Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hangin' out with Hatta Dolmat

Today, me and my mom went to KLCC with Hatta Dolmat, the designer..
I fetch him at his place then we go for makan..

This was my second time meeting him.. He's such a sweet guy.. Baikkk sangat.. Dah la comel..hehe..
Oh, I love ur hair,btw! =)

While waiting for mama tadi.. I got so bored that I played with my camera..haha ;p

Mommy wanted baju kurungs/baju kurung moden/jubah for her upcoming events,Raya,etc..
So he designed all 6 of them..
and hey, I got one for myself too! Yeay me! hehe ;)

My outfit is gonna be deep red with black details/lace/sequins,etc..
This time, I wanted to try a bright color.. I'm tired of wearing too much pink. So now, I chose red to be my baju raya..
I can't wait to look at the outcome! By looking at all his fantastic drawings, I knew I'd love all his design and style..hehe..
But I still love Rizman Ruzaini's design too..
2-2 best.. Fresh, cool and young.. =)

Anyway, we had our lunch at CPK..

Starter: Avocado Club Egg Rolls.

Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

He's drawing new designs for mama..

Then..later kitorang jalan2 sket..tgk2 baju,handbags, skincare products,etc..
Mama bought a brand spankin' new shoes, while me.. I got a whole new range of skincare products..huhu. Well, not exactly whole products la. They only have four items for this Riz Rice range.. and I left one. Which is their scrub.. I still have my Clarins and St Ives facial scrub. So why buy a new one right? heh..
So I just took the basic ones. You know, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. But they still haven't got a mask yet for this range. Hmm..nvm..

Erk..tukar product lagik! ;p

Anyway, when we were at Lancel.. Oh, I saw one of their handbags that I fell so in love! The name's Easy Flirt.. hehe. What a cute name! =)
I like the orange one..

ouh.. Red's not bad too! ;)

and..urm..what color is this? Pink+brown or what? heh.. It's nice too..

Hmm..I imagine wearing this bag(esp. the orange or red one) with a nice simple white top with jeans, white heels and a scarf that matches the bag and the top..

Oh..Abah, can I have one pleaseeee..? hehehe..

Anyways.. I dream to become a designer one day..hehe ;p
But I suck at drawings! huhu.. and look, I drew this!

Look at the shoes! They're the ugliest! How can I be a shoe designer,then? iskk..

huhu..nevermind.. ok la tu kan.. for a no-basic-at-all-in-drawings. heh. ;p


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Souvenirs from Abroad

I received quite a few stuffs from aboard this month.. Perfumes, tumblers, chocs,etc.. =)

Tommy Hilfiger top, Guess watch, Gucci II EDP and chocs from Canada: Abah.

Wawel milk chocolate from New Zealand: Kak Z.

J. Lo Still EDP and Starbucks tumblers and chocs from Singapore: Paksu



Friday, August 29, 2008

News Updated

I have not been updating my blog for quite some time now.. I guess I'm too busy with my life..hehe..
Plus I was not really in good condition for the past week.. I always had headache and stomach ache at the same time.. And on top of that, I had diarrhea too.. =(
Oh, and my insomnia has returned! Demnn.

and also, I've been occupied with midterms, test 1, assignments,etc..
So that's why I didn't reply any of my emails, or updating my blog, and etc.
Haihh.. Its tiring being a student larh.. Can I quit? and not doing anythinggg at all? heh. =P
I just want to have a good rest. And sleep all day! hehe..

Anyway, I manage to combat my sleepless night and force my eyes to close by sticking up cellotape on my eyes! haha.. =P
Seriously, it works! I don't need my sleeping pills now! hehe.. But of course, I'm still gonna need my silky smooth sleeping mask. =)
..and the other night I also put on my earplugs and my warm socks from my amenity kit.. They're very comfortable. No wonder they call it amenity, which means: "Pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions"

Thank God I could sleep after that! =)

Anyways, since a picture's worth a thousand words.. So I guess I'll just put up all the episodes of my past two weeks..hehe =)

Apart from doing all my studying and homeworks.. I did take my time off too..

~Outing with buddies

Pok Pek at Kopitiam

Bakal Datuk dan Datin..hehe

Mak-Nam tgh berceritaa..huhu ;p

~Did some shopping last week..
For Hariz Rifqi and for myself! hehe..

I bought 2 tops n 1 pants from UCB for Hariz and for me, 2 tops n 1 jeans from Warehouse, 2 Sisley tops and a polka-dot babyblue scarf..
hmm..I really hope he fits all the clothes that I bought for him..kalau tak,sayang jerr.. =(

~Watched You Don't Mess With The Zohan with Naz the other day. We bought tickets from one of Along's blog reader.. Dapat diskaun 2 ringgit..hehe.. Thanks babe! =)

The movie was hilarious!! I like it!
Oh and that girl, Emmanuelle Chriqui stars as Dalia..was damn gorgeous,ok! Geram tgk! hehe

~Went to Pavillion..

"hmm..what to buy eh?"

Our drinks: Cranberry Cooler & Guava Juice

Naz's: Olio Pasta

Mine: Spicy Chicken Pasta

Tak habes2 lagi cerita si Mak-Nam nih..huhuh

~Went for sightseeing at G Hills. =)

Verry beautiful view =)

~Muhammad Hariz Rifqi's 1st Birthday Bash

Held at my parents place. Theme was Elmo & Friends. so the color theme was supposed to be red, yellow and blue.. but I wore grey instead! huhu.. Auntie punye baju merah tinggal kat hostel la.. ;p


Kak Leen the party planner

Uncle Zack busy tying all the helium balloons

"I am ONE already.."

Goodie bags for kids.. err..but I took one! hehe. Inside got chocolates maa..heh

Cake cutting

Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake.. yummehh! =)

Makan time..

Pinata Game

Hariz's got so many presents!


*All pictures I cilok from Hanis & Along's.

~Went to A Cut Above.. and..I chopped my hair! hehe =)

~Dine at Tony Roma's

Our yummilicious drink: Pina Colada & Vanilla milkshakes

Mine: Tony's Asian Salads with Salmon.. I truly really love salmon!! sedapp bangett!

P/S: Along, I borrowed ur tudung,yea! hehee.. Thanksss sistaa!! ;)

P/SS: erkk..I just noticed that in the past 2 weeks, I wore the same silky blue top twice! huhuh.. ;p

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