Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Fourth Day in Perth.

It's funny you know... I went to Perth in December 2009. And after came back from there for about 2 months plus noww, I only managed to update you guys on Perth up until Day 3 only? Hahaha. That just shows how busy I was (and still am) for this semester! Oh...and I have another ermm...maybe 4 or 5 days more stories on Perth to tell you! I dunno when am I gonna reach till the end of the story! Hee!

Anyways. Let's cut the crap. So here goes my story on Day 4 in Perth!

(Warning! This entry might be the most longest post I've ever done. It contains a lot of photos! I repeat, it's full with pictures! So be prepared to be bored! Heee..) =P

Okayy let's proceed..

On our fourth day in Perth, while daddy went out with his friends to play golf for the whole day, we (my mom, my brother and I) went to six places on that day! (That explains the longest post everr! hehe). First we went to the Hyde Park (No..not the one in London! Heee. This one is in Bulwer Street, West Perth).

A little info about this Hyde Park..

Walking in this park was nice..

This huge tree reminds me of the Hometree in the Avatar movie that is said to be the closest connection to Eywa on all of the Pandora! Mmm...okayyy I'm talking rubbish here. Heeee. Sorry, I love that movie! =)

(You know what...I always imagine that we humans/'khalifah' somehow has some kind of 'connection' with all the things on this earth. Well..hard to explain what I meant. And malu pun ada actually nak cakap. Mesti orang cakap saya pelik! haha. Nevermind. Just ignore me.. But it's something like in the movie Avatar. I was magnetized to the screen the whole time! I felt like what I imagined before this jadi reality! - Or at least in a movie! haha. Oh the movie is just beautiful!

Okay Wany. Enough. huhu

Nature is beautiful! I always have this one feeling whenever I look at God's creatures - flora or fauna, I have this one weird feeling..macam insaf or something. Dunno how to explain. It's just..I feel like...Wow..God is real. And He is almighty. =)

Our traveling shoes! Look who got the highest of a heel? =P

I love all the trees in here.. Nature is beautiful!!

Time to go now.. Enough of our morning walk..

Next, we went to the Swan River. It's the longest and biggest river I've ever seen! Macam laut pun ada.. huhu. Just so you know, Perth is set on Swan River. So..imagine lah, memang panjang Swan River ni. It was named after the native black swans. And we went to this one area where there were a lot of black swans to be found! (And the menyibuk seagulls as well!)

Feeding the kids..

So many swans! I was excited! =)

Aizat was feeding them. With breads..

And of course yours truly won't miss out on the opportunity to get closer with them too!

I was trying to feed them with tender, loving, care but they were too ganas and lapar I guess! Kesian! =(
But one of them patuk me!! Ouchh.. Too damn hungry I guess! Nevermind Miss Swan. I forgive youu..

Yeahh! Dapat pegang!!

Next, we went to a place called Caversham Wildlife Park. Here, we learned about Australia's native animals. Well.. a big part of Australia’s appeal is its unusual wildlife. I think we are all aware about the adorable kangaroos and the koalas are the two most common animals in Australia..but actually, there's more unusual creatures that needs to be seen with your own eyes! There are Quokkas, Wombats, Kookaburras, Tasmanian Devils, and lots lots lots moree! That's why if you’re planning to visit Perth, then spending a few hours at the Caversham Wildlife Park is a must! (Well that is, if you're a nature lover! Like me!)

Just arrived..

So this is the map. They divided or placed the wildlife based on where these creatures are to be found in Australia - South East, North East, South West, and North Australia.

It took us about two hours to complete the whole map! And yes I admit, wearing heels on this day wasn't a good idea. This place is hugeee! And probably also bcuz the weather on this fourth day was the most hottest day of all the days while we were in Perth! Seriously, panas gila! Macam KL kot. Saya memang lencun lenjan lah masa hari tu..tskk.. I hate sweat. And heat!! =(

Okayy..now we're entering the North-East of Australia.. let's see what are the fauna to be found here!

This creature is called Bennetts Wallabys. These are very common in eastern Australia, Tasmania and most islands. It looks a lil' bit like a combination of a kangaroo and a squirrel, ey? hehe

It was freaking hot!!! Seriously.. (Silap hari bulan lah, pergi sini on Day 4. Sebab hari lain, though ada matahari, tapi ada angin sejukkk! Oh well..nvm. Dah balik dah pun! haha)

Comel kan burung ni? Mata dia besarr!! It's a type of an owl. But I forgot what it's called.

Jalan-jalan..di tengah hari yang terikkk!

Okay next we went to the kangaroo enclosure area. This place is awesome! We can walk through the hugee area which are inhabited by numerous kangaroos! Most of them were just being lazy and lying around relaxing in the warm sun. And we spent quite some time around here.. Playing around with the kangaroos, feed them..and take photos with them.. It was fun!!

Awwwww...look at that! Isn't they adorable?

She's resting..

They have very soft hair! Feels like carpet! hehe

Oh thisss! This cute little girl was so cute, talking to the kangaroo..and I can't help myself from not taking her pictures..bcuz she was just too cute! Dia nak main main dengan kangaroo tu.. And it's like she was in her own world! Comel je! I like watching toddlers' activities. It's cute! =)

Hey do you know what this is? I found these everywhere on the grass.. What is this ey?

And this is the kangaroo's R&R centre!

Feeding them. Diorang manja, I tell you!! =)

The feeding pellets. It's free. So we can just take a handful of these and feed them as much as you like and urge them to eat from your hand!

They are all tame and very friendly! (Which makes me love them even moree!)

I like how their tongue/teeth touched my palm. It tickled me, with their tongue licking my palm! hehe =)

If only I can kidnap one of these and make her as my pet! hehe

Mommy was afraid or rather not very confident to touch the kangaroo..

..so I taught her how to pat them...

This is my fave kangaroo. Sangat sangat manjaaa!!!

Yang ni rilekk je. Sambil makan, sambil berak. haha

After spending some time here in the kangaroo area, we headed off to some other areas pulak..

Ohh..and I saw a peacock in the tree while I was on my way out from that kangaroo enclosure! Verry beautiful!

Next, we're going to the South West Australian area..

This is Quokka area.. But we couldn't find any quokka when we were here.. Probably they were in the tree..

Mom loves pokok so much.. I caught her belek belek the trees/leaves for so many times while we were in there! hehee

See...I told ya! =)

Next we're going to the Molly's Farm..

And this is the nursery for the animals..

Meet Mr. Tommy the Donkey!

I made a weird sound to him..

..and the donkey got angry or something.. He made a sound too. He brayed annoyingly.

..and euwwww! Seriously mulut dia busuk gilaaa!! Hahaha. I didn't expect that a donkey's mouth can be that smelly! Seriously, I can still smell it even though I was about 1 meter away! Sumpah busuk gilaa!! I swear, I almost fainted the moment Tommy opened his mouth! haha. And I can see banyak gila taik gigi kat semua celah gigi dia! hahaha (Duh.. Of course lah kan..There's no Oral B in a donkey's dictionary! LOL) ;p

Meet Mr. Shrek, the Donkey and Princess Fiona! heheh ;p

This is Mr. Kambing.

And this is what I called... Babi Tonyokk! haha ;p
Well..his name is Pepper. What a cute name, ey?


Lembu, Kambing, Ayam, Rusa, semua ada kat sini.. Boleh buat gulai ni..haha

Yang ni comel! I like her skin! (Can you be my bag? You'd make a great LV Suhali! haha. Omg..I sound so cruel! Kata pencinta alam? haha ;p)

Oh..the brother and the sister.. We both are so vain! Hee ;P

This thing make a really annoying sound!

They sleep up to 20 hours in a day!! Omg.. Dalam sehari dia ada 4 jam je nak makan and nak kawen.. Cukup ke? huhuh ;p

Atas lantai pon jadi la.. Janji tidur..

And this is Tasmanian Devil. They have a very powerful jaws! (They look like a huge rats to me!)

Well..I won't show you all the animals that I saw there.. I know, you'd feel bored! Hehe.. So today I will only show you those wildlife that I've mentioned above, kay. Yang lain lain biar saya seorang sahaja yang tatap. heh. Itu saja pelajaran tentang binatang untuk hari ini. haha ;p

...anddd exit!

Mommy as usual..would stop at their Souvenir Shop.

Kesian kan kangaroo ni? Tskkk.. Ada ke dia buat carpet? =(

Next..we went for our lunch. Uncle Abbas stopped somewhere nearby, to have our lunch..

We went to a fine restaurant called Oscars something something..

So these two..were our starters

Aunt Maria's: Shrimp Pasta

Uncle Abbas's: Shrimp something something..

Aizat's Seafood Spaghetti

Mommy's: Fish something..with butter sauce

And mine! Seafood Platter with butter sauce!! Creamy I tell you!

Next..after we've done with our food, uncle Abbas took us to an orange farm. It's really unique! It's a great place for you to go and have a visit. Something different. Well..at least for me!
I remembered..the last time I went to this kinda place was when I was just about 1 year old! It was wayyyyy back then in the UK. We plucked strawberries, apples, oranges, etc etc! Mom said it was fun! =)


So we went to this Golden Grove Orchard. Such a nice place for a family trip!

You can pick and pluck your own choice of those citrus on the trees as many as you want! But of course, you have to pay for it lah! They have lime, lemon, grapefruits, various kinds of oranges like mandarins, satsuma, citrus, etc! =)

Jams, Sauces, Marmalade, etc etc are ready for sale!

There's always a free sample of fruits or freshly squeezed juice available for tasting in here!! How awesome, ey?

Mom bought two of this. It's THEE most pure delicious orange juice I've ever tasted in my life!

They let us try for about a couple of glasses. Oh and that is lemon juice. They mix it with mandarins. I never knew lemon can taste that goooood!! =)

This fruit is called figs. Manis!

So this is the machine that they use to squeeze, crush and smash the oranges to get their juice!


There is absolutely no admission fee to the orchard! How awesome! However, if you want to pluck their citrus, you have to let them know and pay, of course!

We were messing around in the play ground..

Lemon Trees!

We got our own orange! =)

After we have spent quite some time in that area, Uncle Abbas went up the hills with his 4x4 Lexus, to go see the whole area from up there..

Such a nice view. This place is hugeeee!

Oh look! There's also a tea shop! And they serve scones too (My favourite!)

At about 5 pm, we went back to our apartment. And after we had done with our prayers and all, Aizat and I went out again.. We went out and about to the city centre..

Aizat wanted to walk to the city centre instead of taking cab or bus. Dia cakap baru adventurous sikit. hehe.. But because we walked practically the whole day, so by the time the clock hits 5.30 pm, my feet felt like they were about to break and burn.. So I changed my shoe to a ballerina flats! (I'm not a super woman anymoreee!)

He was looking at the map. "Hmm...let's go to Kings St, Hay St, Murray St..etc.. They have lotsa shops around there"

Strolling around the city..

Oh heyy..while I was walking up and down the city areas, I saw this bride who came out of a Chrysler Limo! Wowwiee. Awesome. Must be filthy rich!
(We saw a lot of weddings on that day! About 5 I think.. Semua hebat hebat belaka! Ohh..best nyaa kawin!)

Ok Wani. Focus. ;p

And then we saw an entrance to the mall area..but it was at the other side of the road..

..crossed the street, and went in!

...but apparently ALL shops are closed on Sunday!! Sigh. Buat penat je jalan jalan..huhu..

Macam style zaman dulu kedai kedai dia..

This is an antique shop..

On a normal working days, this area would be jam packed with people passing by! But on that day..there were only a few people who walked in this area.. I guess they were tourists like us too, kot..

So since there isn't much things to do.. Random snapping session it was!

Oh look! What a cute chair!

Christmas is in the air..

This school is looking very cool

And then balikkk! Mama dah masak for dinner!

Okayy that's all y'all! =)



  1. waniiii :) what a long entry, but hey Perth macam banyak tempat cantik je :) the weather pun mcm best je nak jalan2 :)

  2. wani, u seriously can walk around the park in that stilettos?? seriously? tak sakit kaki ke?

  3. sekali tengok, macam korang 3 orang kawan2 gi holiday sama2. mama looks so young!

  4. haha lawak gler yg part donkey tuh!! :D

  5. best nyaaa! walaupon panjang...tp best sgt! cerita la lagi wani! akak suka tgk wani ni lah.. comel!

  6. you look young and more respectable in those flatties, nice pictures

  7. wani what's the name of the place that has so many kangaroos tu? Is it Caversham park?


  8. aida: hehe. itulah. i think this is the longest entry i've ever done.. =P
    anyway...honestly, i dun really find perth as somewhere yg best nak jln2 holiday.. it's tooooo relax. mcm laid back sgt camtu.. i dunno la.. plus, tak byk benda boleh buat..mcm asik2 tgk binatang.. Nothing much. seriously. Europe mmg way wayyyy lagi interesting! =P

    swit@kon: heh. ummm..kalau pakai flats pon kan kalau jln lama sgt pon sakit lenguh kan.. so..sama je. heh

    along: kan! aku bila tgk balik pon rasa cam..heee mama nmpk sgt moda! mcm budak2..huhu

    anonymous1: heh. seriously mulut bapak busukk!!!

    anonymous2: awwww..thanks! terharu nye. heh. nanti wani cerita lg k! =)

    anonymous3: oh really? thanks. hehe.. eh wait a minute..what do u mean 'more respectable'? heheh..

    anonymous4/zana: yes dear...i've mentioned it in the post =)

  9. nice heels! i love it!

    i like u better in ur normal scarf...

    u look like siti wif that half-scarf image.. n u know the feedbacks ppl gave on her rite.. :)

  10. pergh..entry terpanjang dlm blogspot kut ni..xpenah tgk koala tegolek atas lantai lg,biasa melekat je kt pokok..haha

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