Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hangin' out with Hatta Dolmat

Today, me and my mom went to KLCC with Hatta Dolmat, the designer..
I fetch him at his place then we go for makan..

This was my second time meeting him.. He's such a sweet guy.. Baikkk sangat.. Dah la comel..hehe..
Oh, I love ur hair,btw! =)

While waiting for mama tadi.. I got so bored that I played with my camera..haha ;p

Mommy wanted baju kurungs/baju kurung moden/jubah for her upcoming events,Raya,etc..
So he designed all 6 of them..
and hey, I got one for myself too! Yeay me! hehe ;)

My outfit is gonna be deep red with black details/lace/sequins,etc..
This time, I wanted to try a bright color.. I'm tired of wearing too much pink. So now, I chose red to be my baju raya..
I can't wait to look at the outcome! By looking at all his fantastic drawings, I knew I'd love all his design and style..hehe..
But I still love Rizman Ruzaini's design too..
2-2 best.. Fresh, cool and young.. =)

Anyway, we had our lunch at CPK..

Starter: Avocado Club Egg Rolls.

Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

He's drawing new designs for mama..

Then..later kitorang jalan2 sket..tgk2 baju,handbags, skincare products,etc..
Mama bought a brand spankin' new shoes, while me.. I got a whole new range of skincare products..huhu. Well, not exactly whole products la. They only have four items for this Riz Rice range.. and I left one. Which is their scrub.. I still have my Clarins and St Ives facial scrub. So why buy a new one right? heh..
So I just took the basic ones. You know, cleanser, toner and moisturizer. But they still haven't got a mask yet for this range. Hmm..nvm..

Erk..tukar product lagik! ;p

Anyway, when we were at Lancel.. Oh, I saw one of their handbags that I fell so in love! The name's Easy Flirt.. hehe. What a cute name! =)
I like the orange one..

ouh.. Red's not bad too! ;)

and..urm..what color is this? Pink+brown or what? heh.. It's nice too..

Hmm..I imagine wearing this bag(esp. the orange or red one) with a nice simple white top with jeans, white heels and a scarf that matches the bag and the top..

Oh..Abah, can I have one pleaseeee..? hehehe..

Anyways.. I dream to become a designer one day..hehe ;p
But I suck at drawings! huhu.. and look, I drew this!

Look at the shoes! They're the ugliest! How can I be a shoe designer,then? iskk..

huhu..nevermind.. ok la tu kan.. for a no-basic-at-all-in-drawings. heh. ;p



  1. wah bestnye!anyway wany, bley tanye cket x..mind to share x kt mane u beli ur scarfs??all r niceyh okeh.haih jeloz ok.

  2. thanks. i bought from tie rack, arzu, mortada,etc..tak ingat la name2 dia..and byk je jual kat jln tar yg cantik2.. ;)

    tp yg ni, i pinjam my sis punye..hehe..

  3. weeee....
    aritu br tny balik kt Mrs Imran pasal Riz Rice...
    & die kate ade member's sale until 31aug...
    tp xsempat nk beli lg...
    byk sgt asgmnts...
    huuu :(

    brape eyh utk full set tu...?

  4. wow.. u got talent la babe.. very nice drawing u got there! ;)

    p/s: i can't wait to purchase ur very own shoes someday! hehe

  5. hunny: yup2..members' day sale sampai 31st je... kite dpt sms hari tu..tu yg gi tgk tu.. byk jugak laa discounts. up to 50% off..

    and for riz rice tu.. for 3 items yg kite beli tu.. since kite member, total dlm rm237 rasenye..tak ingat sgt the exact mum yg bayar..i amik je..hehe ;p
    sbb for toner+cleanser,dia ade special price for member: rm123.. or not, brape tah..i pun tak ingat dah ape sales girl tu ckp.

    tp kalau awk nak beli the whole range..which includes dia punye scrub skali, then total dlm 300++ la..

    btw, bau dia sedap..lembut jer.. =)

    babe: ouh..err..thanks..hehe ;)

  6. wanie..i tot u x like to hang out kat TAR coz ur sistas seem x go there according to their stuff shown in their blog la..correct me if im wrong..well..u rock la wanie!!!Nampak je to know u more..hehehe

  7. i believe that's my tudung and bag. do u believe it?? ;p

    ouh patut la mama tiba2 call tanya nak baju raya tak... alaa aku pi ckp aku dah beli!

  8. katak_78: that a compliment? hehee.. ;p urm..well..they did go to jln TAR too, u know.. if they wanted to buy stuff like kain baju2 kurung, tudung bawal and stuff..
    ye laa..manede tpt lain yg cam ade byk sgt choices for these kinda stuff kan..hehehe..

    anyway, yup..i admit, muka i mmg nmpk garang pon..some ppl even say i look sombong n x suke campo org..
    the thing is, i seriously do not know how to make frens with ppl i barely know! hehe..dan saya seorg yg pendiam dgn org x knal..n even yg knal sket2 je..hehe..
    so..bile combination muka garang n pendiam..jadik laa..muka sombong..huhuh.. ;p
    i da biase da dgr org ckp i sombong..hehe.. tp takpe laa..ppl can judge all they want..but i know who i am..ececece..haha ;p

    along: hiyer.. they are YOUR stuff! i believe it too! hehe

  9. tudung yg pkai tu selendang o tudung 4segi aja?
    really nice...
    bley ajar camne nak pakai tuh??

  10. katak_78: well, we do go to Jln TAR tapi takde la sampai suka hang out kat sana, kan cik wani? (ramai org + panas = rimas..huhu). but jln TAR is a great place to buy kain2 so mmg gi sana la kalau nak beli those kind of stuff.

  11. pinky: yg i pki tu selendang pun boleh je nk pki..same jer..

    first letak ur scarf kat kepala n amik yg ujung, btk kan bentuk muka yg u prefer(bulat ke pjg ke..)..then after u dah pin, amik bhgn yg pjg n tarik n lilit around ur head area..pastu yg lebih2 tu,u adjust la according to ur preference nak btk or style mcm mane kat bhgn depan..pastu letak la brooch if u like..

    sekian..hope this helps! happy trying! hehe ;)

    along: iyer cik iza... saya kan tak tahan panas sgt...nanti pengsan plak..huhu.. pastu kena singgah sogo nak air cond..haha

  12. hahah..wani..u same mcm maria la..maria pn mcm tu..dlu wkt study kat um g jugak jln tar sbb panas giler..terpaksala tumpang aircond sogo..hehe..

  13. hai wani... :) im ur silent reader... i tgh nk cari designer utk my nikah outfit. do u know coast for sepasang kurung n ade la sikit2 beading kalo tempah kat HD...

  14. maria: hehe..tu la pasal.. dah la skrg ni whether mcm x brape betul sgt..kejap panas sgt..kejap hujan lebat..huhu..
    kite plak bukan jenis yg bleh tahan panas..sbb nanti boleh pengsan..huhu..haih..puteri lilin betul! haha ;p

    zil: kawin ek? hehe. congratulations!! ;)
    anyway.. i dunno how much he charged la.. nanti i tanye my mom k.. n i'll let u know,zil.. =)

  15. camne tuu?
    i dh try..
    cam x jadi aja


  16. uiks...lawa jek ko lukis bj tuh...ala2 hatta dolmat gitu...cun2..hihi..

  17. nazzy: hahaha..ade plak ala2 hatta dolmat..merepek ko ni la..dia designer aku aper.. disaster..huhuh
    aku main bantai lukis jek tuh.. ;p

    weh, ko balik bile? ahad ke sabetu?

  18. a'ah this one cantikkk ari tu tgk kat klcc..ada 40% diskaun b4 they move in to their new skrg tak tau ada lg tak dikaun tu..i loike yg 2nd pic tu tapi material mcm jeans tu hihih

  19. hi wanie..

    wah u banyak fan yer..

    huhhuhu anyway tq untuk hari tuh..

    i tgh berperang untuk siapakan banyak baju..

    termasuk baju u dan mama u..

  20. ehem, heskius me.. i am Puan Iza now! ;p

  21. i luv lancel flirt too. so did u buy it n how much does it cost?


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