Monday, January 26, 2015

A little update!


Wow, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this space since the author herself is missing for months now.. haha. But here is me writing again!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I know it has been like 4 months I've been away from this blog. I even got messages and emails asking me whether I'm doing okay or not. haha. - Cute! But I'm fine's just that I've been happily married and got no time to blog like last time. I loveeee spending time with my husband. He's my everything! (We're still on our honeymoon phase. Yes still! With him, everyday is a lovely day! hehe. So that explains why I don't spend as much time being online like last time, cuz I'd rather spend it with my amazing husband whenever we both are free! Heeee). And we were quite busy setting up our businesses last year which took a lot of my time too, so time to blog! hehe

And now that I'm pregnant pulak, I got all these nausea, bloated stomach, tiredness and sleepiness most of the time. Sigh. So yeah, my pregnant body just couldn't be bothered to switch on my Macbook and start updating things with you guys. I feel like I owe too many stories on this blog, and that just made me even more slower to write about them here! LOL. Oh step at a time la k. For now, Instagram is my mini diary. Go follow me there! hehe

Anyways, I am now almost reaching 7 months pregnant! About 3 months to go, inshaallah. Wow...time flies so fast! I haven't even bought anything for my baby yet! I’ve been researching safety and reviews of baby products from cribs, to strollers to diapers to detergents almost since I’ve become pregnant. They're my new hobby!

My friends and family find it surprising that up until today, I haven’t bought a single thing for the baby. Well actually...I have. But just a couple of things la, like baby clothes and feeding equipment only, that I purchased justttttt recently! The rest like bathing care, beddings, travel gadgets and others are not in my shopping basket just yet! - My friend said it's surprising to know this because I'm usually the impulse shopper kind of girl. I just take and buy everything that caught my eye without even thinking sometimes! haha. But for my baby, I've been doing a lot of research online and watch reviews on YouTube, before I make the decision to purchase. I wanna make sure everything that I buy for the baby is safe and good!

We aren’t finding out the sex so most things I am buying are white, cream, yellow, orange, green, baby blue, grey or silver.

Oh, this is so cute, right?!!

Although I haven't bought a lot of things for my baby yet, I did purchase quite a few pregnancy stuff for myself like lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks, pregnancy pillow, and a belly belt for my expanding tummy! I haven't bought a single pregnancy/maternity attire though. I'm left about 3 months away, and I could still fit in some of my regular clothes. - Cuz if I wear big blouses or jubah/abaya, people wouldn't think I am pregnant..because I don't look pregnant when I wear loose outfits, and they would think I just put on a lot of weight or I ate a large meal or something. haha. And I hate that, because being/looking pregnant is nice. People often treat you nice by giving you priority to ride the elevator first, or give you their seat or something! hehe. So yeah, I still wear my regular clothes just to look pregnant! ;p

Me and my 6 months belly! thing I HATE about being pregnant the most is the itchy scalp, itchy belly, itchy boobies, and just itchy all over your skin/body! Everything is itchy and super dry!!! My scalp is flaky, my lips are super dry, my face is sensitive, my whole skin/body is dry, and my boobies & belly is stretching everyday! T__T

I hate it. Seriously. I feel like crap everydayyyyy!

I now understand what they mean when they say you're no longer look the same once you're a mom. I mean, the process of the body to change in becoming a mom is just......erm...horrifying for me - being the kind of girl who used to care about everything from hair to toe that is! Everything just doesn't seem and look like it used to be! And I'm not even a mom yet! tskkk. But I guess, once I see my baby, I wouldn't care so much about all these things. Plus, my husband keeps on telling me that he would still love me no matter how and what I look like, whenever I'm membebel-ing in front of the mirror. haha (That's sweet of you, but you know I still want to look nice for myself! hahah ;p)

Hmm...I cannot imagine the day I find out I have grey hairs! I must be screaming my lungs out! hahaha ;p
Where's that pregnancy glow that the magazine promised you?!

Anyways, here's what I used so far for my whole body:

1) For my dry hair/scalp I have been doing this treatment:

The hot oil treatment for hair and scalp!

In general, my hair is quite healthy. I don't have much problem with my hair. My husband loves my hair too. But ever since I got pregnant, my hair looked dry and flat, and my scalp is super flaky, it's horrible!! I didn't know what to do other than shampooing regularly. But while drug store hair care products contain enriching ingredients that keep your hair looking good, treating yourself to a hot oil treatment with either coconut oil or olive oil or hemp seed oil or jojoba oil, will add that extra healthy glow to your hair and scalp! These oils are a natural moisturizer and can help with dandruff and dry hair! I would do this hot oil treatment once a week! My flaky scalp is now diminishing and getting better! Thank god! ^__^

2) For my skin on my face:

I used the Laneige Water Bank series every other day. I don't really used them everyday. Just the day I feel a little extra rajin. haha. I don't really put oil on my face anymore, because for some reason, doing so has made my skin irritated and itchy.

3) As for my lips:

I used Chu Lips lipbalm!

Chu Lip lipbalms are formulated with delicious blend of recipes as well as enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips! ‘Chu’ means kiss in Japanese, by the way.

I love the packaging! It's a fun way to apply lipbalm! The Chu Lip lipbalm comes in a fun and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula. It is available in four attractive colours, each comes with its unique secret blend of fragrances. With Chu Lip, applying lipbalm is so fun, unique and amazingly cute! Just remove the top cover to reveal the balm then kiss it to nourish and moisturize your lips! My lips are never dry anymore! You can get this at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM25.90 each.

5) Lastly, as for my whole body, I used these things:

The Elemis Japanese Camelia body oil - because Victoria Beckham says this thing works for preventing stretch marks!

Earth Mama Angel Baby products! 

And some other oils and body butter like L'Occitane Almond Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter skin therapy oil, Lifeflo Pure Coconut Oil, and L'Occitane Shea Butter.

Yes. I know, I have a lot of oils and lotions. I like to switch them up. Many will say that stretch marks is genetics, and while I agree with that, I do still think that it is important to use lotions and keep your skin moisturized and that it does help in preventing dry itchy skin, and possibly stretch marks as well. I used different oils or butters every day. And I have been using them religiously every night & day, since the day I found out that I got pregnant. So far I don't have anything yet on my belly. They say it would only appear during the last trimester or month. But I got a friend who has stretch marks at only 6 months preggy. So it's better to be prepared, right?

Anyways, I also did my own homemade body butter. My friend did this and she has amazing and beautiful skin!

Using all natural and raw butters!

I used pure coconut oil, olive oil, raw mango butter, cocoa butter, aloe butter, and shea butter for this recipe. I added everything into a pot on my stove and heated it up until they all became oil. Then I poured the mix into a container and popped it in the fridge. When cold the natural butter will harden but when warm it becomes soft and sometimes even back into an oil form.

I have a few extra jars left over and I'm planning to give some away to my friends who are expecting as well. If you're pregnant and would like a jar please leave a comment and if I have enough I will gladly send you one! :)

Will update more on my pregnancy soon!



  1. Hi Wani, congrats on the pregnancy.. u look amazing eventho ure pregnant.. im 6m pregnant with my 3rd.. & yeah gotta agree with the itchy part.. Im itchy all over my body... grrrr! Dont mention dry lips & my face is very dry... gah! Whud love to try ur homemade body butter 😊

  2. oh me please! 6 months n counting still X__X

  3. Hi wani..
    I'm 4mth prgnt and this is my 1st baby too.
    it will be good if i can get one of ur homemade body butter. Hehe
    my email :

    1. I am selling raw unrefined 100% pure west african shea butter.other butters coming soon.if interested please email me at

  4. Wani..i haven't put anything on my belly eventho i reaching 8 months next week. No sign of stretchmarks yet. Would like to try your homemade butter=)

  5. One day if I pregnant, I'll use your blog for my reference. Thanks kak wani for such a good tips. I really love your blog. (silent reader)

  6. alaa...kt mana nk beli all raw butters tu?? best nye..confirm skin extra smooth and soft. i'm expecting as well! now da 32weeks. tetiba rasa mcm cepat sgt masa berlalu. btw, if u have extra jar of the body butter, i sanggup nk beli. i'm so craving nk buat homemade body scrub. tp x sure nk beli kt mana all raw butters ni. dulu penah beli cocoa butter dari kedai rasa mcm tak best..mcm x pure jer.

    1. I am selling raw unrefined 100% pure west african shea butter.more butters coming soon.if interested please email me at

  7. Your homemade body butter make me curious now, if you have extra nak try jugakkk, heee~ =)

  8. hi! can you share where do you find all ingredient to make your own bodybutter? i've been eyeing to make one too!



  9. congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

  10. Cantiknye wani..pregnant tetap cantik

  11. Hi Wani,

    I'm expecting too! :D Super excited.
    May I know where did you bought the Earth Mama Angel Baby Products? Do they ship to Malaysia?

    Would love to try your homemade body butter if you have extra :P

  12. I want i expecting too :) i can be reached at
    .tq :)

  13. Hi Wani!

    I am on of the silent readers but now no more. Congratss on your pregnancy!!!!!!!!!

  14. Congrats on your pregnancy..

    Can try supplemen from Shaklee for baby's brain and for your health also during pregnancy, confinement and breasfeeding journey..

  15. Salam .Hee semoga sehat dan selamat semuanya.

  16. I must say that you have a great blog. It's always a pleasure coming to the site to find all the interesting posts. Congrats on your new baby.

  17. Aiyo, what bout Dayre babe? LOL!

  18. Saya menjual 100% raw ,unrefined west African Shea butter . Sila email ke atau Whatsapp ke 0182087298 untuk info. Terima kasih.


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