Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Mini Baby Shower!

My baby shower was held on a beautiful Sunday evening, on the April 12th.. (Come to think of it, my bridal shower was held on a Sunday as well! - Sunday is a good day for me apparently! heh) I was 38 weeks pregnant that day! Just about time to push! hehe. Remember my friend, Farhana? The one that I attended her awesome baby shower years ago, looking so pregnant? haha. Now, she made a surprise baby shower for me pulakkk! - Awww! Such an awesome buddy she is! I'm definitely buying her another MiuMiu purse! haha.

Anyways...She invited my friends and family to celebrate this special time in my life. She said it was just a mini shower as it was kinda an impromptu one. She planned like a day or two before! huhu... But still, it turned out to be such a lovely evening for me!

Thank you for showering me with love Fanaaaaa! *kiss kiss*

The "theme" of my baby shower was baby blue and white... Since I do not want to reveal the gender yet, so Farhana ordered a white and tiffany blue cake (boy color) with a ballerina baby girl shoes, and ribbons, and lace and pearls on my cake!

Such a cute and delicious cake!

People often asked me what is the purpose of a baby shower? Can't we just do a doa selamat instead? a muslim, of course we could! But...after the baby is born inshaallah. People often say it's not really a good thing to celebrate the birth of their unborn/upcoming child, which is something that is not a sure thing yet.. as things can always go wrong in the labor room. But for me, it all depends on your niyyah and it's always best to be moderate in whatever you do. Plus, it's good to be happy and have a positive thoughts & mind throughout your pregnancy! ^__^  I read somewhere that a positive attitude and mind helps you cope more easily with your pregnancy and labor and especially, the daily affairs of life! With a positive attitude you will see the bright side of life, become optimistic, and expect the best to happen, inshaallah! 

My small baby shower held at a Nail Smith Spa & Bar!

Anyway...traditionally, a baby shower was held to help the mommy-to-be with the things she would need for her baby. Thus, the guests would "shower" the new mom with baby gifts for her.. You know, how expensive baby stuff can be right? Whereas other cultures host a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother! :)

Mom to be with her friends and family. Some has left though. 

Ahhh....I wish Malaysia have a gift registry like in the US! So awesome, you can just tell your friends or family the things that you need and want...and hopefully they'll buy for you! LOL. ;p But I'm lucky enough that my best friend is planning and hosting this baby shower for me! Plus, I already got myself 90% of the things that are on the list! But it's still great to get together with the ladies when I know I will be in my confinement period for a looong time! haha. It's such a fun thing to do for a really pregnant mother to have a nice gathering session like this before the baby arrives....because life with a newborn baby can be really messy and tiring! No sleep, no socializing, no me-time for years! Huuuu...

Anyway, I'm so glad the things I get from my baby shower are all so practical and useful and things that I still didn't have yet!! One of my friends said she really had a hard time thinking what to give me since I already got most of the important things! Blame it on the online shopping! huhu xD

Played a little game.. Main teka hadiah apa. hehe

Had a spa pedicure that day.. Since I'm at the end of my feet is really bloated and tired. So being treated like thissss has realllllly made me so happy! Thank you everyone!!! You made me feel like a princess! lol

Enjoyed a nice lasagna with a cuppa tea while my feet is being massaged!

Ughhh...look at that huge toes. huhu

Then we played a little game...

Oh you know, guessing what the baby ate kind of game. haha

I wonder whose poop is this. lol

This tahi is so cair....It's definitely Coki Coki! haha

While the mommas play our little games inside, the kids had fun playing outside too!

My fave part, opening presents!!! haha

Thank you guys! 

While my in laws gave me some cute baby clothes, and baby crib/mattress... My dad gave me this cool car seat all the way from UK! We don't have this brand in Malaysia yet. The brand is called Simple Parenting.. And the name of the car seat is Doona. It's still quite new in the market. So when he asked me what I wanted for my baby, of course I said this Doona Infant Car Seat with Wheels! hehe.. Thanks dad! When he turned 1, we need to buy a new car seat though...

Later that night, my husband brought me to some baby shops to get me a nice diaper changing table for my baby shower gift! Awwww thank you darling! You're awesomeeeee! 
(Can I still get a "push present"??? haha ;p)

Anyway...I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews on what items to purchase while I was pregnant. Of course not everyone is going to like an item or agree on what the "best" product is.. but based on what people wrote and how many reviews were written on multiple sites I was able to make the best choices for me...for now. But when the baby comes and I'm using the items, things may change, but for now... I'm really really happy with all my things and my purchases! :)

Baby are going to be so loved! Can't wait to see youuuu...

P/s: Sorry the photo quality in this post is so bad. I'm only using an iPhone 5S. And I definitely need a new phone. Perhaps...a push present?? haha ;p


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