Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'm sorry for not updating this page. I wasn't that busy. Well...just a little bit. Going out and about for the wedding preps. But other than that, I'm not that busy that I can't update my blog. Just a little tired and I'm just...... not really in the mood to blog most of the time. I don't know why, lately I'm always not in the mood. I'm not sure whether this is because of the side effect of the medicines I took or what la. Sighh... But I heard the drugs I took may cause depression. OMG. I hope this doesn't apply to me. Cause I only took it for a few weeks... Hmm.. Or maybe this is just one of those mid-life crisis moment  or what la..haha ;p

Anyways, I promised you guys I will update on the engagement story after Raya right? So right now I'm selecting the photos..and I will upload them here soon! Please bear with me yeah! hehe :)

As of now, the wedding preparation is 70% done, I think? Just gotta select the dress maker/designers, the make up artist, the henna artist, the door gifts, the invitation cards.. and hurm, what else? Ah, I can't really think right now. But I think I've covered most of it already. Just some little details je lagi..

Oh yeah. Kursus Kahwin tak pergi lagi. haha. Baru teringat! Gotta put this in my list as well. Ok lah, I wanna sleep. So sleepy, I spent all day in the traffic jams. God, I hate KL's traffic :(

Talk soon!



  1. Selamat mbuat persiapan yea! Hehee.

  2. U look pretty as always..congrats love..im so happy for u..u deserve to be happy..i know dat 1 day ure gonna fine ur mr.right n u found him..im glad dear..sorry for not being by ur side throughout ur happy day..miss u..

  3. hai dear, you may contact me kalau nak attend kursus kahwin...my father organize kursus kahwin every weekend dekat masjid negara :)


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