

Look at Hilary Duff and Joel Madden. So cute!

Anyways.. these are some of the cute bikes that I found on the web.. The first one is by Gary Fisher. It's Simple and Modern. I loike! ;)
And the others are more like a classic and vintage.. Me like it too! hehe..

p/s: Ouh, this year is coming to an end.. which means, my birthday's coming up! hehehee ;p

-All pictures are googled



  1. cute...cant imagine miss wany ring the bell around the campus with her cute pinky bike!glamer u!pakai plak high heels..alamak!minah mana tuh!Ble test market nih kan wany!

  2. kat msia mmg tak sesuai naik beskal. if in europe or us ok la. cuaca sejuk, and u wont sweat a lot.

  3. Entry ni cute sangat! Hehe.

    Dari basikal, pics & semuanyalah.

    Eh, sweat la bagus! Kalau jaga makan/amik supplement mcm mn skalipun, if tak sweat, tak guna gak :)

  4. Ke manalah pulak Wany nak bawak basikal nie nanti???

  5. Tadi masa morning walk, jumpa abandoned pink/purple bike. Tiba2 teringat this entry. I took a photo, just posted it in my blog.


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