Friday, December 16, 2016

Why Land is a Great Investment

Why Land is a Great Investment Land is probably one of the most overlooked investments. We are enticed by magnificent high rises and glorious serviced apartments, believing that real estate investment is only restricted to residential property. However, that is not entirely true.

There are plenty of options available to invest one's funds in, and get good returns. These options include mutual funds, equity, bond and real estate. However, there is a considerable risk in such investments, as they are often influenced by the volatile conditions of the market. But one favorable option that makes a safe venture and offers a high return on investment — is a plot of land. Using PropertyGuru, you can easily find out the most feasible land for sale. Here are some of the reasons to invest in land for sale.

Endless appreciation value 
 A plot of land is tangible asset that is very much limited, making it a highly valuable resource. Having a land surrounded by construction and development will often make your land a valuable piece. The true value of a land investment can be realized in the long-term, especially with the surrounding land is dispersed or sold off.

Long-term inexpensive investment 
As an investor, one would want to consider the variables of long-term investment. The land can be inexpensive to own, especially since ownership maintenance does not include utility bills, mortgage payment or even insurance. With the right land loan and the right pricing, one can easily purchase the land and invest in it, whenever the market conditions are favorable to the owner.

Optimize value for selling 
As mentioned earlier, value of the land appreciates. Therefore, one can easily make a profit at the point of selling, the aforementioned plot. On top of that, when we talk about real estate investment, one would think about holding power, which is often not the case in land investment.

Virtually no competitions 
Guess what… There is virtually no competition in the world of raw land investing. Especially when generic real estate investors need to be mindful of the property types, layout, facing, floor plan, etc. So no more dealing with stiff competition on every property you try to buy.

Be a stress free and worry free real estate owner 
Land is practically the only real estate that never wears out, never depreciate, cannot be stolen or broken! Most important, with that in mind, you do not have to endure the endless repair work, renovation and of course, there will not be any tensions of owning an apartment or hundreds of other issues that might come up owning a building.

Unique and limited 
Land is definitely a valuable resource with limited quantities and immense potential depending on the nearby growth and development. Eventually we will run out of lands but not on other properties as high rises are mushrooming and complexes are budding in every nook and corner. The uniqueness of land is what makes the investment worthwhile your attention.

The reasons above should be enough to motivate you to invest in land, but finding the right land is very crucial.

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