Sunday, February 16, 2014


I just found my wedding video highlights. They're in my external hard disk drive, which somehow were stuck behind the bedhead and the bed apparently. -__- When you always change your place to sleep and travel here and there with your laptop everyday, you tend to lose your little belongings. ishh. Glad I didn't lost them! It'd be tragic if I did! >__<

Anyways, I have different videographer teams for my wedding. 4 to be exact.. All for different purposes/occasions. I'm glad that one of them was from the D&D Studio.  They're very professional, hardworking and great team, really! I would highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a professional videographer with a VERY reasonable price! Will blog more on them soon! Below, was the teaser video that they took on one of my wedding events.

Update on them soon! They have such a great deal specially for my blog readers! ;)


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  1. Hi dear,
    salam,how nice to saw your blog.
    congratulation for the wedding :)
    merry happiness for you

    allow me to be your friends :)
    i m from Indonesia
    see u next dear


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