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Be Your Best Beautiful!

For years and years my obsession with beauty and makeup is driven by insecurity. From a very young age, (around 12 years old) I’ve been in a constant state of wanting to look "perfect". Maybe because I was surrounded with negative people.. People who told me I'm ugly. People who told me I should be looking like her. People who said I can't do this and that. People who told me I'm not good enough.. and et cetera. Hence I always wanting to look better. Never feeling good enough with myself.

But as I grew older, things changed. Probably because I've been surrounding myself with positive, happy people. I don't really feel the same way I did when I was younger.. I chose to surround myself with phenomenal people who are confident and secure enough to know that there is enough room for all of us to make it to the finish line! And I learned that empowered women never bring each other down. They empower women to do more, to see more and to be more!

Sometimes I ask myself - do I want to wear make up because it makes me happy, or because I don’t feel good enough without it? be honest, I love being all girly and pretty. But I don't wear make up to impress others. I just wear them to make myself happy and feel good.

But the truth is, we all have been flogged with the idea that to look beautiful we need to look a certain way... thin/slim, youthful, smooth-skinned, fair-skinned, big-eyed, pointy/small-nosed, silky-haired, etc. As contradictory as it sounds, the individual is slowly becoming the determining factor in cultural standards of being pretty.

Blogging has actually enabled me to kinda break the beauty mould in order to have an influential voice. I used to be really insecure with the way I look...But now, I don't really feel the need to be in certain size and shape,  I don't need to have the most fair skinned and I certainly don't need to be perfect all the time to have a voice. I just need to be me. We all know that beauty is only skin deep. What's more important is to be kind and be your beautiful self!

I love the fact that technology these days is allowing a more diverse expression of beauty. I think that technology is creating a more open and accessible beauty culture now.. Which I love so much! We embrace individual beauty and find our own ‘beauty tribe’ online! It's amazing to see different shapes, sizes, colors influencing others! At the end of the day, the most important women to impress is the one in the mirror! ^_^

The real beauty is all about celebrating the unique splendor of every woman and enabling them to express their identity in the mode that they choose, rather than undermining their confidence. So let us embrace the diversity! Everyone know that true beauty comes from within. And with the right skincare products, it'll help making you feel good by bringing your beauty to the surface! ;)

We all know that skin is the foundation of all the beauty in the beauty industry. Feeling beautiful is powerful. It is vital to your health and well-being. Every woman deserves access to the best skin care possible, be it science, aesthetics and knowledge! Thus it's important to choose products that actually work for your skin!

Beauty remedy can be such a therapeutic experience that makes you feel so good about yourself and inspires confidence, and your unique style and most importantly restore radiance! With the new Olay Miracle Duo skincare, this product offers advanced anti-ageing skin care that help regenerate skin’s appearance without drastic measures. Healthy beautiful skin that is radiant, soft and smooth! ^_^

It has been awhile now since I last wrote a review on beauty product.. So today, I'll be giving my thoughts on these two products from Olay. I've been using the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence and Micro-Sculpting Night Cream for awhile now.. These two products are somewhat thin and quite light. They both go on so smoothly on the skin. It’s like patting a silky, liquefied cloud-pudding onto your face. Oh, heavenly!

With my combination skin type and the recent deathly-humid weather, I decided to use this duo as a final moisturizing step in my night routine because of its ingredients and, well, it says “Night Cream” on it. Lol. Anyway, I am in LOVE with these products!! I recently added the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence to my daily skin routine (day and night) and I'm loving the result I'm seeing, My skin is glowing!

After cleansing the face and using my toner, I apply this Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence before applying my night serum and night cream moisturizer. 

This Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is a facial essence designed to be used in conjunction with a daily skin care regimen to help boost skin cell metabolism and renewal. The essence starts the renewal of a million surface cells and helps visibly reduce fine lines, pores and firms the skin. It penetrates quickly, leaving behind hydrated, smooth and supple skin.

The bottle dropper is genius, when you open the lid it draws the serum into the dropper providing the perfect amount to cover my face and neck, it is a clear serum with a nice consistency that the product doesn't run everywhere and covers the skin smoothly. 

It's so easy to dispense the product with a push of the applicator.. The pump makes it very hygienic to use and it dispenses just the right amount of product. 

Testing on my hands for you to have a clearer visual of them! I find that the fragrance is very subtle too, which is great as it isn't overpowering. My face is looking and feeling so smooth, and bright and I feel like I am glowing when I apply this product!

Look at that sheer light texture! It has a runny gel texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. I like how my skin feels moisturized and dewy after I use this pre-essence. 

The product rapidly penetrates into your skin and the key actives work within the epidermis layer. 

After applying the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence and my night serum, I apply the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream as a final step in my night routine. This cream also has the highest concentration of their signature amino-peptide complex and Hydra-Firming Complex to hydrate all night long. This is perfect to use with the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence as they both can work together so perfectly. 

Now let me show you the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream.
This night cream is actually more like a gel-type moisture cream that soothes the skin with a cool and invigorating texture. It luxuriously hydrates and supplies moisture and soothes the skin with a non-sticky, refreshing texture

The texture of this night cream is thicker than the pre-essence and it takes a little bit more time to absorb. Some gel products feel sticky though..and I am happy to tell you guys that this product doesn't feel that way at all!

This is a luxurious moisturizing and hydrating cream for soft and plump skin. It gives you long lasting moisture with strong hydrating effect and a rich texture to refine rough skin into smooth radiant skin! It absorbs so quickly and hydrates all night long!! 

After using these two in my skincare regime for awhile now, I can see that my face felt a bit plumper and firmer..and certainly more hydrated than usual when I woke up. Normally I had greasy skin when I woke up..but after applying these two, my face is somewhat glowing! It does provide moisture and hydration. So it's perfect for our hot and humid weather because the product don't feel heavy or sticky. I would highly recommend this for women who would like to prevent fine lines caused by dryness! I also love that I did not break out from using these products too! My skin is so sensitive that sometimes if I change skincare products so often, I'll break out like crazy! But with these two, none! In fact, I am glowing!! Love it! :)

The new Olay Miracle Duo range renews from within, plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. The result is a stunning, youthful skin that is proven to look up to 10 years younger. Let's not settle for less. Let's be the #BestBeautiful you can be!

Oh and check out their products here!


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