Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 2013

December 2013 is THE month for me! I've been waiting for so long for December to come! I had a lot of fun these past few weeks! I had my ups and downs, happy tears, sad tears, joyful moments, funny moments, etc. And now that December will soon end, I feel so sad..cuz it means I'm no longer a bride....but a wife with lotsa responsibilities! (Although I do have another reception next month, after we got back from our honeymoon! LOL)

Starting with 1st December 2013, and ending in January 2014, inshaallah!

Sorry guys for not updating! I'm toooooo busy running here and there, settling a lot of stuff and enjoying life as a wife! hehehe. Will update all stories pretty soon yeah! Tak cukup masa and tenaga to online these days! huhu. For now, let's enjoy some of the pics I got throughout these past few weeks!

1) Bridal Shower Tea Party

2) Bachelorette Spa Party

3) Hens Night

4) Upacara Mandi Bunga

5) Majlis Khatam Quran

6) Henna Night

7) Majlis Akad Nikah

Our first solat as husband and wife. I'm so happy to finally find my Imam :')

8) Reception 1

Phewwww.... Another two receptions and a honeymoon to go. Then I can finally close my wedding book! And start my journey as Hazim's wife! haha. 

Puan Shazwani.


  1. That last pic is absalutely stunning. You have every right to celebrate it the way that u want. U look very2 happy. Congrats Puan Wani.

  2. Congrats dear.. enjoy your life as wifey..
    nnt baby sure comelll...

  3. Hi Puan Shazwani(kena panggil Puan dah ye hehe), i am your loyal silent reader. Never miss a day to check your blog, even sometime more than 1 time, just in case you do update twice haha. You look super gorgeous in your wedding dress on your wedding day. I wish you all the happiness & luck on your new chapter of your life. I am very sure you will do great, insyaAllah. Happy wedding day darling!

  4. wani.... congrats on your wedding.

  5. super cantik u sis.. tahniah...

  6. Congrats Wani.
    Semoga bahagia sampai ke syurga. Amin.

    Semua gambar cantik & happy semua.

  7. Have a blessed wedding wani!

  8. Salam, Wani. Congratulations! Everything's so beautiful. God bless.

  9. alhamdulillah.. tahniah wani...
    cantiknye sangat... ^^

  10. tahniah wani...moga kekal hingga akhir hayat..sungguh cantik dan sepadan both of u!!

  11. Congrats!Both of you looks so sweet :))

  12. Barakallahu lakuma wa baroka 'alaikuma wa jam'a bainakuma fi khair. Bercinta sampai Syurga!

  13. lama tak bc blog u..You look gorgeous sis..congratz!


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