Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Buka Puasa at 9Kedondong

Remember last time we did Ayden's Aqiqah at 9Kedondong, Ampang? Well..apparently they don't just cater for weddings and events only..they also have a buffet feast for this Ramadhan!! At only RM 55 nett, you can eat everything that they have to offer!

So last Thursday we went there to check out their Ramadhan Buffet..we were there a wee bit late because of the traffic jam! Huuuu. You know how KL traffic can be kan... What else is new? Lol. I think we arrived around 7.40 pm kot? Not that late, but we had to break our fast in the car first. haha. A little tip, always have dates and water in the car during this month! xD

Anyway, this place is in Ampang Hilir...at Jalan Kedondong. It's a big white bungalow house, number 9. Hence their name; 9Kedondong. So this place being in the heart of KL city, I think it's just perfect for people who work in the KL area and don't know where else to break fast during the weekdays! Murah, sedap, dekat! Wah...dah macam tagline iklan apa je ni...hehe. But they're open during weekends too!

For me, for the price of RM 55 nett (adult) and RM 28 (Child: 7-12 years old), their variety of food is pretty awesome! Look!

Siput Masak Lemak + Keladi

Ikan Asam Pedas

Sambal Telur Puyuh!

Ikan Kembung Bercili

Daging Masak Lemak Minang

Ayam Opor

Sup Sayur, Sayur Kobis Goreng Puteri.. 
and other ulam-ulam kampung and kerabu

They have 9 stalls all together!

They have the Live Cook Stall where they serve Mee Goreng Mamak and Kuey Teow Goreng. They have the Desserts Stall, Rojak Stall, Drinks Stall, and Cucur Stall. - Their Goreng Pisang and Cucur Udang is the besssssstttt! Me likey! They also have the Sup Stall as well, where you can get Soto, Sup Daging, Mee Sup and Bihun Sup there.


Oh, and Nasi Kerabu Stall too! 

And for the lamb lovers, don't forget to singgah the Kambing Golek Stall!

Dah macam kenduri kahwin...Ramainya manusia! hehee

Surau is provided too! But for the ladies, I suggest you to bring your own praying attire/telekung because they only have a few. So it's better to bring your own

Oh and exclusive for my readers, if you buy for 10 pax, you get 1 pax free! For bookings, kindly contact Mr. Haziq at 017 225 0705 / 016 886 8311

Selamat berpuasa and berbuka guys! hehe ;)

- pictures credit to Razzwey



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