Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Silk Scarves For Sale!

My dad went to Turkey for a meeting a few weeks ago..and he bought me some lovely Turkish scarves while he was there knowing that I love scarves so much! They are super comfortable to wear. Very silky and breezy! So recently he went there again and I asked him to bring more of the Turkish scarves since many of my readers/followers love the scarves when I posted them on my Instagram a couple of days ago.

So here's some of the scarves available for you to purchase! Size: 100cm x 100 cm. They're slightly bigger than the typical TieRack scarves (90cm x 90cm). So I prefer to wear this scarf like the Turkish style! It's 100% pure silk. Very soft, comfortable and lightweight. Price RM 120 per piece including postage. They are very limited in quantity! So place your order to my email at: to make a purchase!

Happy shopping!

Code Name: FL 001 

Code Name: FL 002 

Code Name: FL 003

Code Name: FL 004

Code Name: FL 005

Code Name: FL 006

Code Name: FL 007

Code Name: FL 008

Code Name: FL 009

Code Name: FL 010

Code Name: FL 011

Code Name: FL 012

Code Name: FL 013

Code Name: FL 014

Material: 100% Pure Silk
Size: 100 cm x 100 cm
Price: RM 120 including postage

I will upload more designs/patterns soon. My battery died while I was taking these pics and I couldn't find my charger yet! haha. So I'll upload them once I find my charger okay?

Please place your order to my email at: to make a purchase! Thanks! :)



  1. It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this

  2. Wanie dear, bila u want to upload new design? Hehe


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