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Ayden Iskandar's Aqiqah Ceremony

Wowwww...... Hello! Do you miss me? haha. It's been months I haven't really update any story here in my blog. The blog is so dusty now!! Heeee. So many things has happened in my life for the past months...I really really just couldn't find time to really sit down and spend some time to blog. - Heck, I didn't even open my MacBook for months!! That's how busy my life was! Cuz I had a baby in May.. then I was in my confinement period until June. Then we moved to a new place that's closer to my husband's workplace, within that same month..and then with cleaning and arranging stuff and shopping for some new things for the home some more, and yadda yadda yaddaaa.... Then August my brother got married and I was in charged of it some moree. Then I got sick real bad la --- Ugh.. Just sooooo many things to take care of for the past months, on top of being a new mother! :( So yeah, I'm so sorry I couldn't update you guys here.. Life has been so crazy and so occupied with things. tskk. But now things are a little bit settled.. Hence this post! It's gonna be quite a lengthy one though... Maklum lah, dah lama tak menaip...hehe :)

I know my son is 5 months old (plus) already, and so many ladies have asked me why haven't I update my blog on Ayden yet. Oh man, I wish I have 8 hands! Or actually....I wish I have a personal assistant, a driver, a maid and a nanny! hahaha. Right now we have a problem with our current no maid until January! Hence why I've been so busy. >_< So do expect a little slow and delay on the blog posts yeah. I will try to update every 2 to 3 days? In the mean time, you can follow my instagram for updates. haha

So the title says, today's post is on Ayden's Aqiqah. I just got all the photos from my photographer, @shagrasyiid - who's awesome by the way! :)

We have planned his aqiqah for quite some time. But like I said, so many things has happened and it just got delayed and delayed until October! After my confinement, it was already Ramadhan, and then it was Raya then my brother got married...and when we wanted to make it in September, during the weekend of Raya Haji, the marhaban group was not available pulak... Then finally, last couple of weeks, on the 11th of October 2015, we got a date! haha. Kesian Ayden, dah tua dah baru nak Aqiqah! LOL

The majlis was held at 9Kedondong. It's a new place for events in Jalan Kedondong, Ampang Hilir KL. It is actually a bungalow, turns an event place. It has ample of indoor and outdoor space. Perfect for weddings! And you will have the whole venue to yourself for the whole day! Including the rooms as well. The place is impressive, clean, spacious and nice. We are extremely satisfied with this venue and their caterer! The food was delicious with generous portions too. We ordered some lauk kampung on that day. Everyone said the food is delicious! And the staff was friendly, professional and helpful too! Highly recommended. You may contact Mr. Haziq if you're interested to know more on this place (017 225 0705)

This is the bungalow. The white house. 

The indoor area 
(I don't have the rest of the indoor area photos. But it's spacious!)

The outdoor area

It can accommodate up to 300 people at one time. 
The place is so spacious, making the seats looked unfilled that day, with only 150 guests of ours who were invited. huhu. 

They will provide the tents, the tables & chairs and air conditioners & fans, the PA systems for you as you need not worry about all these things! 

The deco for Ayden's pelamin on that day was from my friend, @adiputra_decor. They did an amazing job! I love the pelamin. It's beautiful! It's always easy to deal with these guys because they are professional and always deliver what they have promised. I love them! You can contact Azman or Adi (019 291 6997 / 013 261 4022)

They did the hantaran for my wedding, and now they did a pelamin for my son! Wah...cepatnya masa berlalu. haha ;p

I've always loved a backdrop full with flowers! 

A combination of white and yellow fresh flowers! Oh so wangi! :) 

Ayden's temporary baby cot for the day!

My baby at 5 months! 
He wore an outfit from Trudy & Teddy, a gift from a friend, and a pair of shoes from Baby Dior, a gift from mummy! hehe 

While his parents wore their outfit from their wedding! haha. Except for my scarf and his sampin

I love my little family! :)

Okay guys, enjoy the rest of the photos!

Hello double chin! haha. And hello cheeky baby!

Both of his grandfathers were invited to take part on the ceremony

Dates and Zam Zam water for tahneek


His Atok touched his lips with some pressed dates

Next...his Tok Wan! 

Then they gave him a little bit taste of Zam Zam water 

Ahhhh! My baby is such a good boy! 

I'm not sure what was this part called...

But I love this part of the majlis. Macam nak kawin je. hehe. 

The ustaz wished and prayed for him. Prayed that Allah bless this child, that He guides the parents to be thankful, that the child will turn out to be righteous and that he would have a long life


Berqasidah & Berzanji

I love this marhaban group! They sing so well! Merdu and best! :)

Ayden was so behave throughout the majlis! 

I cannot tahannnn! Geram sangat, tengok budak ni budak baik!

"Let me hold him..", said his Atok

Selawat ke atas Nabi


Poor my baby... He was so tired. He woke up at 7 am that day and haven't took his nap yet. So by 12 pm, he was already tired, so he cried... 
Awww sorry darling.. 

But after a few seconds, he fell asleep instantly! Aww...He must have been so tired and sleepy...

Sleeping so soundly... 
"I don't care what's happening! I just want to sleep!" hehe

Al-Tirmidhi (1522): "The baby is in pledge for his ‘aqeeqah which should be slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, and he should be named and his head shaved"

Raina...make sure your qolqolah is right! hehe 

Hazim said... It's makan time! ^__^

That's Ayden's kambing.. 
They grilled it, and another one they made a sweet dish..

We ordered lauk kampung that day.  

My sister Hanis, sponsored this gelato ice cream! 

It's from Morelli's!
There were four delicious flavor! I love French Vanilla and Pistachio!

Then suddenly, this place looked like a kid's birthday party with all the Morelli's balloons everywhere! hehe

Pretty girls having a serious conversation on which dessert should they try next!

There's another station for a dessert table as well! Too bad I didn't get the chance to taste any of them! 

They were such a hit, everyone attacked this table and everything vanished within minutes!!! hehe

I ordered all these from 5 different bakers! 4 of them are my sister, Iza's friends! Lucky her, she got such awesome bakerinas! 

This french vanilla butter cake is from @dwenujang. Oh my god, not only he made this cake so adorable, but his cakes tasted sooooo good too!

Next, I ordered this cutie cookies from @kakakookies. I didn't get to taste it at all!! Bummer. huhu. Need to order once more!

Then I ordered these yellow & tiffany macarons from @banker2baker..

I only got to taste one piece. And OH MY GOD! The salted caramel tasted soooooo good! For some reasons, I never really liked macarons. But theseeeeee... they're amazing!!! Too bad I only had one piece! I need to order this again! - That is after I'm done berpantang with my food/diet because my baby has quite a bad eczema! I can't take dairy, eggs, gluten foods. tskk   T__T

I also ordered some mini pavlovas too from @banker2baker. And again, I didn't get to taste it! - I was the host, so I guess I shouldn't eat my own desserts pun kan? hahah. But I'm pretty sure they tasted damn nice as well, sebab habis cepat je! huhu

Next, I ordered some cream puffs from @bakedbysyaz. Again, tak dapat rasa! LOL. But I never tried this kakak's desserts yet. I ordered from her because I remembered my sister said she make great cakes and puffs! Mesti sedap and creamy. So ingat nak try, sekali tak dapat rasa punnnn.. Huwaaa. nangis. Harus order lagi sekali! haha (Yes I'm a big time sweet tooth girl if you don't already know! ;p)

I don't think I ordered this cake, but this @bakedbysyaz kakak is so damn nice to bake extra for me this Classic Butter Cake with Vanilla Bean! I'm sure it's very delicious! Tak dapat rasa jugak...mesti sedap kan? hehe. Thanks Kak Syaz! my favourite Red Velvet cupcakes from @bambybakes. The doctor who bakes!  

I also ordered from her the Fruit Tart. I'm sure, mesti sedap..  Everything from her kitchen tastes so awesome! hihi 

....andddd lastly, a homemade Brownie!

I got a chef friend who came that day. She asked me where I ordered this! hehe. She said this doesn't taste from a bakery shop. This taste like a homemade one. She said so delicious! Wowww...what a great taste buds you got there my friend! LOL. Betullah tu, memang specially made with love from home pun....kan doctor kan?? hehe (Nanti I order lagi dengan you ok Kak Fatin.. I tak dapat rasaaaa! Tension. LOL xD )

And these are the rest of the photos... There are just too many nice photos of Ayden, I am really having a hard time to choose and upload them here! Let alone to print them and put in the album! haha

With my two big sisters..

..and one with my best bud

"No mummy no. I don't want to look at the camera. I need my nap!"

With my childhood friends, Aishah and Aisyah

With our friends

My friend from high school, Ety! Fafa is missing though. 

The Hamid's cucu!
But the youngest cucu and the subject of the day was taking his nap! haha

...and one with my son!

I STILL can't believe that I have a son now! LOL.
I'm gonna love you sooooo much darling! 

My little family of 3... I love these two boys! And I can't wait for this family to be 8! hahah

In all communities around the world, the birth of a child is considered a blessing and ceremonies are held to celebrate this event. Besides being a natural expression of joy, it also serves a special purpose, that is, making it known in a suitable and dignified manner, that the father has accepted the child as his own and that there is no doubt or suspicion concerning this matter. It shuts the door to any mischief that could arise in the future.

Actually the best time for offering the aqiqah is seven days after birth, because the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Every child is held in pledge for his aqiqah, which should be slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, and he should be shaved and given his name.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2838; classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. If it is delayed until after the seventh day, there is no sin, and it should be offered when the Muslim is able to do that.

 And Allaah knows best.

Ayden's Mummy.


  1. This is a lovely ceremony. And the photography is so awesome.

    We gave name, shaved and did aqiqah for both our kids on the seventh days but not in a big ceremony. Just did via EZqurban, and the tahnik, shaved and gave name just between us - the parents and kids. Koboi, ahaha.

  2. wonderful desserts, ur son is so comel and such a good baby masyaAllah.

  3. Your dessert with full of surprise element. Tengok gambar pun da nampak sedap.

  4. Ayden always handsome & cute little boy day by day...

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    My name is Norain from ZALORA Malaysia. I would like to offer you to do a collaboration with us. Feel free to drop me an email at

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