Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Jewelry Collection Tour!

Hello hello hello girls! Such a looooooong hiatus! I'm sorry! I've been busy moving/rearranging stuff in my closet and traveling here and there, I didn't have the leisure time to update this blog. I promised once everything has settled, I will start blogging regularly like usual, inshaallah! ^__^

If you follow my instagram, you'd know that this is what's going on for a few weeks now.. 
(...and it's still haven't finished yet! Heee) 

Anyway, lately I've been so focused organizing my stuff to store in my closet which explains the silence on the blog. My husband says I'm obsessed with it because I've been carrying my drawing of the closet everywhere to get inspirations on what to put in each area. LOL :p

So whenever there's a bit of a free time, I would list out what are the things that I have, and what/how/which to put in each space/drawers that I have, so everything is gonna be well-organized and easy to see and look for! Gosh...moving from one place to another is so exhausting, man! And so is being an OCD! haha. But I like it! So it's fine with me! ;)

Remember this mirror? hehe. Now this mirror has a new place! ^__^
Last time, I always take my #OOTD / #WIWT / Outfit Of The Day / What I Wear Today pics in front of this mirror every morning! I kinda miss doing it though! Will probably start doing that again when everything is settled. 

Anyways... As requested by my followers on Instagram/Blog, here is my jewelry collection tour! Please note that this video is for the people who shared the same interests as mine. If you don't like it, it's fine, I know everyone has different interests. This is my interests and I have collected them for years and years already, and I don't throw away my stuff, thus explains why they're kinda a lot.. hehe.


By the way if you're wondering, the black suede inserts in the drawers are custom made. While the black tray and bangle holders, I bought them on eBay! - I love eBay! They have amazing stuff!!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment/email me. I will try my best to answer your questions! Thanks for watching girls!

Till my next update!



  1. may i ask where did you buy the perfume island?

  2. wallah..tak puas lagi wani... nak tgk bhgn baju2 & kasut2 plak.. dh tgk kat ig sketch tu..hebatt

  3. dear.. seriously amazing.. i rasa dah kalah kedai jual aksesori tau.. really impressed, tp i dgr video u dalam "mute" sbb kat ofc... like it so muchhh

  4. This is a serious OCD I can tell,haha!..but everything in the video are insanely beautiful omg! You have a great sense of fashion especially with the jeweleries. Keep inspiring people deary:)

  5. I don't usually comment on random people's blog (cause I'm a self-proclaimed Diva) but when I do....HOLY SHIZNIT I LOVE YOUR CLOSET.

  6. Hi sis shazzy..i am you silent reader..wonder if you can show me how you store your shawl..i have soo many yet dont know how to keep them tidy...and also how you keep your jeans/trousers/pants...thanks:)and i am a student so i not have a bigger closet.probably you can give some tips

  7. bumped on you at ayna's wedding.
    nak tegur tp u tengah makan.

    both of you are really sweet couple

    visit & follow me back

  8. adore ur wardrobe.. suka gila.. nk tengok ur hb collections plsss

  9. Hi wani...really love the way u keep ur stuff. Everything is so neatly put and is just wow looking. But there's just this 1 thing that bothers me...see if i were to steal something...i know exactly which drawer to open..get what i mean? Dont get me wrong...i love ur vid n ur blog i know ur intention is just to share the happiness with ur readers but theres also some safety steps u have to consider. There r soooo many weirdo out there. Just b careful

  10. untunglah...i x byk statement jewellery...boleh x u bgi tahu mcmana nk jg this jewellery sbb u kata u dah beli since 7 years ago...sbb selalunya statement jewellery ni xtahan...i tpaksa buang yg lama2...act x lama sgt...dlm 2-3 years ago sbb colour dorang degraded/jd kuning/jdk silver tarnish/rusty...sbelum ni i simpan dlm 1 kotak besar...semua bcampur...but after tgk u punye vid...smalam jugak i tempah tmpat letak jewellery asing2...bru nk start collect blk sbb yg lain2 kne buang...i beli mcm u lah...diva/forever21/bonita semua xtahan...i teringin nk beli designer punya statement jewellery...mcm kate spade/pandora...agk2 bbaloi tak???sbb i takut dorang pon jenis x brp tahan...

  11. Hi wanie,

    I don't usually leave a comment, but yea, when I watched this, I have to agree with a comment above about stealing or robbing. They can easily aim on which one they need. I love to see how organize and neat your closet is, its wonderful, but just try to be careful because different people come different intentions, and we never know ;)


  12. @ANONYMOUS: I bought it at a furniture shop near sg. besi highway. but they told me that it was the last one that they have..

    @IRMA PUTRI: hehehe.. Sure, maybe when I'm free, i'll try to do a video on that pulak..

    @MIKAMUSZ: hehhee.. thanks for viewing! ^__^

    @SHEMA AULIA: awwww thanks darling! You're such a sweetie!

    @ALIA: hahahahahah!!!

    @FAZIRA AZIZ: oh really? kalau tak boleh kita ambik gamba sama2 kan?! takpe, maybe next time :)

    @CHERRYGRIN SHA: hehe.. thanksss! maybe later yeah...

    @AHLAM: yeah I know. don't worry! all the expensive jewelries are safely stored in the safe box! Thanks for the reminder btw! ;)

    @ANONYMOUS: I use a clear spray paint to protect them from rust!! You should try it!!

    @NAYZAHARYFAZ: yup2... thanks for the reminder darling! Already put the expensive ones in the safebox! hehe ;)

  13. This is very nice. Well done

  14. Very nice wardrobe..can u show how u store ur handbag collection?tq dearie

  15. amazed!!..I have a few accessories and everything is tangled in my cupboard OMG.

    And I love your narration Wani. You sound so humble and matured.. love it


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