Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funny as hell!

While I was doing my work.. you know, sorting out the orders..and stuff..
I found these videos..

This guy's named is Maz Jobrani. He's an Iranian but living in America. He is damn funny! I like him! hehe

Enjoy it!

And watch this one as well!!



  1. Cuba you tengok George Bush punya you tube plak. Yeah, THAT George Bush, ex-American President. Dia tu lagi pak lawak.Buat lawak bodoh in front many people live woh! Tak dak charisma as President langsung!

  2. wani, check your email as i just reply ur mail this morning. sorry for late reply, dear :)

  3. my fave stand-up comedian is Russell Peters. dia suka buat lawak racist - ajuk cara chinese, indian, etc cakap english. huhu. kelaka giler nak mati!


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