Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog! =)
It seems like everybody has at least one blog nowadays. And I feel so much outdated.. I don’t even have a Myspace and what more, a blog? haha.. so now… I think I’m gonna start blogging. But I don’t think I’ll update my blog as frequent as other bloggers out there, as I don’t really have time for that because I’m still studying.. And always busy with assignments and homework and exams and quizzes and whatnot.

Hmm.. What do you guys ever write for the very first entry in your new blog? I am really not sure about this.. hmm..
Well… This blog is a beginning point for me to let people know what this girl is about, things she fancies, and what she’s longing to become….
This blog is mainly about some aspects of my life and being; parts of the excitement, mystery, maybe some of the dreadfulness of life, the ups and downs of my daily life, the people I hang out with, the places I visit, the food I eat, my passion for fashion & beauty and… whatever things that I feel like writing…

Well, this blog isn’t really my attempt to expose myself to the whole world and bitch around. It’s just to share some of my thoughts, my experienced and some of what I’ve learned. Heh.

Okay now, happy reading people! Hehehe… ;)


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  1. Complete dah The Copycat Sisters.Hehe.

    Bet your blog pun must be interesting like your sisters' blog :)


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