Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Again? hehe.

Hari ini saya telah mengirai duit lagi! hehe.. =p
Well.. i got bored sitting in my room for hours, looking at my thickkk textbook and skimming thru it.. then have to read it sum more.. haiyoo..
Plus, i still have plenty of my bonus.. hehe..
so the temptation to go out itu sangat tinggi! hehee ;p
jadi...ape lagi..Pavillion mari. huhu.

Saya telah mengirai ke atas bahan-bahan berikut: Two pairs of Guess shoes, La Senza super soft robe, undies and 3 silk nighties, Make up Forever mascara, In Wear belt, L’occitane Ruban d’Orange shower gel & a fragrance, a few Stila stuffs(pressies for someone), Biotherm skin care set for homme, 2 Starbucks tumblers and mugs (free! I got it from paksu.Jumpa dia jap. Thanks uncle! He said he wanted to give me lots more! Yeay! hehe), 2 Warehouse tops, and a few Clarins stuffs.

Heee. =D

Okayyy.. Now, i really should start watch my spending. If i don't mend my free-spending ways, i'll definately go bankrupt in future.

Tetapi sekarang saya sudah kembali tenang.. =)
So I should be studying now, another 3 chapters to go!


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