Friday, August 8, 2008

A Day With Bestie

After a looonggg and tiring day I had yesterday, I decided to chill out a bit with my best bud..
I wanted to indulge myself with a nice meal because I was in a state of angry, annoyed, tense and stressed out. So I really realllly need some comfort food! hehe.

Actually, I didn't really know what and where to eat.. cuz we were so starving to even think of what and where to have our dinner.. and I was really tired to even get up from my bed and get dressed to go for makan..

So I was thinking to eat somewhere near my campus.. like maybe kat OldTown ke..or maybe just order a pizza from Domino's. Love their Beef Pepperoni Thin Crust,btw. I once had the whole pizza just for myself! Sedap sgt!! hehehee ;p

Anyway..we ended up went to The Gardens plak.. haha.. (lagi jauh from our campus!) =P
This was the first time I only took 10 minutes to get ready to go to a place like this..hehee.. I was so malas nak siap betul2..heh.
Usually it would take me 1 hour++ to get ready! hehee ;p

Hon Deh Weyy

We went there just to eat.. Naz teringin nak mkn kat Paddington and me teringin nak makan scones at Pastis..
My gosh..their scones are extremely divine!
Anyone who's a sweet-tooth like me, surely gonna love this!! =)
Eh, tapi taktau la..sbb I memang suka english scones pun.hehe

Happy Two Friends

Anyways.. Here's what we had:

At Paddington House of Pancakes I had Brussels and Naz had Amsterdam.. They're so yummy!! Sampai kitorang makan tak bercakap2 sgt pun sebab dah lapar sgt.. hehee

Mine: Brussels

Nazzy's: Amsterdam

"Lapaaaaa lagiiii.."

Then, for our dessert, we went to Pastis to get my scones and my Charlie..hehee

"Hmm..nak makan ape ek?"

Naz's: Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice-cream. Seriously, Mama and Along punye wayyyyy better than this!!

Mine: English Scones with Cream, Strawberry jam and a Mango puree. Oh they're so divine!!

My drink: Charlie Brown. Sedaaaaappppppp yang amat! Bile minum rase happy.hehee ;p

Naz's: Oreo


Then..after we got back to our hostel, kitorang main facial plak! heheheee ;p
Best!! But it was a really simple one... Takde picit2 jerawat n stuff.. Just the basic ones.. like mask,scrub etc.. and some urut2 too! Naz siap tertido kot aku urut..heheh ;p

Naz having a facial by Miss Wani

My beautician for the day..hehe

Hilang segala ketensionan dan kepenatan...hehee..
Thanks for the facial babe!! Love ya!

Toodles! =)



  1. wow!gurls day out is really great kn dear ;)

    yayy!wani put on the scarves on this blog cpt2 tau.nt org lain grab,misya dah xdpt :(

  2. "Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice-cream. Seriously, Mama and Along punye wayyyyy better than this!!" ---> i know righttt. haha ;D

    mmmhhh...that Amsterdam crepe looks like a pizza with all of that tomatoes and cheeseee toppings! YUMMOE! dah lama aku x makan kat PHOP. I think since peknen taknah mkn lagi kot..

  3. hi... how to wear tudung like that? maybe u can share in ur next post =)

  4. Hi sis wanny...i think kan ur blog ni patut jadi blog masak2 atau jalan2 cari makan..ehek....but if u ada try out lagi mana2 dishes...pliz tell me so tht ble carik bila i turun KL...

  5. waney! i'm hungryyy now after baca post ni! hehehe.. anyhow, lupa nak inform u that i got the "package" already.. thanks ya!! nnt bole la berbisness lagi.. *wink*

    take care gurl!

  6. hi wanyy! aww yummylicious! sadly i can't eat those food unless i cook it myself! dush! which is not goin to happen! owhh halal foods r everywhere in malaysia! btw, dining with friends is a good way of releasing the tenses and stresses away kn? esp when the bonding happens between u and friends, crazy laughs will make ur day more meaningful!

  7. best nyee.. nak main facial jugakkk!

  8. wanie..u'r tempting me! laparrrr. hey, apa kata buat entry pkai tudung pulak. i like the way u & ur sis pakai tudung.

  9. hapdet la dey. bukak2 duk A day with bestie jer lagi. buat la a day with pestie, mestie, kestie, testie plakkkk ;p

  10. oh sungguh lapar betul adik adikku ini...

    blog nie dah jadik blog jalan jalan cari makan plakk..

    cam menarik saja scones ittew..kat mana yaa kedai dia? which part of The Gardens?

  11. misya: la kalau kluar with someone yg kite rapat..heh.
    Ok, later i'll post an entry for my stuff yg nk let go k.. maybe after my midterms kot.. just stay tuned..hehe ;p

    feera: yeah..maybe

    katak_78: hehehe..tu la pasal.. i tgk pon cam asik mkn jerr..dah jd cam blog jln2 cari mkn plak..haha

    kak anita: ouh, u dah bukak d package ke? hehee.. i really hope u like them! btw, nice doing biznes with u! ;)

    along: erk.. a day with testis? hahaha ;p
    Malas laa haku nak hapdet..tgh takde mood..dah la banyok kije skrg ni... pas satu2 keje datang.. presentation la...pastu quizzes pastu midterms pastu esemen plak..hadoiii.. bosan seyh jadik stoden.. huhu

    kak shay: kat Pastis.. depan Isetan level G rase nye.. ke 1..tak hingat dia depan isetan..
    selamat makan! heh ;)

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  14. hi..sonok yek mkn2 pastuhh bile kenyang tido..(thats my hobi..terukkan)..bila nth i nak ubah tabiat skrg bdn i da semakin bulat n bulat...aduss...


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