Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Of a Kind!

Went through all my photo albums that I have in my room. Babies, kindergartens, high schools, etc etc! Then I realized, how much I've grown! - Well not just age, but weight and size as well. haha ;p 

Hmm....time really flies, huh? I still remember those growing up days when we were fighting with each other for a lot of reasons! Toys, music, food, fashion...haha..just about whatever! Pffft....Kids! Semua pun ada aje issue nya. hahaha... Oh well, I guess that's the joy of having siblings! We fight, argue..and then we make up. ^___^

Anywayssss, now that everyone has grown up...... I feel so damn old...and kinda feel sad about it too T___T 

I think I might have this mid-twenties kind of syndrome lah. (is there such a thing? haha) I don't know what's up with me tonight, but I kinda feel sad that everyone has grown up... and soon I have to leave my family and start a new family, and a new life, and live on my own and etc.... And then I have my own kids and then one day they'll leave me as well to start their own family. And then I get sad like I am right nowww! haha..Okayyyy...I might go too far now..  But really, don't you think that life is too short??! 

We born, we grow up, we live, we die. tskkk.
Life is short, so let's just enjoy every moment of it, and live your life to the fullest! - Break the rules, forgive quickly, love truely, kiss slowly, laugh uncontrollably, do fun things and never regret anything that made you smile! :) 1994
From left, my eldest sister, Iza, me, my little brother, and my second sister, Hanis.

And now... in 2013! 
Semua dah besaaaaaar! 

.....with the new generation, some more! 
The Hamid's cucu! hehe

Man, it's time for me to add some kids to that generation la! I feel so left out! hahaha. ;p



  1. lahh hanis tu your sister you lg iras dgn lg sorang tu..:)

  2. i grew up with only a little brother. it must be a fun journey to have two sisters together! you all look gorgeous! <3

  3. ok, cepat2 tambah new members! hehehe..

  4. hanis is more like an eldest sister, kan wani?


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