Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Cream that Saves My Time!

Babies can take up 100% of your time! I don't know whether they should say "You have a baby" or "The baby has you!" haha. I think it's the latter one because having a baby changes everything in your life! You no longer get the privileged to have your own sweet time to do just about anything that you used to do.

Lesser sleep time, lesser eat time, lesser shower time, and definitely lesser getting ready time for me! Ahhh....I do miss getting uninterrupted sleep and going out to the malls for hours without thinking about where can I pump my milk or nurse my baby in the next hour, or where the diaper changing room is. My mind is constantly thinking about the baby! huhu.

To be honest, the thing I miss the most since becoming a mom would be the getting ready part. If you've been following me, you'd know that I am the type that really spend my time getting ready because I feel like that is part of the fun part about going out! LOL. I used to spend like an hour AT LEAST, just to get ready for the skincare and make up! Goshhhh. I wonder what did I belek and tepek on my face?! -__-

As I grew older, my time for getting ready seems to be shorter and shorter. When I was single it was 60 minutes minimum...then I got married, it went down to 30 minutes. But now, with baby in my life, it went from 30 minutes to 3 minutes max!!! haha. It's not that I don't care about my looks anymore. But I kinda have my ways to cut my time in getting ready shorter. I no longer use a lot of creams and lotions and potions and serums and whatnot. I just use the one that already combined the things I REALLY need! Like the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Pore Minimizing CC Cream SPF 15 for example. I don't really use my serum or essence or spot cream or eye cream or sun block cream and other creams I have in my skincare drawer! haha.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream and Day Cream are all I need as they fight the 7 signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, uneven texture, dryness, dullness and pores. The thing I love the most about the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Pore Minimizing CC Cream would be the coverage it gives. It covers with perfect finish for visible pore reduction, giving you younger-looking skin! Oooh la laaa... ^_^

I use it alone as my foundation. It's lightweight and just the right coverage. This product blends well with my medium skin tone. The color is subtle, so I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup which is a good thing. It is also a good moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen, all at the same time! Exactly what this busy mummy needs! I love it and I highly recommend it.

Olay Total Effects is really great for today's moms (or women in general) who are always stressed out with work or life that it affects your skin. tskkk. But with a regular use of these creams, you really can fight the 7 signs of aging! Olay Total Effects is a daily facial cream that provides 7 anti-aging benefits in 1 bottle. Not only it has vitamins and antioxidants that your skin need, it also has SPF 15, that can help protect against sun exposure, which is the number one cause of premature visible aging.

Anyway, I must highlight that there's a promotion going on for Olay Total Effects products throughout the month of December in all participating Watsons pharmacies. You guys should check them out and go get yourself a bottle of Olay Total Effects cream!



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