Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little update..

I miss my blog so much! Everyday, when I log in, I feel like updating it..but I ended up doing some bohring assignment or studying or some other unnecessary stuff. Hmm.. I want to update my blog on Perth, on my updates about myself, about meatballs session with friends, about my poor little dented rims/tyre, about my ride in an ambulance, and some other things! But I just couldn't find the right time to blog just yet! Ishh. Been really busy with assignments and exams (and daydreaming!)
I need 36 hours in a day, pleaseee! So I can balance my studies, my blogging time, my hibernating time and my lepak time! Heee..

Anyways.. so these are just some of the random pics that I took during my Fourth Day in Perth. Will update on the stories soon! =)

Dah, tu je dulu. nanti lah yer.. Mak busy ni! Nak sambung tido! Bubbyeee!



  1. a lesson ive learned from my last visit to oz was never ever feed the seagulls! they will patuk and swarm u like they are going to tear u apart!!!! scaarryy!!! LOL :P

  2. Tak takut ke kat angsa tu? Dia patuk tak?

  3. adeh.. patut pesan kanggaru la... mcm style je tgk gamba kanggaru.. haha

  4. wani...

    Ari tu janji nak wat entry on how you pakai tudung you...i seriously wants to know...pllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee!!!

    wanie (nama kita sama kan? hihihi...)

  5. Salam wani, kak have emailed you and Iza my baby shower invitation. Do check and hope you can make it ;-)

  6. cepat la hapdett!!! tak sabar nak bacaaa!

  7. A shoe lover spotted! Visit
    Spread the love. :D

    Your shoes is awesome by the way. ;)


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