Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Much To Think. Too Many Things. So Little Time. So Little Energy!

Updating blog + Reading emails which is about more than a hundred per day + Replying emails one by one + Doing work in the office + Doing my report of my internship program, for the Valiram Group + Doing my report of my internship program for my University + Doing advertorials in between + Working in the morning, Doing sales at night, Delivering on the weekend is
toooooooooo much of a person can take!!!!

Gawddd....I need a break.


(Tapi somehow buat semua benda ini sangat enjoyable altho penat nak mati! huhu)

Jom pegi bercuti bah? heh



  1. Oh gosh.
    Jumpe pun u kat sini!
    OMG a friend of mine link u from her blog!
    What a small world!


  2. Go and pampers yourself babe..


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