Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hi everyone..

Sorry for the long silence. I know some of you have been waiting for my posts, but it's just....I'm currently not in a very good condition to write.. - Physically, emotionally, mentally and environmentally not in a good state. Tskkk.. So that explains my silence here.. =(

I just hope things will be better again.. and I'll have my mood soon and my MacBook as well..

Take care and have a good day, ya!



  1. yeah,sometimes we get moody for no reason, even the simplest thing would get us upset.take ur time dear..and dont focus on things that made u upset instead find something that make u happy :)
    i'm sure a lucky girl like u have many things to cheer u up,esp people around u.
    wish for ur happiness, and smile.(even a fake smile)

    can't wait for ur next entry!!
    love u!!

  2. take care dear.

    chill :D

  3. no wonder u senyap lately...wish u macbook is sehat again...can't wait for ur next entry.. :)

  4. get your mood better soon.. rindu with your words and picture.. take care.. :)

  5. Waiting yr entry bout your engagement...see u soon dear..

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