Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Fondness for This Style

Since I had my eyes on Rizman Ruzaini latest collection the other day, I fell in love with Kaftan Dress instantly! To be honest, the first time I heard and knew about this fashion, was about a few years ago (I was still in school)... And at that time I was surprised to find out that Coach made a dress called as 'kaftan'; a word which I thought came from my mother tongue language! So I was kinda feeling a little bit proud that time, cuz they commercialized our 'baju tidur'! hehe.. (But apparently, kaftan is not originally from our land, but Persian? haha. - I just found out about this! ;p)

Oh well..anyways, I never knew that all these while, the apparel that most of us, Malaysian, wear to bed could be worn to a party or dinner or something! hehee. Even though it was already in the market, but that was the very first time I knew about this trend and fashion! Heeee.. ;p

Hmm.. But yeah, to be honest, I never really like the fashion actually.. Only certain people can pull off this style.. Tall and slender people, that is! But some say, this style is universal...everyone can wear it.. Hmm.. I don't know, it's just not to my liking... Even to bed! I don't know.. I just find it very unflattering and unattractive lah, those batik kaftans! Or so they call it as 'baju kelawar'. Hmmm... (Yes, I am thatttt gedix. I like wearing nice clothes, even at home! ;p)

(I prefer sexy lingerie...or..just a simple (pink) t-shirt by Paul Frank with "I'm Awesome" printed on it, and match it up with my hot pink Victoria Secrets sweatpants or something! ;p
Ask my roommates while I was staying in hostel.. They hardly seen me in a kaftan! Heee ;p)

So yeah, I don't really like that style. But after seeing Rizman Ruzaini's collection the other day, all of a sudden, magic happened and I realized that I do like that fashion now! That's the power of Rizman Ruzaini's touch! hehehe.. It could change my liking instantly!

Hence, I bought one for myself.. Just thought of trying this fashion, and change my sense of style a bit..

This, is a light grey kaftan dress with embroidery at the front and a loooong bow at the back. I could wear this dress with my fave shoes in the world, and my Fendi Hologram Suede Clutch. Mmm-hmm..

This dress is super feminine. I like! I really love the embroidery detailing and the long bow at the back! SO cute! This kaftan dress is from a boutique called Femi9, which I bought while I was in Mecca last 3 months. (They do a lot of pretty long dresses, I tell you! And yes, all their designs really really do suit their name, which is so Feminine!)

I really wish they open one store in here..

And I also wish that this dress comes in other colors as well. Bright colors, that is! This color is pretty dull actually.. But that's alright, because we don't really have to shine all the time now, do we? hahaha. Okayyy... I am blabbering ;p
But yeah..this dress is not meant for a grand dinner or something.. I could use this on a nice dinner date or something, kan kan? heh, my mission is to find another kaftan dresses to stock up on my dress collection.. Really hope to find one that I like, with a fantastic price tag too, of course! ;)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adik Rintik, Kakak Borek! :p

On one fine I was doing some work on the net, somebody knocked my door.. So I opened up the door, and saw my brother in front of my bedroom door, with his Macbook Pro in his hands, and with his black man's accent, he said, "Ey yaw..what's poppin'? Whatchu doin' sis?".

And I replied, "Work? Why? What you want n*gga?" 

"I'm bored. Let's borak borak, jom? Miss you lah"

"Hmm.. Borak? Sure. What's up? Any interesting stories to share?"

... and then he went up my bed, baring, guling guling and started Facebooking and showed me some of his friends' pictures and started telling me stories.. And then he told me this and that stories..and I shared mine too.. (Btw, he is more like a friend to me.. We are not like the typical brother-sister punya style..hehe ;p And plus, our age tak banyak beza. So, I guess that's why boleh ngam dengan dia ni.. He's 19 by the way..)

And then after that..he said, "Eh..I bought this one headgear in Istanbul the other kinda looks like a turban or something.. Jom ambik gambar dengan aku nak? I wanna wear that thing.."

"Hmm...malas lah. I got work. Plus, I am not in my best look. Malas nak make up-make up ni la adik.."

"Haa make up la then.. Jom laa kakakkk. Aku tunggu. Jom la... Make up larrr, tau? Make up lawa lawa. Macam ala ala arab ke.. With all those eyeliner of yours ke or whatever you call it! And I'm with this look. And then we make an album in FB called, "Fc*ked up Arabs". I'll wear my DKNY jacket with this turban. Hahahaha.. Nak tak?"

"Gedik ahhh.. Jap lagi.. jap lagiii.. Aku nak siapkan a few stuff ni.. You do your thang first"

....and about an hour later, I was in the mood already, and all dress up for the camwhoring session with my brother! hahaha

While waiting for me to get ready.. Haha..

Oh adikku yang poyo. hahahaha ;p

The Black-and-White team!

Sumpah, adik aku ni lawak. Dengan his black man accent lagi. Adoyai.. Aku layan kan jerrr..hehe ;p

...he wanted to kiss me and show some love towards his sister..

And then I said.. "Euw, no way".
Then he replied, "Oh c'mon man.. I'm your brother. I love you. And we're siblings. What's wrong with that?"

..and I said, "Okay.. Fineeeee. Whateverr". hahahahaha ;p

He's my buddy, he's my brother.

Do we look alike? Nahhhhh...

He's 19. And she's...erm.. 21. tskk. Oh crappp.. I'm old! ;p

"Wani, wani...buat muka mahal" 
"Huh? Muka mahal? Muka mahal macam mana?" 
Hahahaha.. Itu je la muka mahal yang dapat ku pamerkan disituu..Wahahaha! ;p

Gucci versus Chanel? Which one is much more glamourous? Mine, of course! hahaha ;p

Aviator versus Blingbling. 

What's with the face lahh bro?

Dia anak mak. Saya anak bapak. Sebab dia ikut muka mak saya yang berketurunan Cina dan saya ikut muka bapak saya yang berketurunan.... cuba teka? Heheh ;p 

Si machiow dan si gedix ;p

Sepia. Adding some 60's vibe. heh

"Oh, we're in Paris!"

"Hoyeahhh.. Paris! Paris! Wooohoo!" LOL ;p

The gedix sister. ;p

And the Arab mix with N*gga brother! (he always so perasan wanting to be a half n*gga! wahahaha ;p)

And then after camwhoring session, we recorded some videos pulak! hahaha. Oh, it's really cool to have a brother yang satu kepala dengan saya lar! hehe..

Adoyai. Korang mesti dah penat tengok kami menggedik depan camera kannn. hahaha. Well..what can I say... we, the Generation Y people dan orang orang muda seperti kami memang begini. Kami jakun nampak camera! LOL ;p

P/s: Bonding session with the brother is really really nicee especially if you have a brother that's cool like mine, kan?! hehe. So how do you usually spend time with your brother? =)

P/ss: I love you, my one and only brother =)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When She Had Nothing Else Better Things To Do! :p

Last night, me and my brother had a little fun in my room..goofing around, snapping some vain pics and.....err.. we (or should I say.. most of the time, me) did a little singing.. HAHAHA.

That's what happened when you have a cool brother to be vain with! hahaha.. Oh well, I'm still waiting for the other pictures from him.. This one, I curik from his Facebook.. (Adik, sila cepat kasi kakak tengok yang lain! hehe)

It's called... "The Arab Descendant" - HAHAHAHA. Gila poyo ;p

And then..when you get so damn bored in your room, we tried to hiburkan hati sendiri dengan menyanyi a couple of songs like a complete weirdo in front of the what Mac users called a "Photo Booth". Hahaha! ;p (Yes I knowwww, I'm so weird! ;p)

Oh well.. I myself, get bored looking at it and hearing it some moreee.. (I know, I don't have the best voice in the world - so this is more like...for fun actually..) so for now, I only gonna upload one song je lah ye! Nanti korang bosan, tengok saya karaoke sorang sorang! haha.

Okayy peeps.. Enjoy the (boring) video! Eh I mean...the song.. (Don't enjoy the video because it's boring! haha ;p)

Comeee, let's sing along with me! So I won't feel stupid, nyanyi sorang sorang! Heeee

Yuppp... Go ahead. Judge away... Laugh all you want, because I allowed you to! hehehe ;p

Ok lah.. Sekian.. I just realized I have some advertorials to submit.. Oh crapp! =/
So gotta go now! Bubbyee!

P/s: After half way of recording the video, only then I notice that I wore the same top as the first tutorial video that I made few months ago! hahaha ;p 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Perfect Sunday...

My perfect Sunday is......

Oh well.. If you think spending time the whole day at the mall would be my perfect day, then you definitely have to know more about me! hehe. Yes, the malls would be nice too (especially when dad handed me some cash to splurge on. heheheh ;p)....but on a lazy days, or should I say, in actual fact, I'm actually a homebody kind of person.. I prefer staying in rather than going out and about, and spending some money on some things that I don't quite need! ;p

I think it's much more relaxing and..err... quiet-er. So yup, I prefer to stay in and curl up on my awesome bed and spending some quality time with myself, in my room..the whole day! Now, isn't that niceee?! hehe..

Yup...Thatttt, would be my perfect Sunday! Mmmm...

So these are the things that I did today!

Woke up quite early, and went out to get these silky babies at the laundry shop..

And then had my breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Bangsar. It was just a quick breakfast. I had a sandwich..and then bought some magazines at the newsstand nearby..and then, went home.. (Yes, I did not stop by at any boutiques! How awesome is that? hahaha)

Been doing a little reading. Bought the Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella a few weeks ago, but never got the chance to read it yet.. So today, I managed to read until Chapter 9.. And flip through my fave magazine, Glamour..

Spent the evening in my room watching my fave love movie, The Notebook on my Macbook (hey it rhymes la! hehe). Ahh...I never get bored with this movie.. Rachel McAdams is so pweety! And the lovers in that movie are really really sweet too.. Wish to be like Noah and Allie until I grow old..

After Maghrib and after showered, I started my weekend beauty regime! (I thought I wanted to make it a really simple tutorial, but that video above has some weird problems that I sort of given up! Hmph. Bummer!! >_<)

And when the video isn't working out, and I have stop playing and editing it and surrendered at last, I....

Played a bit of a dress-up in my room! Hahaha.. I tried on some black and pastel colors.. Oh, and I also played around with some blazers/jackets and some waist cinchers.. I tried to look professional..hahaha..
Yup..all these are some of my working attires! Heee ;p (That's what most (girly) girls love to do before they go to some place, ey? Now who's with me?! hehe)

And when the clock strikes 11 pm, and I got tired of changing into those clothes for hours, I went downstairs and make myself a cuppa hot cocoa with marshmallow, before hitting the sack.. Mmmm...

.....and tried to sleep! Tomorrow's Monday y'all! Have a good night!

P/s: So how was your weekend, girls? :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Just Realized Something...

......after Syawal has passed few weeks ago, now only I realized I haven't posted any Raya pics of mine in here! Hehehe.. Sorry for the delay..  ;p

Oh well..better late than never ey? hehe. So here's some of the belated Raya pics! =)

On Friday, the morning of 1st Syawal.. Before going to Shah Alam (tempat berkumpul for the whole family- my mom's side)

In my Mak Long's place.. With daddy and little Ayra

Oh..and this cute little white thing, she's adorable, I want her already!

With my cousin's adorable daughter, Emlyn Farischa. Comel sangat kan dia niiii??! Haihh..geram nya akuuu!

Even my dad likes her! She's toooo adorable, kan?! 

My family..

My siblings.. From left: First, third, last and second

..with my fave brother (cehh..macam I ada abang/adik yang lain! heheh)

Awwww and these two would be my fave nephews. Mereka sungguh comel!

Seeeee... Aren't they cutee? hehe

And this Haikal Razik is my most favourite one! Probably cuz he is so friendly towards me! (Read: Most babies will hate this scary looking, unfriendly-but-still-nice Aunty Wany, I swear! Sobs...) 

See thatt... We get along pretty well...heheh ;p 

Aunty loves youuu!

Probably cuz he is the most quiet baby I've ever seen, so it's kinda easy to be friend with him..hahaha.. Oh andddd... it could also be because we're Januarians. He's 10, and I'm 17. The gap is only 7 days. So, I guess..that's why he can accept even this scary-looking aunty to hold him and kiss those cute little cheeks! Mmmm..geram!!

P/s: Selamat Hari Raya everyone.. Oh's not the month of Syawwal anymoree.. It is now Zulkaedah la Wani! Okay fineee.. Happy Diwani Diwali then! ;p


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shop till I Drop!

So here are the things that I bought from Perth that makes me drop real bad! haha ;p Now let's have a look one by one, shall we?? (some of the items are not in these pictures though. Forgot to include when I was snapping these photos.. Sorry!)

Okayy.. we shall see what were the items that I bought that have made me really dropped and collapsed..kay? Was it worth the suffocating? hahaha ;p 
(Well..I actually think things happened that day not cuz I was tired.. I was just...erm... depressed.. Real depressed.. That's why I gotta need a 'little' retail therapy, eyyy? hehehe ;p) 

Okay here, I lay off the items on my queen sized bed.. But it ain't fit to show all the items hereee! (so many!) haha..  So yes, there are a few items that are not in here la.. So sorry. Oh well..nevermind..I'll list it! 

Now let's have a look one by one, shall we??

So these are the tops that I got for myself.. (half of the items are not shown in the picture above, btw. Sorry)

1. Silk orange colored tank top from Portmans
2. Silk aqua-blue colored tank top from Portmans
3. Satin hot pink tank top from Target
4. Satin turqouise-green halter neck top from Target
5. Silk bronze night dress from Portmans (I love this one, the most!!)
6. Silk mustard colored blouse from Cue
7. Satin deep purple blouse from Target
8. T-back shirt with studs in white from Portmans
9. T-back shirt with studs in black from Portmans
10. Vintage denim jacket from vintage store in Fremantle (forgot the name of the shop..)
11. White beach t-shirt  from Bras & Things
12. Leopard printed scarf from Portmans
13. Black leather slingbag from a vintage store 
14. White leather slingbag from a vintage store 
15. Mustard leather slingbag from a vintage store 
16. Black messenger bag from Yd (for a friend)
17. A classic bag from a vintage store in Fremantle
18. Plain long cardigan in red from a vintage store in Fremantle
19. Plain long cardigan in grey from a vintage store in Fremantle
20. Bronze clutch from The ZU Project
21. Billabong straw hat
22. Billabong orange scarf
23. There's a few more items. But too lazy to check la.. (Couldn't remember where I put those things when I unpacked my luggage..)

Heyy I just realized.. I got quite a few tops from Portmans, ey?! hehe. I just have to love and buy their stuff! So pweeety. And so 'me'! ;p

Nighties.. (all from Bras & Things)

1. Cookie Monster polka dots pants
2. Cotton pedal pusher in blue
3. Sexy soft pink lingerie
4. Black lingerie with ruffles
5. White PJs (corset and sexy girly stuff printed on it) - for Naz
6. Pink PJs (cute lil' sheep printed on it) - for Miu
7. Hearts printed PJs (for Hanis)
8. Pink polka dots t-shirt
9. Long sleeved t-shirt in cream (for my friend)
10. Long sleeved t-shirt in soft pink (for my friend)
11. Shapewear
12. Red lacey sleeping mask x 2 (one for me, one for Miu)
13. Scented bra sachet (to put in my undies drawer - cute, isn't it?)
15. Black whip with feather
16. Sexy plasters
17. Cute little undies and bra
18. Wash bag

Souvenirs for my readers and for my not-so-close friends (classmate or whoever mate) ;p

1. Some weird signs for car
2. Pens, pens and pens!
3. Fridge magnets
4. Some name plates (bought one for my self! Yup, I'm Annie now! Not Wani! hehe)
5. A pink batch with my fave number on it
6. Can't remember (I knowww there's something else! But seriously, can't remember whatttt. Ishh..bad memory! >_< )

Some gifts for my nice friends! ;)

Stuff for my room mates! (this shop is super fun, I tell you! I became their member right away! hehe)

There were a lot of stuff that I really want so badddd..but it's a bit expensive for me..sob sob.. Like their notebooks, their organizers/diaries, their files, their calculator, their pencil case, their staplers, and so on! Seriously, I loveeeee this store!! If I ever gonna visit aussie again, I would surely have a visit in this store again! =)

These are from Smiggles.. Aren't they cute??

These are cute lil' notebooks with colorful pens and pencils and erasers..and a biggg paperclip for each set..

1. Pink for Naz
2. Green for Girl
3. Purple for Ulfah
4. Blue for Khairun

And thisssss, is mine! 

A pink organizer with cute tiny little highlighters (with a really great scent!), pen, paperclip, erasers and some stickers. All pink! Me likey! =)

My shoes!!

1. A suede leather hot pink peep toe heels from Shoe Show
2. Snake skin leather heels in brown from Shoe Show
3. Bronze pumps from The ZU Project
4. Sliver pumps from The ZU Project

These two babies would always be my favourite shoes! The killer heels. I like!! =)

And these footwear are all for friends and family.. (3 different kind of footwear, ey? I bought them according to their personalities and likings!)

1. Roxy thongs for Naz (as she constantly wears flipflops!)
2. Adidas limited edition off-white sneaker for Girl (cuz she never liked any other types of shoes other than this kind!)
3. The ZU Project hot pink patent leather peep toe heels (a perfect gift that complements her name!) 

Some sexy stuff..

1. The whip (dunno what should I do with this thing! But it was bloody cheap! Was only about 7 AUD! And seeing those pink feathery thing, I just couldn't resist not to buy! haha)
2. The lacy sleeping mask
3. The pink polka dot scented bra sachet 
4. Sexy plasters with writings written on them like, "I've got the cure. CALL ME!", "Get your pulse racing!", "Healed with love!", "Let me kiss it better!", "Miss Feel Good was here!", "I can make it better!", Nurses can take the pressure!" and many more! Isn't it cute? Tell me how can you not buy this thing (for your imaginary future husband) when it has such cute writings on it with a price tag of 5 AUD?!! 
5. Forever New rocker black gloves
6. Forever New girly black lace gloves 

All these necklaces and chains are from my fave accessories shop, Diva! Real cheap!!!! 5 dollar each JE!!! Seee..there's still some price tags on them. Just to show to you guys how bloody cheap they are! hehee 

And brooches toooo! All Diva! And all 5 bloody dollars SAHAJA! (Eh..I now sound like a seller pulak.. Dah macam kedai lelong pulak kan kan..hahaha ;p)

Oh yeahh..that gold bangle is not from Diva. It's from Forever New

Some wangi wangian for myself..

1. Toni&Guy Shampoo and Conditioner - for Curl Hair range (bought them although I've straight hair, just because they're pink! Plus, they really do smell nice..hehe.. So, I think my hair would forgive me this time.... Well, I hope so! hehe)
2. My third bottle of J.Lo Still perfume. Bought at 100 ml. (Why don't they sell it at 1 litre ehh?! This perfume smell so nicee lah.. This perfume freak girl could use it for every single dayyy..
3. Christina Aguilera fragrance. Oh goshh.. This one smell so elegant! Me like it so much!!!
4. Britney Spears fantasy. My second bottle of 100 ml, but it's my third bottle of this perfume - bought the very first bottle at 50 ml. Fell in love instantly, and I just had to buy the biggest size to be well stocked of smelling like Britney. haha. Well..this is my casual day out fragrance. Sweet and errr...sweet? 

I just realized..I bought all perfumes from the celebrity range! haha. I should have bought the Chanel Chance lah.. It's my all time fave jugak.. Dah nak habis  sangat dah pun..Oh whyy didn't I buy the other day?? Haihh.. >_<

A lunchbox! (yes, it's the color pink again! ;p)

Why I bought it?? Well.. let seee.. Because first it's pink, second cuz it doesn't look cheap although it is! And third because it's the coolest mealbox I've ever seen! I could put my sandwich, my juice and some fruits or something! Just like the picture above! Isn't it cooool? hehee

And fourth because.... I could match it up with my Starbucks tumbler and flask! And bring these pink babies to my office! hehe. 

That cute little bottle inside the mealbox, I'll put my juice, and that Starbuck clear tumbler, I'll pour some mineral water and that hot pink Starbucks flask, I'll have my coffee inside! Haaa..complete tak? Juice, coffee and water! hehee ;)

Alright..that's it! These are the stuff that I bought from Perth for myself, family and friends! Oh, and even for my readers! hehe.

P/s: So altogether, I have bought; 14 tops, 4 sling bags, 1 clutch, 1 bag, 1 hat, 2 scarves, 10 nighties, 1 shapewear, 3 bras, 5 undies, 2 sleeping masks, 1 whip, 1 washbag, 2 gloves, 30 pieces plasters, 1 scented sachet, 6 car accessories stickers, 15 pens, 2 name plates, 6 fridge magnets, 1 batch, 4 notebooks, 1 organizer, some stationeries, 5 heels, 1 flipflop, 1 sneaker, 9 necklaces, 1 bangle, 10 brooches, 2 hair care products, 3 fragrances, and 1 lunchbox! 
So...what do you think? Does all these worth the suffocating? hahahaha. Okayyy..not funny. Of ain't worth it AT ALL! Nope nope nopeeee! So no Wani. No more shopping like a mad person, OKAY??!


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