Friday, October 24, 2008


Last Thursday and Friday, my International Business class went for a visit to MATRADE and KLCC (Petronas) for our class trip. The trip was quite short but fun.
The speech given was an illuminating and enlightening one. Full of info and stuff. We get to learn about the working environment in there and some other stuff..

Hurm.. I can't wait to work..

I like the office environment. (well, at least I think they're a better place to sit and do work as compared to classroom's atmosphere where there's only whiteboard and chairs and tables. Oh, so boring. heh) =P

And of course, earn my own money..hehe

Their Library.

Books from all over the world.

With Mimi, Ha Bi Ba(Vietnamese) and me..


The Skybridge.

View from up there..

Hmm.. speaking of working..
I still can't decide where should I apply for my internship/ practical training..

p/s: Valiram Group macam best jer.. hehehe.. Tapi bank pun macam best jugak.. hurmm..tah la.. Still deciding..



  1. oh thanks! Bought them from paris..heh..

    and u too, have lotsa delicious bags ok!! i am soo jealous! hehee ;)

  2. howhh...
    do enjoy ur study life coz working life sux! big time!
    1st month keje muka bertimbun2 jerawat naik coz of streesssss...

  3. dapat dia bergambar kat skybridge tu!

    go for mnc or tempt yg u leh blajar kerja yg mcm2 ok.. supaya u x boring nnt.. hehe

  4. yeke? boring ek keje? tapi ok la jugak least bile pergi sehari kerja, dah gain brape dah duit tu..hehe.. its like a motivation! hehee.. ;p

    ni gi klass..tak..
    dah laa boring.. pastu ade exam..
    pastu tak dpt duit pon! heheheee ;p

  5. wani...whats the brand name of ur bags in those pichas? looks nice laa..

  6. its celine the one in brown/ beige

    and another one is lancel (purple)


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