Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Which one?

I'm thinking of buying a new day bag for classes.. I want to stick to only one bag for all my classes. I'm tired of changing my handbags according to my outfit for the day because sometimes I forgot to bring this or that thing. So let's just be loyal and stick to one bag. hehe.

I want a big bag so that I can put all my stuffs like calculators, pencil case, a medium sized notebook, my purse, handphones, ipod, camera, wet & dry tissues, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, eye drops, etc.. well you get the picture. I got loads of stuffs to put in my handbag! So i really need a BIG one! But i dunno which ones to buy.. I want all of them!! hehe.. they're so yummy!!

Basically the bag must have these criterias:
-big enough to put all my junks. heh
-suitable for day bag and for classes
-must be in black or grey or brown or cream or white or skin color
-must be a shoulder bag or a tote not a structured bag
-leather skin

I think that's all kot..
So which one of these, do you think is the most gorgeous and practical bag?

Coach Carly in metallic

Cooper by Anya Hindmarch in grey

DKNY Distressed leather hobo in black

Marc by Marc Jacobs DR. Q Hillier in cream

Jourdan by Anya Hindmarch in grey

Agyness by Mulberry in black

Postman's Lock Soho by Mulberry in white

Leigh by Mulberry in brown

This is a tough decision to make! Nak semua!! isk.


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