Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sorry for being MIA for a whole week and not updating anything on my blog!
I've been busy (and still is). Anyways, here's some updates on me while I've been away..

1) My room is a mess (And so does my life)
2) I am almost done with my sales for the ones who has paid me (There are only 4 left for me to deliver within this week)
3) My sales for the 'leftover' are coming real soon. So stay tuned people.
4) I just discover that I love to eat onions
5) (And I sweat a lot lately.) Eeuww =(
6) Feeling jaded all the time.
7) I've got MCs! huhu.
8) And the doctor suggested me to go to SJMC for medical check up!
9) Dunno why lately I always feel like I'm so damn fat and ugly. Pms maybe..I dunno.
10) And as a result, I always find myself shopping to curb or maybe cure the feelings. Like a lot, until it scares me. Seriously I am really really scared when I listed down what I bought recently. I am insane! isk. =(
11) And the weird thing about me being pms is that I like to do some sort of charitable activity lately. Like giving extra money to the mamak stall that I visited.. Joined the Unicef foundation. Bought the M.A.C lipsticks (bcuz I was told that the money will be given to the Malaysian AIDS Council), giving some random makcik2/ nenek2 a lift home... bought some things just to please the sales girl cuz I know she'd get some commission if I purchase it (haha), bought some food for the guard at my house, give clothes to some friends.. and some other things..
I dunno why, all of a sudden I like to help people. haha.. Not that I don't help people all these while..just that for the past 2 weeks..my heart breaks easily when I see needy people..isk.
12) Oh..and I am broke all the time too. I need more money please. (For me to shop and give sadakah! hehee) =P
13) So that's why I accepted the advertorial proposal.
14) But now, I don't have idea how to do it. (Why on earth did I accept it again?? haih. Oh ya..cuz I need monay!)
15) But the thing is, I cannot submit the advertorial because I cannot access Nuffnang's webpage and my internet is killing me! Can somebody please help me!! I'm running out of time! =(
16) I am now in Accounting/Finance department.
17) No offense, but I don't like accounting people. Especially the nerdy ones. They are soo.. erm..... nerd?
18) I got an iPhone. Thank you baby. (Even though something wrong with it and I cannot switch it on). huhu
19) I need more sleep.
20) I missed my friends.
21) I want my life back. By saying my life, I mean: Sleep for 8 or 9 hours per day, Sleep at 3 or 4 am everyday, wake up very late, blogging, not doing anything that is productive in a day, watching tv, hanging out with my friends, gossipping and being mak kepoh with Naz, gelak2 with Girl and also bully her (hehe), talking and talking and and arguing with you, sleep, sleep and selipppppp. Oh god.. I really really need my sleep!!!

Okay.. I'm done updating. Gotta chiow now..work is waiting for me! Bubbye!



  1. hehehe taking care babe. pms ni memang lah!!!

    just so u know - i havent receive your package. i hope tak hilang. huhu

  2. fewwit, cik gojes.

    murah rezeki awak banyak mensedekahkan.bagus. bagus! :)

  3. wany, let me know what do you have on sale? e-mail me at suziana610@gmail.com. thanks.

  4. Tu la..Kita orang rindu kat u and your blog!

    Btw, satgi i sms u pasal barang i ok?

    U take care.

  5. wani don't forget to let me know when those stuff goes on sale k?

    thank you!!


  6. aku pon windu nk gosip2 ngn ko...aku ade satu tan gosip utk ko k...huhu..n btw, sronok gler dpt jmpe ko smlm
    wpun kejap..sempat gak kite bwat lawak bangang k..smpai aku saket2 pewut kot...tp xpe, bebaloi gler k!! huhu...

  7. and so the 3 of us are using iphone ;p

  8. r u going to this coming fragrance sale?

  9. Eh, a'ah la. Lepas baca komen Iza baru perasan korang adik-beradik pakai iPhone. So what happened to ur Blackberry?

  10. wany ..where are your best fwens arrr??menyepi ajer....rindu nak baca crita2 pasal aktiviti u n ur fwens....dah xde gurldix time ke??

  11. wany laling,

    i've already received my stuff. tq ;)


  12. onion makes u sweat a lot

  13. wanie....

    nanti kalau ada sales inform me too..



  14. Hi there Wani,
    love your blog!
    please 100X update me on your next sale ya! I'd love to do some transactions with ya, *wink*!


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